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Déclic Vidéo It's time to clean up our server !


Yes, I decided to change IT infrastructure, and this is scheduled for... this night ! Therefore, we can expect :


EDIT 23h16: end of the migration, no we will fine tune everything...

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Merry Christmas 2014 with Pinnacle Studio 18

What is more beautiful than Christmas... Young and old benefit as much, because there is nothing more beautiful than to share. Just like a smile, to give happiness does not deplete the one who gives, but it enriches by seeing the other one who is happy. So do yourself a favor, make them happy, give again and again, you will be richer. You can be rich in love, passion, ...

Déclic Vidéo Team wish you ....




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Lot of news, not always visible at first glance...


Some of you say that we don't have a good english level in some of our newsletter (*)... That's true ! Do you know why ? We are french guys... So we try to do our best, so please apologize some of our errors...  (*) concerning our tutorial, majority of them are fine tuned by Loosecannon who provide a great english level !

As you know, we are working hard to provide the best of Pinnacle Studio (as a proof, we recently learned that we  were referenced by  Corel support who propose customers to contact us ! Well, that's nice, but we would not like that it becomes usual practice, we do this for fun, and should not be a place because of a deficient support...) . In short, we provide ....



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News comments rules reminder

When DV has created this site one of the principles was very clear: do not replace existing forums on Pinnacle Studio. Nevertheless, in order to make room for usability and exchange within the site, a comments section was added after each news or tutorial. At the end of each section a warning message was inserted to remind the rules of the game ...

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Merry Christmas 2013 with Pinnacle Studio 17 Because we are living in unsettling times, I would like to suggest that you forget your worries for a moment and enjoy the Christmas holiday by joining the magical world of children to celebrate their annual festival.

Everyone on the Déclic-Video team ....




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Thumbnail Who is doing What (QuiFaitQuoi)

On our website, "who is doing what" ? At this time, we would like to introduce each of our team members to you, in this dedicated article. We just have a newcomer !!....

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social bookmarking window

What is behind this word ? Statistics ? NO !

It's a bookmark, but not only ....




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Avid Studio - Logo

AVID Studio has been launched on March, 8th 2011. AVID takes the opportunity to offer one full licence to one of our reader (one licence for a french reader, one licence for an english reader). Past and current collaborators of our website are excluded (full list on Who is doing What on declic-video-fx.com website ?, as well as authors of our articles).

But who will get this licence, offered by AVID va-t-il offrir cette licence ?

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Pinnacle Studio 15 review

With the release of Pinnacle Studio 15 and to celebrate our 3000th subscriber to the newsletterwe would like to give one free licence to the oldest subscriber of our english newsletter as well as to the oldest subscriber to the french newsletter. Avid offers each of them ....


UPDATE 6th March 2011: one of you will obtain a free Pinnacle Studio 15 licence, thanks to Pinnacle... CONGRATULATIONS !!! 




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We already published this news in July 2007 and May 2010. But this time, we added an important information !! Jeff Naylor (aka jjn) just joined our team, to start writing articles with us. That's a good news. Please encourage him, so he will be willing to do plenty of other articles !!! His first news deals with ....


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Future Studio version...

What will it looks like ?

Everybody would like to give his advice... You would like to be able to give your opinion for the next version ? So that's what we propose, administered by Francis57 and saby, in the new page called ....


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Twitter logo

Declic Video is on Twitter


It is the Internet address to be essential to your favorites if you do not want to miss the latest gossip concerning video. Less formal than the Newsletter, the tweets provide....

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Avatars persosYou are a familiar to our site ?

You drop sometimes some comments following our articles ?

Do you know that you can customize your avatar ? It's easy and fast.

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A new partner for Declic Video FX

Contrary to what it sounds like, UV is not a site dedicated to tanning booths.

UV (Unité-Vidéo) is a french web site created about six years ago in order to gather together the best parts of the french-speaking video world. Webmasters of several old sites, like Media-Video, DVD Creation, DVD Home, EclipseDVD, and others, have decided to combine their efforts to create what is still one of the most popular sites for french-speaking video users. Since then, Unité-Vidéo has grown up and now welcomes several french-speaking software developers.

Beyond the homepage, you will find a well-rounded forum where you can learn about video encoding, new HD video formats, video editing and filtering with Avisynth, ... and many other subjects.

So, if you're just trying to find a solution to split an AVi file, or if you're wondering if CABAC(Context-Adaptive Binary Arithmetic Coding) in Mpeg4-AVC (H.264) allows a compression gain bigger than 15 % or not, UV is your man.

Editor's note: this forum and web site has nothing in common with existing web sites like Video Friends Forum. It deals with different fields and you'll certainly agree with that by visiting it or just reading this news.

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Page Boris FX is born

The whole Declic-Video-FX Team is pleased to announce the birth of a new page, BORIS FX

Like all the other pages on the site, you'll find....


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