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Transfer your Plugins and Transitions in all Studio Versions

Transfer your Plugins and Transitions in all Studio Versions By Le Papy - Last updated on Thursday, February 20, 2014
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Published on Wednesday, February 19, 2014
Created on Tuesday, January 28, 2014 9:08 AM

With each new version of Studio the same issues arise. Especially this one: "I would like to recover and copy the maximum number of plugins and transitions from my older Studio version to my new version."

So what can you recover without breaching the End User License Agreement that you have accepted, and without crashing the new Studio version by trying to install plugins that are no longer compatible? To clarify, I would classify potentially recoverable plugins into four categories:

  1. Free plugins.
  2. Third party plugins that come with a specific version of Studio.
  3. Paid plugins.
  4. Free Declic-Video transitions and personal transitions.
Step 1 : Transfer of Free Plugins

These are plugins that you can download for free over the Internet and that are not updated often. Transfer of these plugins to the new version does not generally pose any problems. The best known are BSEFFECTS, JPSEFFECTS, CANALPLUS, FX, KHT, MISTERZ, WLFILTER, XML, VDUD2RTFX, and VDUB2RTFX. You can either reinstall the program when installation so permits or make copies of files in the new version. See automating tasks that we offer to step 6 .

Step 2 : Transfer of Third Party Plugins that come with a Specific Version of Studio

For these plugins, you have to take a number of legal precautions. In fact, when you install "Bonus content" with a Studio version, you are obliged to accept an "End User License Agreement (EULA)." Some of the EULA's specify the third party plugin can not be used outside of the Studio version with which it was sold. In this case, you do not have the right to transfer this plugin to another Studio version. So before you attempt installing a program or copying files to the new version, be aware of your legal obligations. In addition, some plugins are not compatible with the new version and cause "NG Studio has stopped working ..." or "Studio has encountered a problem and needs to close" errors. Follow our news and comments to benefit from the experience of other users in the field.

Step 3 : Transferring Paid Plugins

Most paid plugins must be reinstalled to have any chance of success. Fortunately, proDAD plugins have adopted a procedure for updating and installing into a new Studio version that is extremely easy and efficient.

If you have paid proDAD plugins, you must apply the procedure for updating and installation provided by proDAD for each plugin, namely (ie):

  • Without uninstalling.
  • The update is downloaded by clicking on the link from the purchase confirmation email.
  • Then install the package - that's all.
  • During installation, you'll be asked to specify which version of Studio you want to install the plugin. (Even if the new version does not appear in the installation window - or if its name does not match the actual name of the latest version - by checking latest Studio version visible in the window, the installation will be done in the new version):

Updating a proDAD software

You can also open an account with proDAD . Thereafter, by logging in to your account, you will always have access to demo versions and update services.

Step 4 : Transfer Free Declic Video Transitions

New Studio versions (AVID, Studio 16 and Studio 17) show transitions in the library only:

  • if the transitions are present in Easy_FX Creator (Easy_FX.exe).
  • if  *. xml files matching these transitions are provided to Studio.

For free Declic Video transitions, we provide these *. xml files. So just copy the files in the previous version and paste them into the new version. See automating tasks that we offer to step 6 .

Step 5: Transferring Your Personal Transitions

In most cases, you no longer have the ability to create the *. xml files that match your personal transitions. You can no longer make them appear in the Library Studio. Consequently, you can not use your personal transitions so we need a ploy to trick Studio which you can do as follows:

  • From the Studio interface, insert a transition that's visible in the library.
  • Then select the edit option for this transition, which will take you into the Easy_FX Creator (HFX) interface.
  • Select and load the other HFX transition (ie the one you created).
  • Click OK to go back to the Studio interface. Although the thumbnail displayed on the timeline does not match your transition, it will be your transition that is inserted on the timeline.

As a result, you have no transfer to complete since the information is contained outside Studio in Easy_FX Creator (HFX).

Step 6: Automating Transfer Tasks

The Transplug-HFX.bat file:

So you don't have to tediously copy and paste files and folders, we offer you the Transplug-HFX.bat batch program in our downloads page. This is a batch program that runs on all OS. It scans for Studio versions installed on your computer and copies into the latest version, all of what it found from previous versions. Version 3 has just been put online, and includes Studio 17. This batch program is to be used after installation of a new version of Studio.

This program manages:

  • Transfer free plugins set forth in step 1.
  • Transfer of the Boris Graffiti plugin for which Declic-Video has received tacit approval for transferring to other Studio versions.
  • Transfer free Declic Video transitions.

To run a batch file, double-click on its name. The execution of batch programs, however, must meet specific criteria so that they properly perform the work demanded of them (See "Installation of Declic Video transitions: A to Z" - Step 2) :

  • You must be in an administrator session.
  • In Vista, set the "User Account Control" off to run the batch file.
  • With W7 or W8, set the "User Account Control" to zero to run the batch file.
  • Never run a batch file that has not been downloaded directly from the website.
  • Save the file on your hard drive and run it from your hard drive. Running from this website may prevent proper operation.
  • Our batch files work only if Studio is installed on the C: drive and it's in the default folder.

So now, transfer, transfer properly, transfer wisely, transfer sparingly, but transfer knowingly .. wink

{Thanks to Loosecannon for the fine tuning}

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pbvideo By # pbvideo @ Thursday, July 23, 2015 1:09 AM
merci de nous aider

Chris By # Chris @ Tuesday, December 12, 2017 4:07 PM
is the batch file still available?

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