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Getting started with Studio for iPad

Getting started with Studio for iPad By Déclic Vidéo FX - Last updated on Sunday, January 13, 2013
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Published on Wednesday, February 8, 2012
Created on Wednesday, February 8, 2012 3:37 PM

A few days ago, we announced the arrival of Studio for iPad as well as AVID Studio update for iPad. Now, it's time to give you my first impressions after discovering the application this weekend ... I promise that I will not hide anything, you will obtain my disappointments as well as my joys!

Edit 1st April 2012: following patch V1.0.2, all bugs have disappeared, the application is stable and nice to use. I recommend to upgrade to V1.0.2 asap.

Technical Specifications

iPad 2, 32 GB, icloud enabled for pictures. 32 GB shared between 7.6 GB of photos (7000 in 19 albums), 3.1 GB of videos (22 movies), 12 GB of music (4000 songs - yes I use a lot my iPad), 2 GB app, 1 GB books, 4 GB of "other" (you know, this famous category!). 2.6 GB free. Avid Studio installed application (V - version number available in the "about")

Let's discover the product... First crash...
  • First opening, well done, it's pro.
  • It requests access to geolocation, to access albums (why ?). I agree.
  • Then, I am proposed to search my media. It's long because I have lots of pictures and videos + music. It synchronise effects (*), pictures and movies, music and finally cleaned it (which kind of cleaning ??...). (*) The effects, you will see later on, are no yet available in the application, so it's a good point, it's probably opened to future possibilities (who knows !!)
  • I create my first project, and let's go, I am inside the application.
  • Settings are very simple, identical to AVID Studio for PC, (pictures length, title duration, transitions + possibility to update media library). Note also that once you synchronised the media library, it's not possible to stop it !
  • Before going further, I take a look at a very good user manual, relatively lightweight, easy to understand with pictures. Nevertheless, I regret french translation still unreliable as we know it in Avid Studio PC... But for english version, certainly not a problem !
  • First tests, the first crash. Wow! ... Good point, you are back at the same location that you left, nothing is lost. I create a new project, I click on a video, I press Play, Wow, new crash....
  • I persist, but it's always the same, almost impossible to use the application ...
Solution to avoid that application crashes

So, I'm skeptical with all these hasty closures of the application, because I read excellent advices on Apple Store (but also people in the same situation than I am). Knowing Avid Studio PC, I think that the software might need some "space" ... Here I am to track superfluous Mo, my first thoughts go to the famous "Other" in iTunes, which eat me up to 5 GB !!

And I came across this article, I apply it. It works very well, I win 4 GB of space, and surprise ... AVID STUDIO iPad does not crash at all! Miracle of technology, it's finally nice to do video editing on iPad.

The solution, you understood, is the space available on your iPad, it's mandatory to have at least 5 GB of free space! ...

Further investigation and discovery of the product
  • first step, you can import photos and videos in the iPad:
    • with iPad connection kit (a must have when you are traveling and you want to view your pictures on a "big screen" and not the camera)
    • importation through computer synchronisation with iTunes (videos need to be imported on your computer first)
    • or even simpler, with the free utility iExplorer, that allows you to access your camera roll film and adding all the photos you want
  • opportunity to use your pictures within their albums
  • ability to use videos within their album - so far, nothing too serious
  • everything can be cut at will and one can define the entry/exit points - it's cool, the cuts are easy, you can zoom the timeline, allowing to cut frame by frame
  • you can define the duration of pictures in the same way
  • move media and exchange order easily (sound is not affected), by doing a simple drag & drop
  • opportunity to use your own music (three tracks for the music - between you and me, two tracks would have been sufficient but there were some space on the screen !)
  • hey, there are also some nice sound effects, but nothing regarding video effects video! Future enhancements ?
  • for titles, unlike iMovie for iPad, we can put them full screen (without being forced to put them on a video). You can resize, change color, font, tilt, putting a title "motion" Of course, they can also superimpose videos!
  • Two transitions (definitely not enough, but I have no doubt that it will appear very soon as in-app purchase unfortunately, or maybe will we have Declic Video FX transitions in it ?)
  • you can add a photo / video on each other, which is called PIP (picture in picture) while resizing it with the fingers and by changing the orientation, tilting it, ....
  • Finally, montage themes, very easy to use
  • and on top of it, I discovered a feature greatly appreciated by those who well know Première: possibility to trim exit/entry point of previous/next clip. We can cut it all down to the frame, very precisely
  • media can be removed (without going through the trash), just by selecting it and removing it from the screen
  • you can cut a video into three portions, and replacing the middle portion by a photo

OK, that would be much better with a video ?...

