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Mapping an image to an object with Boris Graffiti and Studio

Mapping an image to an object with Boris Graffiti and Studio By Le Papy - Last updated on Sunday, January 15, 2012
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Published on Monday, March 15, 2010
Created on Monday, February 15, 2010 8:58 AM

On several occasions I had the opportunity to explain that the plugin Boris Graffiti integrated in Studio does not allow to map an image on a text. By forcing Studio to work with Boris Graffiti, I had demonstrated in a tutorial they could still do so. Then, if we happen to map an image, why can not we map a video onto a text... This was the subject of another tutorial that gave you way out. This stage reached, it was the final step, namely to get a map image or a video on an object. He had to go to the obvious : it was not possible. Not possible, unless you happen to find a tip...

Step 1 : Outline of project

To take a concrete example, you will map a planisphere on a common sphere.

  • The planisphere will be inserted on the overlay video track of Studio;
  • You will create the sphere in Boris Graffiti;
  • Boris Graffiti will use the image of Studio to map it onto the sphere and will take charge of the animation;
  • Studio will display the mapped sphere to become a globe (from the overlay track) over the clip placed on the video track.

What a good teamwork....

Step 2 : Preparation of the project in Studio

The preparation of the project in Studio is very simple :

  • Insert your video cilps on the main video track;
  • Insert the planisphere of your choice on the overlay track (If you look carefully on your computer, you should find a file-earth land.png which should go well...);
  • Stretch this planisphere until the desired duration for the effect;
  • Apply an effect Boris Graffiti on the planisphere.
Studio's timeline

I pass on how to access the advanced mode of Boris Graffiti, you should have acquired it in previous tutorials.

Step 3 : The realization of the effect in Boris Graffiti

Start building the effect in Boris Graffiti Advanced Mode

You are now in Boris Graffiti with the image of planisphere and the default tracks of Boris Graffiti : track "Background" and track "Text" with an icon shaped "3D Plane" by default.

The first thing you'll do is change the shape of the track. The shape of the track is changed
What more natural than to choose a shape "Sphere" since you want to make a globe ... The sphere shape of the track is selected
By default, the sphere track includes a number of related tracks, including track "Text". But be careful, a track "Text" which does not allow text "3D Extrusion"... But remember what we saw in previous tutorials, we can only map on a text in "3D extrusion". You understand that we must already find a tip. As this track "Text" can not serve, you transform it into "Color" to highlight the sphere you just created. The attribute "Text" of the text track is changed to "Color"

The sphere becomes visible in the composite window with the last color used

The color displayed by default is the last color you used. But now that you are familiar with Boris Graffiti, you know how to change that color by replacing the RGB code (left of the eye dropper) or by using the conventional eye dropper to go pick a color anywhere in a Boris Graffiti window. After this operation, the track "Text" automatically becomes a track "Media" with a "Color" icon.

No, no, do not be surprised, even if your sphere is like an ordinary disk, you did no wrong...

By adding a set of lights, the disk becomes a sphere

You will be able to remedy this :

  1. By selecting the track "Sphere - Solid Color";
  2. Then selecting the "Lights" tab;
  3. Boris Graffiti allows you to add a light effect to your disk so that it resembles a sphere.

But remember one important thing : Boris Graffiti made you think for a moment that a disc was a sphere ... we'll talk about it again soon.

Do not lose the thread so far. You still have no track "Text 3D extrusion. Then you simply add one.

  1. You select the track "Face" of the Sphere;
  2. With the menu "Track";
  3. Select "New Text page" in the dropdown menu;
(Or simply use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+T).
Adding of a "Text3D" track

Enter text in "Text Widow"

You get the creation of a text track that supports "3D Extrusion" and the opening of a window "Text Window". And there you'll take your revenge on Boris Graffiti that made you believe that a disc was a sphere. Since Boris Graffiti does only map an image, with the Studio, on an extruded 3D text, you'll make him believe that a surface is a text...

  1. You select the new track "Text" that you just created;
  2. You click on "Reset Style" to put the styles already used to zero;
  3. You select the font "Wingdings" with a size of 24;
  4. You enter 3 lines of 5 times the letter "n"

Do not worry it will work...

The parameters of the Wingdings font are modified so that characters touch

  1. You select any character hit by placing your cursor in the window "Text Windows" and using the keyboard shortcut CTRL + A (You can enlarge your window "Text Windows" full screen to see what you do). Make sure all your text is well selected for the time of the 3 following steps;
  2. Setting the font size to 264;
  3. Set "Keming" (space betwenn words) to -45 and "Leading" (space between lines) to -32;
  4. As yet it does not plug all the holes, you set "Style Scale Y" (scale of letters height) to 200.

These parameters are only illustrative: the only goal to achieve is that there is no more space between your 15 characters, either in width or height. You get a beautiful surface made of text and Boris Graffiti will not even notice.

In full-screen window "Text Windows" should look like this. If there is still some small traces between the characters, changing slightly the parameters of separation or scale.

All the characters meet and form a rectangular surface
  1. It is now time to change the shape of your track "Text" which became the nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn track. You select it;
  2. You change its form of "3D Plane" to "3D Extrusion"
The shape of the track "Text" is changed to "3D Extrusion"

The mapping phase where the sphere will receive the image texture

The expected miracle did not yet completed. You still have three little manipulation to run for it so :

  1. Select the track nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn;
  2. Select the "Textures" tab (the one that allows you to map a texture on 3D Extruded Text);
  3. Check the "FR" box. That is, you want the texture is applied on the front of the characters in 3D extruded... you see ? You do not touch the other settings, especially you leave the property "Map Method" to "Clip".

