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Rotation Effect: A Stunning Effect!

Rotation Effect: A Stunning Effect! By Le Papy - Last updated on Wednesday, November 27, 2013
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Published on Friday, November 29, 2013
Created on Sunday, October 20, 2013 8:17 AM

It wasn't that long ago that we didn't do too much with special effects. Rummaging through my personal archives, I found a clip that I modified with Studio 12. I'm suggesting that we take the original clip and see what we can do with it in Studio 16. This clip was shot on an adult sized airplane carousel ride. The effect I'm proposing is simple, use the "Rotation" effect to make the occupants of the carousel ride do some quarter rolls before landing. Aerobatic specialists can certainly blame my lack of flying experience for not attempting an Immelman ... but this is only an example of implementing an effect, and nothing more...

Step 1 : The Original Clip

To help you accomplish the effect in this tutorial, you can download the original "ClipManege.mpg" , found in the "Associated Links" section of the page below (right click/Save Target As). You can watch it before downloading.

After downloading the video import it into the Studio library and drop the file on to A/V Track (2). Double-click the clip (or right click / Open Effects Editor) to open the effects editor.

Step 2 : Applying Effects to the Original Clip

I suggest you first apply the stabilizer effect to the clip because shooting on board the carousel was not done under the best conditions.

You have a choice between using:

  • The Studio stabilizer (Effect Editor /Corrections/4-Stabilise).
  • The Mercalli stabilizer if you have it (Effect Editor/Effects/7-Add-ons/proDAD/Mercalli 2.0 or Effect Editor/Effects/7-Add-ons/Filter/Mercalli V1).

For more information on using Mercalli V2, you can go to step 3 of the tutorial "Install and use Mercalli V2 plugin in Studio".

We are now getting into the heart of the matter, which is to apply the rotation effect to the clip (Effect Editor/Effects/2- Camera / Rotate).

Once in the Effect Editor:

  1. By default, the "Effects" tab is already selected.
  2. Click on the "2 Camera" tab.
  3. Select the "Rotation" effect from the drop down list.
  4. Click on "Expand All Settings" to access the settings, and click the "Enable keyframes" icon.
  5. Note the presence of the stabilizing effect.
Application of the rotation effect

From step 4 above: the "Enable keyframes" icon (orange diamond) is active and default parameters are set.

  1. Open the "Select Preset" window and select "No Preset".
  2. The first keyframe settings are changed to: 100, 100, 0.
  3. You still have to set the next nine key frames according to the table below.

Setting the rotation effect

Table of keyframes:

Keyframe Time Horizontal Size Vertical Size Rotation Comments
1 0 100 100 0 No adjustment
2 00:05:00 100 100 0 Parameters holding for 5 seconds
3 00:06:09 200 200 -90 Zoom to fill the screen + rotation -90°
4 00:13:21 200 200 -90 Parameters holding for 8 seconds
5 00:14:24 200 200 -180 Maintain the zoom and rotate -180°
6 00:18:23 200 200 -180 Parameters holding for 5 seconds
7 00:20:02 200 200 -270 Maintain the zoom and rotate -270°
8 00:23:21 200 200 -270 Parameters holding for 5 seconds
9 00:26:00 200 200 -360 Maintain the zoom and rotate -360°
10 00:36:04 100 100 -360 Zoom back to normal + maintaining rotation on

If you are not familiar with keyframes, you can read or reread the tutorial "Keyframes in Pinnacle Studio Effects Editor".

Step 3 : A little cheating ...


Looking closely at the results produced by the rotation effect, you can see that at around 0:05:16, there's a problem because the zoom is not powerful enough to fill the window and the rotation has already begun.

  1. There is a gap in the upper right corner.
  2. There is also a gap in the lower left corner.

The first thought that comes to mind is to increase the zoom level. But in this case, the increase in zoom is too fast and thus becomes too obvious. I preferred to cheat a little...

OOPS ...

The "cheat" is to put a second copy of "ClipManège", with no effect applied, on  A/V Track (3) . This clip will fill in the two gaps described above. You will have:

  1. A/V Track (2) Track with the modified stabilization and rotation effect (magenta band) clip.
  2. A/V Track (3) Track with the same clip but without any changes.


A tip to fill the void
Step 4 : Some Finishing Touches
Finish the effect
  1. To avoid overlapping the audio of the two clips, you can mute the clip on A/V Track (3) by first detaching the audio, then right-clicking and deleting the contents of the audio track on A/V Track(3).
  2. Finally, if you want to add a nice touch to the end of your clip, you need to make a small correction to improve the abrupt ending of the original clip:
    • Take a snapshot of the last frame of A/V Track (2).
    • Slide the snapshot on A/V Track (1) and overlap about two frames over the video inserted on the A/V Track (2).
    • Adjust the duration of the snapshot to 2 seconds.
    • Add a fade to black 2 seconds long.
Step 5 : Final Result


If you have some audio of a screaming bunch of children in your personal music library, you can add them at the beginning of rotation. The effect will be even more realistic ...
If you can get us a Half Cuban Eight or even a simple spin, don't hesitate to show us your achievement, we will publish it here with your consent. yes

{Thanks to Loosecannon for the fine tuning}

{Screen Captures were made with the help of Snagit 10 by TechSmith}

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