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Getting Started with Mercalli Easy ...

Getting Started with Mercalli Easy ... By Le Papy - Last updated on Sunday, October 28, 2012
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Published on Tuesday, November 29, 2011
Created on Wednesday, November 9, 2011 2:38 PM

[To obtain information regarding Mercalli Easy as well as commercial link and prices, please consult our dedicated article]

The latest addition to the family of stabilizers proDAD range happened. In 2008, right out, I quickly opted for the purchase of the first stabilizer Mercalli plugin Studio, because I'm not a good cameraman and parasite movements during the shooting did not improve the quality of my rushes. It is therefore natural that I wanted to try Mercalli Easy to share with you my findings.

Step 1 : Software Overview

The first thing to know is that this software is independent of Studio. It only works in standalone. So you can treat all or part of rush that needs to be stabilized, save it and then include the stabilized clip in Studio. This is another way to use a video stabilizer that deserves your attention.

It's a 32bit software as a 64bit version of Easy Video Mercalli Stabilizer would have no advantage in a 64bit Windows system. This is why Mercalli Easy Video Stabilizer is only available as 32bit version. You can use the 32bit version without any limitations in Windows 32bit and 64bit.

This software has three big advantages for me:

  • It is not expensive;
  • It provides the results of good quality;
  • It is childishly simple.

So for all those who have difficulty with interlacing, balance and stabilization of the camera, filters, effects, margins ... this product is for you.

Step 2 : Installing the software

Your purchase confirmation email includes a link and product key purchased. By clicking on this link, you download a file to launch the download that you can then download the software. This download of less than 400 KB is super fast. I will spare you the screenshot that offers to save the file "Download-(1)(support+mercalli)-mercalli-20-easy32bit.exe".

Once this file is saved on your hard drive, it'll just run it. The usual warnings are sent to you before you run a file of type Application. But the publisher is clearly identified and known, I think you can run without fear ... Run the file to launch the download

The download starts quickly. You have less than 6 minutes. Either you watch that all goes well if you are an anxious, or you'll have a drink if you are more relaxed ...

At the end of the download, the file Mercalli-20-easy32 bit.exe is available. A shortcut to access the file "Download (1) (support + Mercalli)-Mercalli-20-easy32bit.exe" is automatically created on your desktop. You can delete it at the end of the installation or put it immediately into the unused shortcuts.

The download begins

You have two options:

  1. Save the installation file on your hard drive, which can be useful in bringing together in a single folder backup of your mail order confirmation with the key and the setup file ... it can be used if you must re-install ...
  2. You simply install the software praying that everything goes smoothly on your computer in a few months or years.
Installing the software
Anyway, installation starts with the traditional welcome window and information. The Welcome and Information
Then came the equally famous window of acceptance of the terms of the license agreement. Read the license agreement but you must accept the terms to continue the installation ... The window of acceptance of the license
I hope that your purchase confirmation email is not far ... The ideal is to do a copy / paste your serial number from the email into the input field of the serial number.

You can then click on "Use Full Version" which becomes active.
Entering the serial number
Defining the target directory for installation:
  1. The installation program then offers a default installation directory:
  • C:\Program Files\proDAD for 32-bits
  • C:\Program Files (X86)\proDAD for 64-bits

It is recommended to accept the proposal of the installer.

Selecting the installation directory

So there, if you do not understand Italian, you should know that the title means "recommended installation of third party software" (Thank you Mr. Google ...). Of course we have reported this translation bug to proDAD but it does not prevent proper installation.

This is, in fact, to offer (highly recommended) to install video codecs. I accepted and all is well ...

Proposal (recommended) to install additional video codecs
The installation program automatically took a number of initiatives and notify you. Summary of installation options

Installation is complete. You can:

  1. Try immediately Mercalli Easy;
  2. To postpone the trial by simply leaving the installer ... but I'm beginning to know you ...
End of the installation
Step 3 : First tests
The Easy Mercalli interface

If you do not resist the temptation of immediate testing, the software already has its interface.

  1. Otherwise, click on the icon created on the desktop you launch the application;
  2. You discover the great central drop zone where you can drag a video file directly to stabilize;
  3. But you can also use the "Open video file ..." and use the Windows File Manager.
Video analysis in progress ...

Out of curiosity, I had fun to stabilize OurNatureAdventure.mpg provided by Pinnacle.... If you do not possess the demo video distributed with older Studio version, you can download it (courtesy of the publisher) in the "Associated Links" section of this page below (right click / Save Target As).

Try, that's interesting!

  1. You can see the different curves of the stabilization process;
  2. A green gauge shows constantly the importance of stabilization achieved;
  3. An indicator of progress of the treatment is shown at the bottom of the screen.

