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Simulating snow (transition #244)

Simulating snow (transition #244) By Le Papy - Last updated on Sunday, March 17, 2013
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Category: Studio 1-15 Tutorials / Edition, Pinnacle Studio 21 & S16-S20 Tutorials / Edition  -  Previous tutorials  -  Associated Link(s)
Published on Thursday, May 22, 2008
Created on Tuesday, February 19, 2008 1:09 PM

To create this snowfall, I decided to use the Pinnacle Hollywood FX software. I chose 2 "effects": #244_Neige5s and #244_Neige10s (Snow 5s or 10s), which will be used as plug-ins. This tutorial is designed to teach you how to use these 2 "effects".

This tutorial created for Pinnacle Studio 1-15 can also be done with Avid Studio or a new version of Studio with a few adjustments. These adjustments are shown in bold italics: "If you use a new version of Studio: {...}"

Step 1 : The necessary tools

For this tutorial, I used the 4th demonstration film clip from Clowns.mpg in Studio. If you do not possess the demo video distributed with older Studio version, you can download it (courtesy of editor) in the "Associated Links" section of this page below (right click / Save Target As). The image does not lend itself too well to the situation but this sequence is interesting because it has a virtually uninterrupted soundtrack, which will allow me to show you a little something extra.

Step 2 : The realization

To use an effect as a plug in, I will remind you briefly of the technique that we have already discussed in other tutorials (See "Tip-5 Using transition #201") . First you choose your clip, then:

  • You add it to the timeline,
  • You change its length,
  • You duplicate it in order to have the same clip twice on the time line.

Then you must remove the soundtrack on one of the two clips in order to avoid an echo. Let me remind you briefly how to do this:

  • Select the clip that must have the soundtrack removed,
  • Lock the main video track,
  • Remove the soundtrack for this clip,
  • Unlock the main video track.

So, which clip will we use to delete the soundtrack ?



Case 1: If you delete the soundtrack on the second clip, you will have this: Removing the soundtrack on the second clip - Pinnacle Studio




2nd case: If you delete the soundtrack on the first clip, you will have this: Removing the soundtrack to the first clip - Video editing tab


Now, we will have to choose between Neige5s and Neige10s (Snow5s and Snow10s). The Neige5s transition was made to apply to a clip from 3 to 7 seconds. The Neige10s effect was made to apply to a clip of 8 to 12 seconds. But nothing stops you from using Neige10s on a 5 second clip, the snow will just fall faster ... Of course if you use Neige5s for about 10 seconds, the snow will fall more slowly.

I will leave it up to you to test all the combinations that are available to you. If your sound is not very important, you can even string together several effects. Your imagination will do the rest ...

If you have viewed the different in-depth tutorials relating to the creation and modification of HFX effects, you can also modify the "effect" we used. This change is very easy, it is sufficient to change the flight path (hence the envelope) of the null object "Chute." In modifying that envelope, you can change the wind direction that pushes the snow, and speed up or slow down the speed of the fall. I think you are able to achieve it alone now.

Then you drag the "effect"to the beginning of the second clip , and you stretch it to the end of the second clip .

If you deleted the 2nd audio track you get this: First case of application of effect:deletion of 2nd soundtrack
If you deleted the 1st audio track you get this: Second case of application of effect: deletion of 1st soundtrack

The drawback in the 1st case was that the soundtrack will increase in volume at the beginning of the clip and then decrease in volume at the end of effect. This may not be what you want ...

If your clip has a soundtrack that's important for project, which applies in our case, it is important to remove the first clip so as not to have the lowered volume at the beginning and end of the 2nd clip.

You have almost finished playing with the weather... You still have to save your work and make an AVI file.

  • You need to insert the resulting file (AVI), which will serve as a plug-in for your overall project,
  • You must remove the 2 or 3 frames on which the snow does not appear at the beginning and the end of your video.
Step 3 : You are the Happy Owner of a new version of Studio

If you use a new version of Studio:

You will use the HFX Filter plugin to apply the 244-Neige5s or 244-Neige10s effect to your clip.

Open the Effects Editor by double-clicking the clip :

  1. Make sure you are on the "Effects" tab;
  2. Click "1 2D-3D";
  3. Look for the HFX Filter effect in the drop down ribbon and select it. The default effect is applied automatically.
Using HFX Filter
  1. Verify that the effect is activated (orange dot on).
  2. Click the "Edit" button to open Hollywood FX 244 and load the effect to be applied in HFX. Return to Studio by clicking on OK in Hollywood FX.
  3. Click OK to exit the Effects editor and return to the main window of Studio.
Opening the Hollywood FX publisher

You can also use the free WLFilter Snow (2.0) plugin if you already have it installed. If you haven't done so, it's not too late, you can download the WLFilter101.zip file from our Links page . This version was designed for Studio 10 but it still works for later versions of Pinnacle Studio and partially works (38 of 43 effects) in new version of Studio.

Install the plugin:

Unzip the WLFilter101.zip file to get the WLFilter folder (containing the effects) that you copy to the right RTFx Studio folder.

  • C:\Program Files\Avid\Studio\Plugins\RTFx if you are 32 bits;
  • C:\Program Files (X86)\Avid\Studio\Plugins\RTFx if you are 64 bits;
  • C:\Program Files\Pinnacle\Studio 16\Plugins\RTFx if you are 32 bits;
  • C:\Program Files (X86)\Pinnacle\Studio 16\Plugins\RTFx if you are 32 bits;

To change it a bit and keep it from being boring, you can apply a variation to this effect.

  1. From your main "Movie" tab, open a tab library for the "Effects".
  2. Locate and expand the WLFilter category;
  3. Drag the plugin directly on to the clip that you will be using.
Application of an effect from the "Film" window

The clip to which you applied the effect is marked by a horizontal purple band at the top of the clip. Double click on the clip in order to access the Effects Editor to change the effect settings.

  1. Turn the keyframe option on or off if you choose;
  2. Set the number of flakes. This is the only parameter available to adjust.
Setting effect Snow (2.0) WLFilter

If you linked directly to the Effects Editor, (you did not drag & drop the effect on the clip), you will have to look for the effect:

  1. In "6 Add-ons";
  2. Select the Ribbon effect Snow (2.0) listed in alphabetical order.
Location of the Snow effect (2.0) of the WLFilter effects editor

Add a voiceover if you like, you can even write a poem about snow and winter while contemplating the work you've done, for the final phase, with the 2nd clip from the Studio demo video Clowns.mpg .

Okay, that's it ... easy, right ?

{Adaptation of Pinnacle Studio to new version of Studio by Le Papy with TechSmith Snagit 10 screenshots}

{Thanks to Loosecannon for the fine tuning}

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