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Combine Effects to Create an Original Clip

Combine Effects to Create an Original Clip By Le Papy - Last updated on Saturday, March 22, 2014
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Category: Pinnacle Studio 21 & S16-S20 Tutorials / Edition, Pinnacle Studio 21 & S16-S20 Tutorials / Plugins  -  Previous tutorials
Published on Thursday, March 27, 2014
Created on Monday, February 3, 2014 7:29 AM

Studio 17 ships with many effects and offers an unexpected palette. But are you even aware of their the existence and do you know the things you can learn from studying this wealth of effects? To make you aware of how creative you can be with these effects, I have chosen to combine three effects and a plugin to create a custom clip. I have chosen:

  • one of the best known, Pan and Zoom.
  • a somewhat well-known, the stabilizer.
  • a lesser known, "MultiShape PIP".
  • a little known effect, "Real Shadows".
Step 1: Four Effects for What?

Using a good quality image (i.e. 4896 x 2752 pixels) and a 12 second long video clip, let's build a clip that's 21 seconds long.

The time line should look like this:

The timeline of the movie clip to build

This will allow you to create the following clip:

Then, if you're ready, read this tutorial, otherwise let your creativity run free.

Step 2: Setting Up A/V Track (2)

A / V Track (2) consists of the same picture, duplicated four times. Adjust the duration of each image as shown in the previous screenshot.

On each of these images, you will apply the Pan & Zoom effect with the parameters as described below. You may need to modify the settings to suit your image. The most important thing is to pay attention to the settings between images, ie the parameters of the last keyframe of a photo must be identical to the parameters of the first keyframe of the following image...

First picture :

Choice of type Panoramic & Zoom effect
  1. In the effects editor, select "Pan and Zoom" and click on 2 "Animated".
  2. Two keyframes are created automatically at the beginning and end of the effect.
  3. Make sure the "Smooth" box is NOT checked.
Setting of the first keyframe  
  1. Make sure the slider on the timeline is positioned precisely on the first keyframe of the effect.
  2. Set the effect parameters to 0, 0, 0.
Setting of the last keyframe  
  1. Move the cursor to the next keyframe (end of the clip) using the arrow to the right of the keyframe button or click directly on the last keyframe at the end of clip.
  2. Make sure your slider is on the last keyframe;
  3. Set the effect parameters to 75, 34, 9.

Following images:

Do the same thing with the next three pictures using the values ​​shown in the table below:

Images Zoom Horizontal Vertical Observations
Second image First keyframe 75 34 9 Junction zoom image 1
Last keyframe 75 0 9  
Third image First keyframe 75 0 9 Junction zoom image 2
Last keyframe 75 -34 9  
Fourth image First keyframe 75 -34 9 Junction zoom image 3
Last keyframe 0 0 0  

Your A / V Track (2) is completed.

Step 3: Setting Up A/V Track (1)

A / V Track (1) will contain your 12 second long video with these effects:

  • Stabilization.
  • Multishape PIP effect.
  • Real Shadows effect.

After positioning your video clip as shown in the first screenshot, double-click the clip to open the Effects Editor.

To stabilize the clip, you have a choice between using:

  • The Studio stabilizer (Effect Editor /Corrections/4 Stabilize).
  • The Mercalli stabilizer if you have it (Effect Editor/Effects/7-Add-ons/proDAD/Mercalli 2.0 or Effect Editor/Effects/7-Add-ons/Filter/Mercalli V1) .

I chose to stabilize with Mercalli 2.0:

Here is the corresponding screenshot.

  1. From the Effects Editor.
  2. Click the 7-Add-ons button.
  3. Select proDAD.
  4. Click Mercalli 2.0.
Stabilization with Mercalli 2.0
  1. Navigate to the plugin interface for Mercalli 2.0 by clicking the "Open" button

For more details refer to step 3 of the tutorial "Install and use Mercalli V2 plugin in Studio."

 Opening the Mercalli 2.0 plugin

Applying the MultiShape PIP effect:

  1. To better see what you are doing, from the Effects Editor, select the Solo option available in PS17 or leave it in the default (On) position for PS16.
  2. Click the 2D-3D button;
  3. Select the MultiShape PIP effect in the ribbon.
Selecting the PIP multiforme effect

Setting the MultiShape PIP effect:

As you can see in the Control Panel, you can change the position, size, rotation, shape, gradient and color of the form. I simply changed the horizontal and vertical size to 70.

Setting the PIP multiforme effect

Application of the "Real Shadows" effect:

  1. From the Effects Editor.
  2. Click the 2D-3D button.
  3. Select the "Real Shadows" effect from the ribbon.
Application of realistic shadows effect

Setting the "Real Shadows" effect:

  1. In order to see the shade for your settings, turn on the Solo option and set it as shown in the screenshot (Shows Media Only).
  2. Make sure the slider on the timeline is positioned directly on the first keyframe of the effect.
  3. Adjust the Height and Slant of the shadow to (85, 85).
  4. Move the cursor to the next keyframe (end of the clip) using the arrow to the right of the keyframe button and set the last keyframe to (43,85).
  5. Note the presence of the Stabilization and MultiShape PIP.
Setting the "realistic shadows" effect:
Step 4 : Finishing

Once you have added some fades to your work and a little background sound (i.e. to reduce the whistle of the electric motorboat ... wink ), you will have made ​​for yourself a nice effect that can be saved by clicking on the small diskette at the top of the panel (See step 5 of our tutorial "Keyframes in Pinnacle Studio Effects Editor".

Of course, any and all variations are allowed, the tutorial is here just to pique your curiosity ... cool

{Thanks to Loosecannon for the fine tuning}

{Screen Captures were made with the help of Snagit 10 by TechSmith}

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