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A Burning Title on a Pirate Video

A Burning Title on a Pirate Video By Le Papy - Last updated on Sunday, January 15, 2012
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Published on Sunday, October 30, 2011
Created on Thursday, October 28, 2010 7:16 AM

Last summer gg created the "Flaming Text" tutorial explaining how to set fire to a title displayed over a black background. But one of our readers wants to do the same thing with a video ...

So why not? Just a small procedural change in Studio and change a few settings in Boris Graffiti....

Step 1 : Implementation in Studio
Let's get right to it:
  1. Place a clip about ten seconds long on the video track. For this tutorial I chose the 6th clip from OurFunVacation.mpg which is just over 12 seconds;
  2. Apply the Boris Graffiti effect on this video clip;
  3. Select Edit in Boris Graffiti;
  4. Switch to advanced mode.
La piste vidéo de Studio
Step 2 : Insert the "BCC Fire" Filter from Boris Graffiti effects
By default, as usual, you will have a "Background" track and a "Text" track. Les pistes par défaut de Boris Graffiti
  1. Select the "Text" track and delete it by pressing "Del" on your keyboard;
  2. Select the "Background" track and open the "Filters" menu;
  3. In the "Generators" submenu, click the  "BCC Fire" filter.
Choosing a filter
  1. Toggle open the "BCC Fire" track filter and select the "Media" track under Map Layer;
  2. By default, this track is a "Spline Object". You can not enter text there. So change it to "Text" Media in order to be able to enter text (as seen in the tutorial "Flaming Text").
Modification du média
Step 3 : Setting the "BCC Fire" filter in Boris Graffiti effect

We're not going to change a lot ... we will use roughly the same parameters as in the Tutorial "Flaming Text".

Once the "BCC Fire" track filter is selected, change the following settings in the "Controls" window:

  • "BCC Fire" Tab
    - "Fire type" to "Stringy"
    - "Fire speed" to 600
    - "Fire Detail" to 80
  • "Shape" Tab
    - "Fire width" to 100
    - "Fire Height" to 95
  • "Map Layer" Tab
    - Check all 3 checkboxes
Step 4 : Entering Text in the "Text Window"

To get the best possible preview of your effect, it is important that the Boris Graffiti preview window (Composite Window) is set to the same format as your video. In this case, the video format is 16:9, it is also necessary that "Preview with Square Pixels" is enabled in the Boris Graffiti "Preview" menu .

Saisie du texte

When you turn the media into "Text", the "Media" track is renamed "Text", "Text Window" opens and allows you to enter your text.

  1. Make sure the "Text" track is always selected;
  2. Select the "T" tab (Style);
  3. Click on the "Reset Style" button to reset your old style settings;
  4. Choose a larger font without embellishments (eg Arial 168);
  5. As the text will be bigger than the screen, reduce the spacing by setting "Leading" to -22 so that the text fits within the screen;
  6. Center justify the text by using the "Center Position" button;
  7. Type your text (Why not SOS [Enter] + MAYDAY for example);
  8. Click the "Update" button so that your text is reflected in the "Composite" window shown below.

As long as your "text" track contains "text" media you can't move the text. In fact, if you followed the directions, you should not have to.

  1. To speed up rendering in the "Composite" window, you can change the resolution to speed up your tests. But don't forget to switch back to "Full" before returning to Studio or your text will be pixelated in Studio;
  2. Make sure the "Tool Window" is clearly visible and note the number of buttons on this window (Window menu to display "Show Tool Window").
La fenêtre de visualisation "Composite Window" avec le média "Text"

After entering your text, you must change the "Text" track so that this track can be edited by the filter. Restore it to it's initial setting of "Spline Object". The track will be renamed to "Path"

  1. Note the number of buttons on the  "Tool Window";
  2. Click on the second tool, "Hollow Arrow", that lets you move a spline object;
  3. You will notice that all of your selected text is in white: you can move it all at the same time.

If you typed text other than the one suggested, you may need to move your text.

L'outil "Hollow Arrow" permet de déplacer la totalité du texte
  1. If you click with the "Hollow Arrow" tool in a blank part of the screen, the entire selection is transformed into individual letters. Each letter or symbol is an object by itself;
  2. Each object is then highlighted in red and can be moved individually with the "Hollow Arrow" tool.
If you want to change it back to the total selection at any time, there is a trick to it... I'll let you find it yourself?
L'outil "Hollow Arrow" permet de déplacer un objet isolément
When you hover over a selected red object with the "Hollow Arrow" tool, the selected object turns yellow and you can drag it to change its position. L'objet sélectionné passe du rouge au jaune lorsque l'outil "Holow Arow" le survole
Step 5 : Additional settings in the Boris Graffiti "BCC Fire" filter
  1. Creation of two additional keyframes :
Création de deux nouvelles images clés
  1. It's time to backup your effect if you haven't already done so. If necessary, read our ".GRF Files management in Boris Graffiti (animated preview)" tutorial on how to orgranize the .grf file and creating an animated preview;
  2. Select the "BCC Fire" filter track;
  3. In the "Time" window, enter 00:00:05:00. The Time Cursor will then be positioned at 5 seconds from the start;
  4. Add a new keyframe (Track / New Keyframe or simply CTRL + N).

