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Convert CD music to .wav file

Convert CD music to .wav file By Rémy Fehlmann - Last updated on Sunday, April 28, 2013
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Category: Studio 1-15 Tutorials / Edition, Pinnacle Studio 21 & S16-S20 Tutorials / Edition  -  Previous tutorials
Published on Thursday, January 24, 2008
Created on Thursday, December 20, 2007 12:47 PM

This tutorial created for Pinnacle Studio 1-15 can also be done with a new version Studio with some adjustments. These adjustments are shown in bold italics: "If you are using new Studio version : {...}"

Step 1 : Store your Music Video intended for the mounting in MP3 or WAV files and then archive them on your hard drive

 Record all music you might want use in Studio in MP3 and WAV formats and Backup on separate media like DVD Using music in .WAV format has many advantages in respect to the embedded Studio's CD Import function. In fact, Studio does convert CD tracks to ... WAV Auxiliary Files for internal usage! There are some known issues like the need to re-insert CD's after deleting Auxiliary Files, as well some crashes in specific circumstances. This is why it's better to use only .WAV files. Requires some preparatory work that can be achieved with the handy CDEx freeware. Worth spending some time with CDEx for effective music management: 1. Rip yours CD's with CDEx to MP3 format (best quality/file size ratio). Purpose here is to create a personal archive of your music, located on hard-disk for permanent access. Suggest you organize in various folders/sub-folders for regrouping by Album, Theme, Artist, etc. This way you will be able to access your music at any time, create play-lists, listen while, ... w/o inserting any CD. And last but not least keep safe yours favorite medias. Think about doing some backup on an external media like DVD (choose Data DVD Type). 2. The archive being made of MP3 files as mention above, any song to be used in Studio will need an extra conversion step to get a .WAV file as it's the preferred Studio's music format. This task can be also achieved with CDEx. Please notice that such files will have to be kept on the hard-disk - and not moved - until used in Studio Project. 3. This freeware has many features like retrieving information from a web Database (named CDDB) so there is no need to manually input the Album, Artist, Song, ... Just ensure you're connected to the web, check that the CDDB feature is activated in the software options, and insert the CD. The CDEx Database is compatible with Windows Media Player. CDEx is really a great tool, have a try!

If you are using a new Studio version : The old recommendation is now a requirement.

So, what was only a recommendation with Pinnacle Studio 1-15, becomes a requirement as new Studio versions no longer have the import CD function. To include music or sound effects in your audio track, new Studio versions need a WAV or MP3 file installed on the computer.

Depending on your method of working, you can import your audio files piecemeal or you can create a real sound library. I chose the second method and opted to install my music library.

{ Thanks to Rémy Fehlmann for translation and thorough revision }

 Step 2 : Where to Create Your Audio Library?

I recommend using watch folders in the new versions of Studio. You can find their location in the control panel accessible from the setup menu or simply by pressing CTRL + ALT + C. If the location does not suit you, especially if you want to put your files on another disk, you can add a new watch folder, but you can't change the default path for Windows files (Pictures, Music, Videos). You can just delete them after confirmation ("Apply Changes").

Watched folders new versions of Studio

Step 3 : Using the CDex Freeware
Insert the CD into the drive and open CDex. CDex automatically scans the CD in the drive and at the end of the scan, the software displays the number of tracks found. If you want this information to be more precise, you can use the CDDB menu item. Before starting the export, you may want to change the destination folder on the record selected in step 2 (F4). All the icons to the right of the interface are shortcuts of menu items.   The CDex software interface

In this CDDB menu, you have different options, but not all are active. If you are connected to the Internet in order to read the remote database, you will get the exact information you want. When you first login, a valid email address will be required. You can proactively enter your email address in the options ("Options" menu or press F4 - Remote CDDB tab).

  Using CDDB

If the display is correct in the "Preview" do not change the UTF-8 code, just click on the "Next" button.

  Retrieving information from the database

The final screen info will be automatically copied through to folders and file names.

  The final result is displayed with the title of each track

A progress bar continuously shows you the how the file extraction is proceeding.

  A dialog box informs you continuously on the progress of work
Step 4 : Final Result

  Audio library of new versions of Studio


You just have to open your new version of Studio to find that it has updated its records... laugh

Okay, that's it ... easy, right ?

{Adaptation from Pinnacle Studio 1-15 to new Studio version by Le Papy with TechSmith Snagit 10 screenshots}
{Thanks to Loosecannon for the fine tuning}

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