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Cropping Successfully

Cropping Successfully By Le Papy - Last updated on Sunday, May 12, 2013
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Category: Pinnacle Studio 21 & S16-S20 Tutorials / Edition  -  Previous tutorials
Published on Saturday, May 18, 2013
Created on Wednesday, February 20, 2013 8:59 AM

On several occasions, users had problems fitting their photos into the montage thumbnails and looked for answers on the forums. As usual, there are often several ways to achieve the same result. So in this tutorial I'll give you another way that is different than what I had given on the Pinnacle forum.

Step 1: What is the Problem ?


For the purposes of this tutorial, I chose a montage theme which can be a problem for cropping. The theme of "Valentine's Day" is particularly well suited for this demonstration. So I used Segue A from this theme for the rest of the tutorial. Using a montage theme
If you normally use montage editor, drag the selected photo into the drop zone theme. Filling the dropzone

And you will see in the closeup of the face that the smile is cut off and the cap takes up too much space.

  1. You just have to double click the image in the thumbnail library to access the media editor in order to begin the transformation
Using the Media editor to crop the photo
Step 2 : Rectifying the Situation


To change the alignment, it is necessary to crop the image. According to Wikipedia encyclopedia cropping, or trimming, is the operation of deleting a peripheral portion of an image in order to improve (framing, emphasizing the subject, removing defects or vignetting, etc..) or modify its size. Once in the Studio media editor, click "Crop" to begin cropping your image. Opening the media editor

You probably noticed that the face is too low and to the left of the center of the heart. We must crop the image at the top right of the face to move it upward and to the right. Using the mouse, crop the image from the upper right corner of the image. You're working a little blind, of course, but it is not difficult using the cropping lines, and the adjustments are easy to make. By doing this, you will see a slight zoom on the face as you decrease the surface of the stored image.
Don't forget to click the "OK" button to save your edit.

Crop the picture

You can also use the different "P" handles to re-size only the part you want

  1. Then using the displacement of the cropped image, you can adjust and center your image.
Another way to crop

Click the "OK" button to exit the media editor and return to the montage editor. You will still see the old image in the drop zone.

  1. You will immediately notice that the thumbnail image now includes an additional icon that tells you that your image has been changed in the media editor. For more details refer to the tutorial "Studio's library : discover all the secrets" rubric "Thumbnail icons ".
  2. Substitute your cropped image for the original image that is still in the dropzone by simply dragging the new image over the old uncropped image.
Substitution of the original image with the changed image in the dropzone
Step 3 : Final Result


The face is full, the smile is visible, all the teeth are present and the wool cap is relegated to the background without being totally forgotten.

Everything will be OK if you do not forget to press the eponymous ... cheeky

Final result

{Thanks to Loosecannon for the fine tuning}

{Screen Captures were made with the help of Snagit 10 by TechSmith}

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videoman3857 By # videoman3857 @ Monday, May 20, 2013 5:40 PM
Thanks for that quick and easy tip Le Pappy

I am still using S15 and have worked a similar fix for it too.

I have Avid Studio1, but have have been too busy to learn it, so I keep falling back on "ole faithful" Studio 15.
I will eventually have time and I will have a lot of tutorials to study.
Thank you again my friend

Merci pour cette rapide et facile pointe Le Pappy

J'utilise toujours S15 et j'ai travaillé une solution similaire pour elle aussi.

J'ai Avid Studio 1, mais j'ai été trop occupé à apprendre, alors je garde de retomber sur "fidèle ole" Studio 15.
Je vais finir par avoir le temps et je vais avoir beaucoup de tutoriels pour étudier.
Je vous remercie encore mon ami

Le Papy By # Le Papy @ Tuesday, May 21, 2013 9:13 AM
Hello everyone,
Videoman3857, thank you for your appreciation. I am glad to see that you can also apply to Studio 15.
Good editing,
Best regards,

Rafael Ramos By # Rafael Ramos @ Friday, July 3, 2015 1:12 AM
Hello all ! Hope everybody is ok !
Maybe you can help me with a problem in a specific montage (3 bars fade in). When I copy and paste from the timeline (paste in the drop zone), the montage shows the pictures (1..2...3) and then gets dark till the end of the time of the montage. It only happens with the copy and paste from the timeline. If I use the photos from the Navigation it will work normally (expect for the increase of the format of the photo). Any ideias?

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