Video Discovery (warning, it's 18 minutes with an old and bad french accent)



Comparative with iMovie for iPad (from iMore)



Current bugs

We have listed the following three bugs, of course we immediately reported to Avid, ranked in order of importance: see FAQ # 14, we will regularly update. 

Final conclusion

Otherwise, what's very interesting to edit a movie on a postage stamp (little screen) as some might say?

So we are very comfortable on an iPad screen, and we do everything by hand, it's ultra fast, intuitive, and comfortable. A 10 year old child can do it easily. Interest ? From my side, I see a lot of interest: on holidays, we shoot using iPhone or camera or camcorder, then you transfer it to iPad, and usually you visualized with friends ... Yes but there is an added extra dimension, in few minutes adding a title, theme editing, music, cut the sound in the background, and here we are, you have made a very sympathic movie ! It's clear, you will not do "the movie of your life", but nothing prevents you from then viewing it on a large screen by connecting the iPad on TV or a projector (I remind you that projects are HD ...)

To conclude, I would take up the idea of ​​cyborgjeff which was the first to test the application and send us comments in our first article: if we could have an app that allows us to control Avid Studio for PC as it is done on iPad currently, it would be a dream ...


If you want to see more screenshots, more information, visit the dedicated page @ Pinnacle.
And of course, to buy this application, visit the Apple store here.

Is there anybody here who already tested the application and wants to share his remarks? Do not hesitate to comment.... On my side, I will reveal by Sunday all my discovery in this article...

Let's go, on my side, I will tell you next week the results of what I have done during my skiing holidays, and if I used it or not, intensive practice or not...

Edit 1st April 2012: following patch V1.0.2, I enjoy using AVID Studio for iPad, very well done, all bugs solved, and it's fun to do some rapid video.

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DJ Saunders By # DJ Saunders @ Thursday, February 9, 2012 1:28 PM
I am having the same crashing problems you describe on my I-pad 2. I have 7.5g of free memory. So, it appears that your solution is not the solution for everyone. This app crashes constantly for me.

Déclic Vidéo FX By # Déclic Vidéo FX @ Friday, February 10, 2012 5:03 PM
Hello DJ Saunders,

Can you please provide the specifications of your iPad, that might interesting. I will not be able to answer before one week, being on holidays...
But please let me know, we will transfer your information to AVID.


DJ Saunders By # DJ Saunders @ Friday, February 10, 2012 8:39 PM
I have a 16g iPad 2 with 7.5g of free memory. I don't know what other specs you might want..
You will want to check this forum thread I started on the Avid forums about my problem with crashes.

Wish I was skiing too! ;(

Déclic Vidéo FX By # Déclic Vidéo FX @ Saturday, February 11, 2012 2:29 AM
Hello DJ Saunders,

That would be interested to have the full specs (see my listing at the beginning of my article, I would need the same, how many pictures, videos, albums, musics, etc...)
In particular, I am thinking to something: how many music do you have ???

Have you tried the patch I propose, cleaning "others". For me, it works with the increase of space.


DJ Saunders By # DJ Saunders @ Saturday, February 11, 2012 11:29 AM
You probably will not believe how few files I have but here goes:
I have one album of 8 pictures. I have 4 videos - the longest video is 29 seconds. I have no music on my iPad. (As I need music, I will bring it in from my MacBook Pro.) But I have none on the iPad.

So, I have:
0.21GB - Photos
5.2GB Apps
0.03GB - Books
0.69 - Other
7.9GB - Free

Let me say, that I have uninstalled Avid Studio from the iPad and reinstalled it. This seems to have helped with the crashing problems SOMEWHAT. Not a total fix however.

How's the snow??

Déclic Vidéo FX By # Déclic Vidéo FX @ Saturday, February 18, 2012 4:21 PM
Snow was gooooood !!! But Studio for iPad give me some crash, that's awfull... Nevertheless, I was able to do a 11' movie.
I tried the latest version, without success...

I will get in touch with AVID to see if there are some workaround or news...


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