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Working with .3 GP files in Studio

Working with .3 GP files in Studio By Le Papy - Last updated on Sunday, March 20, 2011
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Category: Studio 1-15 Tutorials / General  -  Previous tutorials
Published on Friday, May 21, 2010
Created on Sunday, July 15, 2007 12:08 PM

Files with the extension .3GP (3rd Generation Partnership Project) are compressed video for third-generation mobile phone (3G).
Today, with new versions of Studio you can import and export video files .3 GP. But this has not always been the case and DGrenier had proposed a tutorial, taken in part below, to accomplish this with the studio versions below Studio 12 who could not import these file types. As we still have many readers that use versions prior to Studio 12, we offer an retrospective overview of treatment of these files.

Step 1 : You do not have yet Studio 12 or higher...

Several methods were recommended at the time to convert a file with extension .3GP to AVI file. I remember only the most simple and fastest, with Mobile Media Converter de Miksoft (v.1.5.0). Download the file MMCsetup.exe and then proceed with the installation.

  1. Click the + sign to open the .3GP of your choice;
  2. You select from the list of conversion formats the one that you want, which has the effect of changing the icon on a black background to the left of the window;
  3. Possibly you can modify quality;
  4. You click "Convert" to start converting.

The conversion is very fast and the correct extension is added automatically to the name of the converted file.

Mobile Media Converter interface

By selecting AVI Video, you have every chances to be able to import the converted file in Studio.

Step 2 : You have Studio 12 or higher

The operations are greatly facilitated :

  • With Studio 12, although import files .3 P is not mentioned in the manual and that the extension *. 3gp does not appear in the list of video files supported by Studio, Studio 12 can import the files .3GP.
  • With Studio 14 / Studio 15, the import files .3 GP is mentioned in the manual and the extension *. 3gp exists in the list of video files supported by Studio.

Note that for Studio 12, Studio 14 and Studio 15 .3GP format is available to create a movie. Happy owners of Studio 12 and over, your edits are more simple and I've maybe wasted your time...

{Thanks to Saby who translated this tutorial from french to english and cross-checked it}

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Gert Oskar Reitner By # Gert Oskar Reitner @ Monday, May 24, 2010 9:59 AM
To learn is never a waste of time !! Greatly appreciated Tutorial !!!

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