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Thumbnail of news presentation for tutorial "CSI: Miami '®

You all know gg, a leading expert in Hollywood FX. She has already presented a package of effects to parody the series "The Persuaders" ®. Accolades were not long in coming and users encouraged her to continue. So this week she offers ...

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Vignette Repare-HFXWe have to admit that the release of Avid Studio and new studio versions has slightly disrupted the friendly relationship that existed between Hollywood FX and Pinnacle Studio who knew very well how to maintain a good relationship. Indeed, Studio provided to HFX everything it needed to rebuild its album transitions when new transitions were imported or created in Hollywood FX.
That is no longer true with Avid Studio and new studio versions, ...

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Changing custom menu

When a friend created most of his menu on his own and then calls on you for some last minute tweaking, the least you can do is ....




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Thumbnail Big Ben I started this tutorial a long time ago but hesitated to finish it. Indeed, presenting a tutorial on a subject that is so abstract and forboding is certainly no guarantee of happiness. But then . . ., after the publication of the tutorial on HFX keyframes types, I was pleasantly surprised at the positive comments despite the topic being very theoretical and abstract. So I decided to go ahead....



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thumbnail "Understanding and mastering Hollywood FX (HFX)"We have already issued a long list of tutorials on Hollywood FX ranging from getting started, to using sophisticated functions, through making changes to existing transitions. Those who have followed our tutorials from the beginning have no problems but this is not the case for newcomers. Plus, we were asked for help. So to help out everyone, I tried to do a little summary ranging from the purchase of HFX Creator to...



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Movie inside a book

Too much effects will kill your video. You will read this advice on any forum or book. But a nice effect, placed in a strategic position will give your audience a ....




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Wind turbines have been built

Yesterday these wind turbines did not exist in this landscape. But Hollywood FX has been there. It has built them in one day and immediately put into service.

You will see the two videos "BEFORE" and "AFTER", you will see ....



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Animation of an object using keyframes You are one of our faithful readers and you have read our previous tutorials HFX. Key frames, the types of key frames, envelopes no longer have secrets for you. Unless you can not answer this question: "Can we change ....



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Nos fichiers ZIP de téléchargements globaux

Cleaning HFX...

Studio 12 was a good opportunity for us to update some of our free Hollywood FX effects, in order to improve their functionality. Recently, we discovered that our file  201-300_HFX-DVFX.zip present some ....



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A 3D object

How to create 3D objects in Easy FX Editor?

You have been several asked this question and the question arises frequently. The answer is quite simple, but the implementation is a bit more complex....

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We already published this news in July 2007 and May 2010. But this time, we added an important information !! Jeff Naylor (aka jjn) just joined our team, to start writing articles with us. That's a good news. Please encourage him, so he will be willing to do plenty of other articles !!! His first news deals with ....


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The cameraman's name can now be written

The effect HFX 250_Eigen_Clapper was almost completely customizable with the exception of the name of cameraman. One of our readers wanted to ....


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Create a blur effect on the face of a moving person

Did you ever need to blur the face of a moving person ?

Or to hide a detail in your movie ? We have adapted a tutorial from our old website, and Le Papy convert it to the new website layout. As usual, when we give some freedom, he always add....


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Map a texture on a 3D object

Although this is not documented in the help files of your Hollywood FX plugin, I will show you a little trick that will give your title a little kick that a....



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An effect to end a clip

This is only an idea because you still have some work to do. If you dislike working, then you'd better use immediately traditional solutions of closing credits or montage themes. But if you like challenges and if you like giving a really personal touch to your editing....


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