Towards the end of treatment, the picture freezes a few seconds, the time required for recording in memory the processed images.

Watching the stabilized video

At the end of treatment, the stabilized video is launched automatically. A digital counter displays the seconds and frames.

  1. You can pause the video or do away with traditional buttons;
  2. A check box "Rolling shutter correction" corrects some residual defects (effect happens with camcorders CMOS sensors, which causes this kind of effect that makes your video look like a shutter, oblique as well). Since registration is now stabilized, the effects of tilt and / or distortion now appear more obvious. This effect is due to a weakness of CMOS sensors. To eliminate this unintended effect, enable the rolling-shutter correction.
  3. The following three icons allow you to view:
    • the entire video stabilized;
    • half of video unstabilized and stabilized half of video on a vertical separation;
    • half of video unstabilized and stabilized half of video on a horizontal separation.
Vertical separation of the stabilized and unstabilized video

Here is a sample configuration of the display of the stabilized video:

  1. Here half of non-stabilized video (left) and half of stabilized video (right) with a vertical separation;
  2. Two orange cursors placed at the beginning and end of the stabilized video can limit the party to register if you do not want to save the entire rush stabilized.
Pivoting of the stabilized video
  1. Just for the record, the last two icons allow you to rotate the video to the right or left. Of course, there is a loss in the size of the video. But it may eventually be used ...
  2. You can save the video portion of stabilized between the two cursors oranges.
Saving the stabilized video
  1. You can choose among four backup format options (the help file shows 6 ...). I had some problems with the "Video for Windows" which allows for recording AVI files (log file sent to proDAD). The incident is under way to resolve by proDAD, it would be because old codecs built in Studio 11 are still on my computer.
  2. You can refine your choices by selecting a profile format that varies depending on the format chosen:
    • Low quality;
    • Good quality;
    • High quality;
      The link "Settings" is inactive even when it is active ... you follow?
  3. You can navigate to change your backup directory;
  4. Finally, you save your video or part of video stabilized.

At the end of the backup, link you can view the backup of your video stabilized and three buttons allow you to:

  • go on a new project;
  • return to the front window before backup;
  • giving up.
Step 4 : A few figures

To do some tests ...
I dealt with a rush of SD 00:00:03:22 wmv format (834 KB) and I saved as MPEG-2:

  • Low quality: output file 4037 KB with a bitrate of 8100 KBit / S
  • Good quality: output file 7937 KB with a bit rate of 16,200 KBit / S
  • High Quality: output file 31,245 KB with a bit rate of 64,000 KBit / S

I dealt with a rush of 00:00:10:01 HD format mpg (37.49 MB) and I saved as MPEG-2:

  • Low Quality: 49.80 MB output file with a bit rate of 40,500 KBit / S
  • Good quality: 91.96 MB output file with a bit rate of 75,000 KBit / S
  • High Quality: 91.96 MB output file with a bit rate of 75,000 KBit / S (no change)

I dealt with a rush of 00:06:31:00 SD avi (1453 MB): The treatment lasted 8 minutes and save the file about 2 to 5 minutes for a size ranging from 19 000 to 322 000 kb, depending on the desired quality.

Conclusion: Attention to the size of the generated files and processing time. It should be limited to parties who deserve it. The ease of use of this software must still not forget the consequences of the treatment.

{Screen Capture made with TechSmith Snagit 10}

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Gert Oskar Reitner By # Gert Oskar Reitner @ Friday, December 2, 2011 1:14 PM
" Associated Link " not connecting ?
Wish there was a great Tutorial like this for the original 2007 plug-in version together with the additional Video Shaker !

Gert Oskar Reitner By # Gert Oskar Reitner @ Saturday, December 3, 2011 9:47 AM
Since Avid took over Pinnacle and with Studio 14 came a "enhanced" Avid Stabilizer included which was one of the sales points of the product . There is very little said about this anywhere and there are no Tutorials other than a Effects mention in the Manual for 14 and 15 . How does this installed Stabilizer compare with the ProDad version(s) and what and how is the best use ?

Le Papy By # Le Papy @ Saturday, December 3, 2011 10:02 AM
Hello Gert,
I think you forgot to read our news "proDAD Mercalli or AVID stabilizer ?".
Best regards,

Gert Oskar Reitner By # Gert Oskar Reitner @ Saturday, December 3, 2011 10:53 AM
Oops , when you are right you are right . You usually post " other " references and now you see how I have gotten used to them ! This was a test , right ?

Thanks and Regards

Déclic Vidéo FX By # Déclic Vidéo FX @ Sunday, December 4, 2011 12:35 PM
@ Gert: for the "associated links", please right click and select "Save as" (it should work, please confirm).


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