That's it, the image contained in Studio is mapped on the sphere (or the globe, or on the disc, I do not know ...). The key is that you got your world map. It just remains a little housekeeping to do around but it will not be long.

Straight alpha

  1. Select the "Background" track.
  2. In "Host Media" tab, you pass the value of "Key" from "No Alpha" to "Straight Alpha" by clicking on the button "No Alpha" and you check the "Invert Alpha". From that moment the checkered surfaces become transparent in Studio.

If you want your world map to turn, Boris will do it if you set it accordingly :

  1. Select the track "Sphere - Solid Color";
  2. Select the first keyframe of this track;
  3. Select "Position" tab;
  4. Set Spin Y to 1 with a linear interpolation (/)

The last key frame of the track is configured by default to 0, your globe will turn a turn for the duration of the effect counter clockwise direction, that is what you wanted right?

Globe turning

Just save your effect and return to Studio as you know to do now ( "Apply" button in the "Windows timeline" or "Composite" window).

Step 4 : Bonus

To make the video below, just add a track "Cylinder" and put the text of your choice on the associated track "Face" or "Text" and then hide the upper part of the text. But here we are in the normal use of Boris Graffiti. If you fail, do not hesitate to ask questions via our Comments section.

For those who have had some difficulties getting to the end of this tutorial, you can download the file World_Map.grf available in the « Associated Files » section below. This file contains all the tracks, and keyframe parameters in detail above (with some small variations around adjustment).

Using this file:

  • If you want to use the Mapper effect, copy the "World_Map.grf" file to one of your folders (eg My Documents);
  • When you use Boris Graffiti in advanced mode, open this file from the menu "File / Open Settings" and the effect is immediately available, ready to be incorporated into Studio 12 by pressing the "Apply" button in the window;
  • Note : Unlike the ones provided with Boris Graffiti, this .grf file does not preview or have the animation. It is therefore not advisable to copy this file into the Boris Graffiti library, as you will have neither the preview nor the animation of the effect.
Step 5 : Back in Studio

To fully enjoy your effect, it may be necessary to enable background rendering and wait for it to finish before viewing your work.

And if one day Boris Graffiti complains of having been abused, then ask him who the two of us was abused the first ...

{Thanks to saby who translated this tutorial from french to english and cross-checked}

Associated File(s)
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TonyP By # TonyP @ Tuesday, March 16, 2010 8:50 AM
I think that it's awesome that there is so much talent here. I see things that I can use to help my my videos look more "professional".

jjssbailey By # jjssbailey @ Thursday, March 18, 2010 12:30 PM
I purchased Pinnacle 12 Ult. on 12/31/09. I have produced, published, and sold
several videos and continue to do all three. Your challenge has enabled me to learn
the vast possibilities of Boris graffiti. Thanks to all @ DV FX. Also, I recorded your
tutorial on mapping with Camtasia. Thanks again

John Bailey

Déclic Vidéo FX By # Déclic Vidéo FX @ Friday, March 19, 2010 5:22 AM
Hello John,

Wow, would be nice to have it as a video tutorial as well, we proposed some video tutorials in the past, I am not sure that everybody is interested into it, but who knows... I will get in touch if you want to publish it.


Eduardo Leon De La Hoz By # Eduardo Leon De La Hoz @ Wednesday, June 23, 2010 7:23 PM

THe plugins CANOA is not made for Pinnacle Studio but it changes the direction of the installationc:/Program File/BorisInc/Borisplugins. It will work with no problem in it's totality. This is useful to do geometri figures and spheres. Is easier than the way it is shown in te tutorial.

Eduardo Leon De La Hoz By # Eduardo Leon De La Hoz @ Wednesday, June 23, 2010 7:31 PM
Where can I get this backgraound (map). Please.

Thank you.

Déclic Vidéo FX By # Déclic Vidéo FX @ Sunday, June 27, 2010 9:46 AM
Hello Eduardo Leon De La Hoz,

Concerning the CANOA plugin, I have not understood what you propose.
For the background, do a search on Google and you will find plenty of map.


Dallas By # Dallas @ Thursday, April 7, 2011 8:37 PM
Le Papy,

Thank you for your tutorial "Mapping an image to an object with Boris Graffiti and Studio". My job has aslked me to create such an intro. However, I have not had enough experience with Boris Graffitti tro add the text. I don't have a lot of time and have otrher portions of the video to complete.

Can you help me add the text to circle the globe? I'm using Studio 14 Ultimate Collection.

Thank you very much.

Déclic Vidéo FX By # Déclic Vidéo FX @ Sunday, April 10, 2011 1:32 PM
Hello Dallas,

Le Papy provides the .grf file in the "associated file" section. Right click on the file, save as, and you can use this effect...
Enjoy !!!

If needed, you can also consult the following article to know more about grf file: .GRF Files management in Boris Graffiti (animated preview)


Berhe By # Berhe @ Tuesday, August 7, 2012 2:07 PM
Thank for your tutorial "Mapping an image to an object with Boris Graffiti Studio"

please can you help me add image instead of text to circle the globe? I am using studio 15 ultimate collection.
And thank you so much.

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