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Getting started with DeFishr

Getting started with DeFishr By czmax - Last updated on Sunday, April 28, 2013
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Category: Tips & Tricks: proDAD DeFishr Tutorials
Published on Sunday, April 28, 2013
Created on Sunday, March 3, 2013 7:39 AM
Introduction :

We propose an overview of the new proDAD's software dedicated to correction of lenses or shots optical abberations. If you shoot with a GoPro, an Action Cam, a SmartPhone or even some camcorders with a super wide angle you should know what I mean. Most interesting corrections in my opinion, are perspective distortion and barrel or pincushion distortion or pad. The rest can be adjusted in Studio, but they are necessary to complement other corrections.

Videos import and media bin use :

To import a video you can use Import media button via Windows explorer :

Media import

or by dragging 'n dropping a file into the bin. You can put several videos into the bin :

Media bin

This allows batch processing. Very handy if your have many rushes.

A bin can be saved, reopened or closed :

Save bin

Profiles or Automatic calibration :

The corrective work is normally done automatically but you will have to look if your camera is listed in the presets provided by proDAD :


This listing is for the moment rather short. Hopefully proDAD will complement it in the near future.

If your device is not in the list you will have to run the automatic calibration tool :


A new interface is opened :

Calibrator interface

The idea is to full screen display a checkerboard :

Checkerboard fullscreen displayed

You will have to shoot the checkerboard with your camera in a special way. An explanatory video and written instructions are provided :

Video instructions

Import your video in your PC and open the file with Import Media. Then, click Analyze Calibration Video :

Start calibration

The tool analyzes the video and tries to detect certain characteristic points :


For the analysis to be successful there must be at least 20 points found (ideally 50) with a Total Avg. Error under 0.3. If two conditions are met, the final message will display a warning in green and suggested file name begins with <CAM>. Otherwise you will get a red warning and the file name begins with <BAD> :

Bad calibration

A histogram will show flashing red points of the checkerboard that are wrong or unrecognized :


I would have loved to show you what it looks like when everything went well, but I must admit that despite several attempts, I never got to properly analyze my camera !
Finally, a new preset appeared with <CAM> or <BAD> followed by technical data + the date and time of the analysis. Too bad the Edit button does not allow you to rename the preset at will.

Caution: It is essential to save the new preset list with the Edit button and then Save if you want to use this new preset in DeFishr. In fact there is no automatic link between the interface of Calibrator and the interface of DeFishr. In DeFishr click Edit and then Load to use the new preset.

Apply corrections :

After you have filled your bin and selected the corresponding preset of your camera, image adjustments are made immediately. You can choose to display the result, the uncorrected source or a comparative view :

Preview choice

If you feel that manual corrections are to be added, click Additional correction :

Additional corrections

A new panel opens with 7 settings available :

Manual settings

  1. Lens : corrects the curvature of the lens and therefore the barrel and pincushion distortion
  2. Zoom : do I really have to explain ? wink
  3. Shift X : moves the picture right or left
  4. Shift Y : moves the picture up or down
  5. Tilt : vertical perspective correction
  6. Pan : horizontal perspective correction
  7. Roll : rotation

Each setting can be changed by clicking with the mouse on the up and down arrows as well as entering numeric keypad. The Reset button resets all to default.

A timeline is available and allows to visualize a specific piece of the video :


Export :

Cursors are available on the timeline for partial export :

In and Out markers

Click Export tab :


Here, you can choose the destination folder and the quality of the exported file. Click Start export and that's it. You get a .mp4 file H.264 for video + AAC for audio. No choice of another format or file name that is identical to the source file. If your source is a photo, the export will be done in .jpg.
Believing proDAD's website, other output formats are available :

Output formats

Maybe in a future update of the software ?

Warning: With certain video codecs, clip duration after export may be slightly different from the duration of the original clip (about 1/25th of a second for 3 seconds of video at least), if this shortening is a problem for you then put the playback cursor to the end of the video before starting the export. ProDAD is working on a permanent solution.

Export bug

Conclusion :

If your videos look weird, if they seem to have been taken through the peephole in your door, then DeFishr is for you.
I dreamed and asked it for Pinnacle Studio, proDAD has made it standalone. The software is simple and intuitive to use. If a setting is available for your camera then the job is done with 3 mouse clicks.

{Original tutorial written by czmax. Amended, conformed and posted by saby}

{Screen captures were made with the help of Snagit 10 by TechSmith}

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