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How to Import Previous Pinnacle Projects into Pinnacle Studio?

How to Import Previous Pinnacle Projects into Pinnacle Studio? By Le Papy - Last updated on Monday, October 27, 2014
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Category: Pinnacle Studio 21 & S16-S20 Tutorials / General  -  Previous tutorials
Published on Friday, May 3, 2013
Created on Saturday, September 29, 2012 1:23 PM

We have received several inquiries from users as to whether it was possible and how to do it ...

The question is basic and if you read the documentation, the answer is very simple. There's not any explanations, just simply open the "File" menu and click on the sub-menu "Import previous Pinnacle Studio Projects".

But before we go any further, I wanted to see for myself by doing some tests, which were admittedly not very exhaustive. So I would say:

  • YES, it's possible and it's easy;
  • However, I have some cautions of note about the results.

My first tests date back to September 29, 2012 and highlighted several bugs. The application of the patch has fixed a number of them. Also, I feel it is imperative that you install this patch for maximum effectiveness.

Step 1 : Precautions

When you import your old project into Studio 16, you should know two important things:

  1. If you have edited and saved your old project before rendering is completely finished the latest changes made ​​by 3rd party plugins will not be imported automatically by Studio 16. Feel free to use the "Render View" monitoring console to ensure that all the rendering is completed. As noted by fehlmann, this console allows you to view the exact portions being rendered. In Studio 15 and prior versions, this console is accessed by CTRL + SHIFT + HOME and holding the buttons for a few seconds.
  2. When Studio 16 imports the project, it will search for all project components: videos, images, sounds ... If you have moved or deleted some of the components, you may have difficulty replying to Studio 16 when it asks you to indicate where each component is now located. If you click "Cancel" your items will be ignored during the import.
    If your old project contains some audio such as wav audio comments or MP3 files or music extracted from a CD, they were stored in the project file in the Media*.wav format. Studio will search for them, but if it does not find them, it will ask you where they are and if you click "Cancel" the wav files are ignored during import..
Step 2 : Method used to create this tutorial

To create this tutorial, I first made a project from scratch with Pinnacle Studio 15 using video clips with different formats, images with different formats, titles, montage themes, video effects, audio effects , wav sound files, MP3 audio, audio commentary, Scorefitter music, SmartSound music, music directly from a CD, and a disc menu. Without modifying the components, I imported the files into a Studio 16 project that had been created in Studio 15. This test was conducted September 29, 2012 with the latest software updates and plugins tested. It was done over and modified after applying the Pinnacle Studio patch.

Step 3 : Importing a previous Pinnacle Studio Project

After opening Pinnacle Studio 16 from the "File" menu, click on the menu item "Import previous Pinnacle Studio Projects".
Studio 16 will take some time to import this project, the time being proportional to the length of the project and the number of titles, themes, effects and sounds that make up the project. The project will be imported and automatically stored in your personal projects library. The project will be imported and automatically stored in your personal projects library in the PS16 format (*. Movie.axp). Depending on your configuration settings, the images used will be loaded in the library in a "Pictures" sub-folder and wav files will be loaded into a "importedstudio titles" sub-folder of the "Audio" library.
At the end of the import the "Movie" tab will automatically open and display your imported project with a varying number of tracks.

The number of tracks depends on the components of the old project. It can range from 2 to 8.

In the test project I've done, I got 8 tracks:

  1. A video track DVD for disc menus;
  2. A video track Title for titles;
  3. A video and audio track OVT for montage themes;
  4. An audio track OVT for montage themes;
  5. A video and audio track PVT for video clips, animations (Motion) titles and animated DVD menus;
  6. An audio track PVT for video clips;
  7. An audio track Soundtrack for music imported from your music library;
  8. An audio track SFX for Scorefitter, SmartSound, sounds (wav and MP3).

Therefore, I think that those of you who have the basic version of Studio 16 and therefore only 6 tracks will have to make choices before exporting the project from Studio 15:

  • before import, delete DVD menus in Studio 15 to gain a track;
  • combine sound effects and music tracks in Studio 15.
Tracks created by Studio 16 when importing an old project
Step 4 : DVD track

This track will not be of any use since disc projects in Studio 16 are not listed under the "Movie" tab. Right-clicking the DVD menu and selecting "Find in Library" does not work even though the DVD menu (from Creative Pack V3) is clearly in the Studio 16 library and Right-clicking "View informations" does not work either. You won't know the name of the menu used unless you used a DVD menu with an animated background (Motion). In this case, a mouseover on the PVT track will show you the path of the motion file. *.Mpg is used which will give you a good indication of the DVD menu name used.

If you try to open a project from your "Disc" tab, you will still not be successful.

Step 5 : Title track

This track contains all the types of titles used:

  • Full screen classic title;
  • Classic overlay title;
  • Full screen motion title;
  • Overlay Motion title;
  • Rolling title;
  • Crawling title;

Good news: all the titles are imported and work perfectly.

Step 6 : OVT tracks

These tracks are assigned to the montage theme. Montages themes are imported but not all of the parameters. Text changes are imported but the thumbnails included in the dropzone are not and you have to re-populate the dropzone again. If you resize the background image of your montage theme ("Zoom in on the image to enlarge the dimensions of the box"), that information is lost. You will act on the background image that is on the PVT track ("Scaling / Fill").

Step 7 : PVT tracks

PVT tracks accept video clips, images and full screen titles.

All clips and all images that have been resized ("Zoom in on the image to enlarge the dimensions of the box"), have lost this information.
Generally, some old clips (in whole or part) in the mpg format, are not readily accepted by Studio 16 (See the "Clowns" demo clip) Codec MPG1 1150 kBit/s, non-interlaced. In the library, these clips are not viewable in full in the player's library. By contrast, using the scroll wheel, you can practically watch them in full. It is therefore normal that these clips are not readily importable. Good news, the patch has fixed this problem.

