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proDAD prodrenalin

proDRENALIN is born !!

UPDATE 28 April 2013: enjoy a 25% discount (read the news to get more information)

After proDAD DefishR, here is proDRENALIN. What's the difference? While DefishR solves the problems of distortion of many fisheye lenses, proDRENALIN is the utility that is ....


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A new proDAD Mercalli Patch 2.1.4700 is available for SAL version


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proDAD Heroglyph V4

Edit 29th July 2012: a new tutorial is available as well as a review (thanks to Gert for the notification).
Edit 6th June 2012: new fantastic price on Heroglyph V4 (on sale) that you will not find elsewhere, hurry up, limited time only...


Prices without taxes, with the fantastic discount:

  • Full version (without any previous version on your system): 175 euros / 209$
  • Upgrade from Hero V1 to V4 PRO: 163 euros / 194$
  • Upgrade from Hero V2  to V4 PRO: 151 euros / 179$
  • Upgrade from Hero V2.6  to V4 PRO: 94 euros / 112$
  • Upgrade from RAPID V2  to V4 PRO: 163 euros / 194$
  • Upgrade from RAPID V2.6  to V4 PRO: 157 euros / 187$

If you have difficulties to obtain these prices, contact me and we will check together, some of you encounter cache problems.


proDAD Heroglyph V4 is finally released, and you will discover the new proDAD Heroglyph V4 interface ....




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AVID Studio Pro

You already know AVIDStudioPro and today, he is offering a new tutorial, regarding proDAD Heroglyph V4 PRO that we already presented. With this tutorial, you will learn all basic functions, from using templates to creating map routes or using handscript tool, video walls and much more! ....




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proDAD - Adorage V13proDAD just launched Adorage Volume 13 (88 US Dollar) yesterday.

This new volume is still 64 bits compatible (like Adorage Volume 12: worldwide effects / travel). And of course, we are still offering 25% discount for our readers....



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Vignette Mercalli V2.1 SAL

Have you ever heard about Mercalli ?


As you already know, Mercalli is available in three versions and today we will explain one of them in a tutorial ....



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Mercalli EASY by proDAD

You already know Mercalli V2 or Mercalli Plugin, here's a newborn in proDAD family, it's EASY Mercalli. It should please most fans of stabilization, as it is presented to an unbeatable price of 14.95 $ for few days (no it is not a typo)! So, what is it ?....

And be the first one to discover Mercalli Easy with a tutorial !...




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proDAD - VitaScene V2proDAD VitaScene V2 available as an unlocked Studio 14 / Studio 15 / AVID Studio plugin

[UPDATE 6th August 2011: review from EventDV.net - read the review]

I just tested few days ago !! The new VitaScene V2 executable file install VitaScene V2 as a plugin for AVID Studio and/or Pinnacle Studio (14/15). No need to buy the unlock plugin at the AVID/Pinnacle shop anymore (as it was the case in the past). In addition, special prices are available for customer who already have VitaScene V1 with a bundle version (like Edius, Neo or Pinnacle Studio) !!....




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proDAD - Adorage V12It's new and official, proDAD Adorage Volume 12 (74 US Dollar) has been launched yesterday; sorry, we are late to announce it, but do not forget that we already discussit in August 15th !




Discover the 3 good news associated to this new version (64 bits compatibility, content, price) as well as the new installation method which is quite different than previous volume. You will also learn that ....




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proDAD Mercalli V2

proDAD Mercalli V2 available as an unlocked Pinnacle Studio 16 plugin

That's the information we just received from one of ....

Update 30rd July 2011: special prixe, $82 instead of $200 no more available... But you can still obtain 25% discount on normal price by following our link below !!
Update 20th December 2010: very low prices for christmas, hurry up
Update 1st November 2010 08h00: the information is confirmed by proDAD
Update 1st November 2010 19h00: screen capture available (at the end of this article) !
Update 1st November 2010 22h30: few problems with links and discount for upgrade (waiting a solution for tomorrow, because current price are excessive... not coherent with what they should be for an upgrade).





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How to use proDAD Adorage ? These are the explanations you need to use proDAD Adorage and fully benefit of the many features of the software.

That's what is proposed by 30th Century. This training package can be ....

Update 3rd November 2010: 30th century update their prices for the English TrainingsPackages of Heroglyph, Vitascene and Adorage, also the Super-Bundle with all 3 Packages. This action is valid the next 14 days....


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proDAD Mercalli V2

proDAD is about to release Mercalli V2... And his new website !!

Update 31st October 2010: user guide, demo version and service pack...
Update 1st September 2010:
first screen capture and our tests !

Information obtained on 15 August 2010: proDAD is just about to release a new version of proDAD Mercalli, Version 2, scheduled end of august 2010. At the same time, proDAD launch his new website, in english and german.

The new version includes....



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proDAD Adorage Volume 11 - Global Travel and Flags FX proDAD expands Adorage product line with effects package Volume 11: Global travel and Flags FX

As its name suggests, Adorage effects package Volume 11 includes 5'000 global travel themed effects and transitions, including flags of the world, continents, images of countries and combination images (all in HD resolution). Rendering of the effects is fast, as usual with proDAD designed codecs. As usual, Declic Video FX website present this new collection; we also offer 25% discount, ....

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proDAD launch Creative Pack Volume 3, 4, 5 proDAD launch Creative Pack Volume 3, 4 and 5

proDAD present three new Creative Packs for Heroglyph, and our website is pleased to offer a 25% discount! Creative Pack extends Heroglyph’s capabilites. If you work with Adobe Premiere 6.5, Adobe Premiere Elements, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Premiere CS4, Sony Vegas, Sony Movie Studio, Pinnacle Studio, Canopus Edius NEO, Canopus Edius, Ulead Mediastudio, Avid Liquid, Xpress or  Media Composer, those packs are for you !


Available Themes are:

  • Creative Pack Volume 3: Family, Love and Wedding
    proDAD Creative Pack Volume 3
  • Creative Pack Volume 4: Fancy Templates
    proDAD Heroglyph Creative Pack Vol 4
  • Creative Pack Volume 5: Typo Motion
    Creative Pack V5

Immediately ready for use after installation (no activation/registration needed if you already own Heroglyph Rapid 2.6, Heroglyph 2.6 or unlocked Heroglyph 2.6 for Pinnacle Studio). Warning, free Heroglyph patch mandatory before installing Creative Packs: Patch Heroglyph 2.6.30
For installing a Creative Pack, follow our tutorial: install a Creative Pack.

proDAD Creative Pack Volume 1/2 are presented in the following tutorial: Heroglyph, General idea. You can also check few video movies showing Creative possibilities: watch Creative Pack 1 / Watch Creative Pack 2 / watch Creative Pack 3 / Watch Creative Pack 4 / watch Creative Pack 5

We are very pleased to offer a special 25% discount for readers of our website. You won't find it anywhere else! Normal price: 92 US $, proDAD introductory price: 82 US $ and our special price for you only, limited time: 70 US $ only! (remove backup CD from your order to obtain the lowest price.

You can also check other discount for upgrading to Heroglyph V 2.6 or buying other Creative Pack.

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proDAD Adorage Effects Pack 10 - Full HD

proDAD announced Adorage Effects Package 10 – Full HD Video Effects Generation. As its name suggests, Adorage Effects Package 10 includes....

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