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Pinnacle Studio 16 new features revealed

Pinnacle Studio 16 new features revealed By Le Papy - Last updated on Thursday, October 4, 2012
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Category: Pinnacle Studio 21 & S16-S20 Tutorials / General  -  Previous tutorials
Published on Sunday, September 30, 2012
Created on Saturday, September 15, 2012 2:48 AM

After reading our tutorial " How to install Pinnacle Studio 16", you should have installed Pinnacle Studio 16 on your computer. In addition to the reported bug fixes, this new version has some new features that are not just marketing gimmicks, but real improvements. These improvements provide the user with some real help when editing. Some were requested quite a while back like the famous green check mark that identified a clip that was already used while others are less obvious. Not all of the improvements have been implemented yet but we are on the right track ...

Step 1 : The Import tab

The main innovation of this tab, if you remember when you first opened the installer, is that you are entitled to 50GB of free storage space at Box.com (25 GB included, additional 25 GB with product registration).

First open the tab "Import"

  1. The Cloud appears as one of the import options;
  2. Take the time to create your account for 50 GB of free storage;
  3. You can set the storage location for your imports (Video, Audio, Photo, Project).
Step 2 : The Movie tab

This tab brings up some improvements and surprises.

General view of the new tab "Film"

  1. Dual mode is seen for the first time with Plus or Ultimate Version;
  2. Plus or Ultimate versions allows you to customize the toolbar;
  3. You may or may not see the Storyboard timeline option displayed;
  4. Again, you can take a snapshot that shows all the tracks on the timeline;
  5. You can choose the duration of transitions in Plus or Ultimate versions (set time or static length);
  6. You'll appreciate the green or gray checkmark for media already used.

I enjoyed using:

  1. The two tabs "Source" and "Timeline";
  2. Button to display scenes;
  3. The resize handle to improve the general work flow.
Step 3 : Details of the Movie tab Improvements
  1. Dual mode (Plus and Ultimate Version only) :

Details of Movie tab

With Plus or Ultimate Version, a click on the "Dual Mode" button allows for simultaneous display of:

  1. The "Source" video;
  2. The "Timeline" video.

Those who do not have the dual display on two monitors will certainly appreciate this option ...

  1. Customizing the toolbar (Plus or Ultimate Version only) :

Customizing the toolbar:

Have fun with this if you have a Plus or Ultimate version ...

  1. Optional displays above the timeline :


Browser Display

Storyboard :

Viewing Storyboard

  1. The storyboard is selected and an icon appears below the padlock.
  2. Storyboard icon located below the locking padlock shows the track to be displayed in the Storyboard.
  1. Capture a snapshot :


This is an old feature found with a new look.

  1. The timeline includes a video on the main track and title on track A / V (1);
  2. Clicking on the snapshot button captures the preview window that displays two tracks;
  3. The snapshot is automatically stored in the library in the "Latest Import Collection";
  4. The captured image corresponds to what is visible in the preview window.
  1. Duration of transitions :

Option transition duration

If you have a Plus ou Ultimate version: Very helpful in my opinion ...

  1. Media used :

Marking used clips

Our green checkmark is back ... and it's a welcome sight indeed!

A green checkmark is displayed if the content represented by the thumbnail is currently in an open timeline. Otherwise, it is grayed out. This mark applies only for photo, video and audio content, it does not include transitions and titles for example.

Step 4 : The Effects Editor

Otherview of the Effect Editor

I noted two interesting improvements:

  1. The ability to save a customized effect or group of effects;
  2. An expand or contract button for all options.

You will find the details below:

Details of
the Effects Editor improvements

  1. Button to save a custom effect. Clicking this button opens a "Save FX Composition" window;
  2. The expand or contract button for all options.

3 applied effects are visible in A, B and C.
I did not like the two new tabs, "Transition In" and "Transition Out", which does not add much in my opinion. But it must appeal to a large number of users ...

Step 5 : The Montage Editor

An interesting new option appears:

Montage Editor

  1. When an image or video has been copied, the options "Paste" and "Paste to Drop Zone" become active in the submenu.
  2. Open the submenu to display the drop zone montage theme and paste the contents of the clipboard with a single click in the desired drop zone.

Following your request, here is a more detailed explanation:

Coller un clip ou une image dans une dropzone de thème de montage

In this screenshot, I've selected the first image of chrysanthemum and I've pasted in the second drop zone. Then I paste the image of desert in the first drop zone.

  1. Select the image of desert and press CTRL + C to copy this image to the clipboard;
  2. Right click on the montage;
  3. Position the cursor on the item "Paste to drop zone" from the context menu;
  4. The montage drop zones display;
  5. Drag the mouse on the drop zone that will receive the image or clip, and left click. The image is in the drop zone and the context menu closes.

It's as simple as that ...

In addition,, I noted with satisfaction the following:

  • The ability to configure the animation themes "Openings" and "End";
  • The automatic setting of the end of the last image after drop zone with the clip on the time line.
Step 6 : Media Editor

A new "Adjustments" button has been added in the Media Editor accessible with a double click on a clip in the library or with a right-click on the clip in the library.

Media Editor

When Studio does not correctly recognize the properties of a video clip and you have a particular problem with this video, it can help by showing the valid properties of the clip in question.

Step 7 : Disc tab

I have not noticed any big changes in the interface ...

But on the plus side, however, there's a new heading, "Stereoscopic Settings", in the settings menu editor.

A new setting in the menu editor

Of course, the Disc toolbar tab includes new buttons used in the Movie tab.

Step 8 : The Export tab

And Cloud now appears in the Export tab ...


You now have the ability to export to your Box account, Facebook, Vimeo, and as before, to Youtube.

Export tab

In such a short time, I don't pretend to have made ​​a complete tour of the software and there is certainly lots of things still left to discover. Feel free to join us and share your discoveries.

{Screen Captures were made with the help of Snagit 10 by TechSmith}

{Thanks to Loosecannon for the fine tuning}

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Peter Huber By # Peter Huber @ Wednesday, December 26, 2012 9:05 AM
as mentioned before I have upgraded from Pinnacle Studio 15 to Avid Studio Ultimate - Is there an upgrade from Avid ?
Thanks - Peter Huber

Déclic Vidéo FX By # Déclic Vidéo FX @ Sunday, January 6, 2013 12:37 PM
Hello Peter,

Yes, an upgrade is available from AVID Studio to Pinnacle Studio 16. Check here the knowledge base.


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