The following bugs are fixed by the patch:

  1. The clips from the movie "Clowns" are not accepted in full by Studio 16. At the end of rendering, magenta shading appears on the time line and does not go away;
  2. The first clip appears correctly at the beginning of the video clip and then displays the fixed "Turn around" symbol - rendering in progress by BGRnd.exe program ;
  3. The symbol displayed on the display window by BGRnd.exe when watching the second "Clowns" clip.
Some clips are not accepted in whole or in part
Step 8 : SoundTrack track

I found in this track:

  • My audio wav comments : normal operation;
  • Music in MP3 format from music samples in the Public Music folder: normal operation.

It should nevertheless adjust sound levels for audio tracks.

Step 9 : SFX track

I found in this track my music and some sound effects:

  • Wav from the standard audio effects. Although some effects may not display the waveform, they still work;
  • MP3 from Premium Pack Volume 1: normal operation;
  • Scorefitter Music: normal operation but "Display information" is grayed out and you must use the "Edit music" item to find the title of the music;
  • SmartSound Music: normal operation but "Display information" is grayed out and you must use the "Edit music" item to find the title of the music;
  • Imported music from a CD: normal operation from the sub-folder "importedstudio titles" of the "Audio" folder.
Step 10 : Video effects

I tested a random number of video effects. This table doesn't cover every effect but is intended only to give an overview of what to expect.

Category Effect Effect mark Import Settings in Studio 16
Studio HD RTFx Pan and zoom No No No parameter
Volume 1 RTFX Replicate Yes Successful 100%  
Adorage Adorage Filter - Vol. 13 Wreath 3 Yes No

Only Effect is Imported. Parameters Must be Set

ProDAD Mercalli V1 Yes Successful 90% Must repeat the treatment V1 from S 16
JPs Effects - Form Spiral (0.1) Yes Successful 100% Almost all JPs effects work
Mercalli Mercalli2.0 Yes Successful 90% Must repeat the treatment V2 from S 16
Magic Bullet Looks - Indie Film by Eric Escobar - Gus No No No parameter
Red Giant Trapcode 3DStoke - star scribbled Yes Successful 100%  
Vitascene Filter Color/Shade Blue Light #345 No No No parameter
WL Filter Border 2 (Blur)(2.0) Yes Successful 100% Almost all WLFilter filters work
New Blue V.Ess II S Thumbnail Yes No No parameter. Tests abandonnés suite nombreux plantages
JPs Effects - Misc Light house Yes Successful 100% Almost all JPS effects work
JPs Effects - Form Gear Yes Successful 100% Almost all JPS effects work
Boris FX Boris Graffiti Circle Pathin1 Yes No Only Effect is Imported. Parameters Must be Set
Studio Ultimate RTFx HFX Filter Yes No Only Effect is Imported. Parameters Must be Set
Studio Ultimate RTFx Sepia Yes Successful 100%  
Step 11 : Audio Effects

I imported two audio effects:

  • Studio HD audio effects - Noise Reduction;
  • NewBlue Audio Essentials 1 - NewBlue Echo (not activated on my computer);

These two effects are not noted in Studio 16 and can not be imported  (Normal : Nothing corresponds with these audio effects in Studio 16).

Step 12 : Transitions

Here are the types of transitions that have been tested:

Transition Type Transition Mark Import Observations
2D Transition Scanning by the lower right corner Yes Successful 100%  
Volume 2 HFX Wedding Cake 2 Yes Successful 100%  
2D Transition Fade Yes Successful 100%  
User transitions 00-Declic-Video - 001-appht Yes Successful 100% Transition created with HFX V 5.5
User transitions 00-Declic-Video - 332-tropical06 Yes Successful 100% Transition created with HFX V 6.0
Adorage Volume 13 - Fleurs 01 Yes No Only Effect is Imported. Parameters Must be Set
Vitascene Diffuse spiral Wipe #26 Yes No No parameter
Step 13 : Conclusion

So should we use the import function for previous Pinnacle Studio projects in Studio 16?

  • If your project is mainly composed of elements that import well then, of course, why not ...
  • If your project consists of much more complex elements that do not import very well or where the importing is wrong, you lose a lot of time trying to re-make the missing effects.

At each version change, different issues may arise, old bugs get fixed but maybe new ones appear. Even before writing this tutorial, we have always said that it was better to finish a project using the version you started with. So, you do what you think is best for you but I will always finish my projects with the version I started with. Sometimes I will even complete a project, output it as an AVI, and then render the AVI in the new version to take advantage of the new and/or improved features and then burn the DVD.

Once again, conventional wisdom will guide you and as Tristan Bernard (French author) said: "We must rely on ourselves. And yet, not much."

{Screen Captures were made with the help of Snagit 10 by TechSmith}

{Thanks to Loosecannon for the fine tuning}

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Marcy By # Marcy @ Tuesday, June 18, 2013 2:27 PM
When I tried to import a Studio 14 project (wedding2.stx) into Studio 16 using FILE>>IMPORT PREVIOUS STUDIO PROJECTS, I get the following error "Error loading S12/S14 Importer". I copied the Studio 14 project and associated files from my old computer that has Studio 14 installed, to my new computer that has Studio 16 installed. Any ideas what could be the problem?

Leles By # Leles @ Monday, July 1, 2013 6:27 AM
me too :-((( help me, please

Déclic Vidéo FX By # Déclic Vidéo FX @ Sunday, July 28, 2013 2:26 PM

Are you sure that you have all media at the same places than they were in the previous project ? I mean the video files ???


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