Repeat steps 1 to 3 above by entering 00:00:09:00 in the "Time" window to create a new keyframe at 9 seconds from the start.

These two keyframes will serve to gradually change the color of the fire from red to orange.

  1. Setting two keyframes:
  1. Select the "BCC Fire" filter track;
  2. Move to the keyframe that you created at 5 seconds from the start;
  3. In the "Controls" window , select the "BCC Fire" tab;
  4. The "Fire Strength" parameter- located near the bottom of the table - is set by default to 50 with interpolation to "None" (empty rectangle). Do not touch the parameter value but change its interpolation from "None" to "Linear" (icon: /).
  Use the same settings for the key frame that you created at 9 seconds and the final key frame at 12:17 with a value of 100 and an interpolation of "Linear" (icon: /).

How do the 4 key frames of this track work?

  1. The initial keyframe is set to 50, the firepower default is half-power at the start;
  2. The keyframe at 5 seconds is set to 50 and interpolation to /, accelerated combustion will begin;
  3. The keyframe at 9 seconds is set to 100 with a linear interpolation, the fire power increases by 50% to 100% between the keyframes located at 5 and 9 seconds;
  4. The final keyframe is set to100 with a linear interpolation, the power of the fire is maintained at the highest level between 9 seconds and the end of the effect (12:17).
Step 6 : Bonus

I think you're already pretty satisfied with your creation. But, let's see some alternatives ...
Here are some ideas :

  • Add a fade to black or white (See our free transitions 274-fondu-blanc and 274-fondu-blanc2).
  • Change the setting of the "BCC Fire" track from 9 seconds and the end of the effect, altering the "Opacity" parameter from 100 (at 9 seconds) to 0 (at the end of the effect) with a linear interpolation.
  • Add an additional filter to the beginning of the Boris effect. This is the last option I have chosen.

I chose to add the "BCC Burnt Film" filter. You've seen jammed film that burns ... As we want the filter to only apply to the title already on fire and not the video background, we will insert the filter at the right spot.

  1. Your title on fire is located in the "Path" track. We will therefore insert the new filter just above the "Path" track. Select the "Path" track;
  2. Open the "Filters" menu;
  3. In the "Effects" sub-menu, click the "BCC Burnt Film" filter. The filter will be positioned just above the "Path" track .
Insertion du filtre BCC Burnt Film
Paramétrage du filtre BCC Burnt Film

So the burning film effect does not start too early:

  1. Select the "BCC Burnt Film" track filter;
  2. Move the first keyframe from the starting position to 00:00:05:00. You can drag with your mouse or you can select it using the mouse then you hit 00:00:05:00 in "Key".

This way the effect will start at the 5 second marker.

We need to gradually change the "Burn amount" parameter value from 0 to1 during the effect.

The keyframe value at 5 seconds will be set to 0 with a linear interpolation (see screenshot).

The keyframe value at the end of the effect will be set to 1 with a linear interpolation.

Paramétrage du pourcentage de destruction

If you don't have a lot of free time, you will find the file that contains the firetitle.grf effect complete with bonus material, but without the preview, in the "Associated File(s)" link at the bottom of this tutorial. To create a preview for this file please refer to our tutorial ".GRF Files management in Boris Graffiti (animated preview)".

Step 7 : A preview of the final result with the bonus effect

Here is an example of what can be done with the effect you just created.

And the wind scattered the last sparks ...

{Screen Capture made with TechSmith Snagit 10}

{Thanks to Loosecannon for the fine tuning}

Associated File(s)
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videoman3857 By # videoman3857 @ Monday, October 31, 2011 7:21 AM
I so love this effect. It took me ages to get this right, but with the Tutorial I was able to get the effect I needed.. Unfortunately I have been unsuccessful in transferring borris Grafitti to Studio 15, so I have to do all my work in 12. Make it an avi and then bring it into 15. A little cumbersome, but it works.

Thanks for all you effort. It is appreciated

Gert Oskar Reitner By # Gert Oskar Reitner @ Monday, October 31, 2011 9:41 AM
Nice addition to the original with thanks but it was already TWO summers ago and this is how time flies !!

Déclic Vidéo FX By # Déclic Vidéo FX @ Sunday, November 6, 2011 1:29 PM
@ Videoman3857: Le Papy ask me to translate, you need to uninstall Boris Graffiti through control panel. Re-install (and give Studio 15 path).


Peter By # Peter @ Monday, November 7, 2011 2:02 AM
I tried this suggestion and it worked.

Thank you.

J'ai essayé cette suggestion et il a travaillé.

Je vous remercie.

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