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Tip-8 use and modify the effect #217-compteur

Tip-8 use and modify the effect #217-compteur By Le Papy - Last updated on Saturday, January 14, 2012
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Category: Tips & Tricks Hollywood FX special effects  -  Previous tutorials
Published on Thursday, November 15, 2007
Created on Tuesday, March 4, 2008 8:16 AM

I know that some users might want to have a count down timer well known in some television series ("24 Twenty-Four").

You already know how to change the position of an object in a HFX, "Tuto-9 Change the position of an object in a HFX" exists on the topic. You also know how to change the size of an object in a HFX, "Tutorial-14 Change the Size of an Object" explains everything. Finally you can use a transition to turn it into a plugin - indeed, as we have already seen in the tips and tricks #6 "Tip-5 Using transition #201" (DV method) or in the Studio tutorial "Simulating rain (transition #245)" (Loosecannon method).

We will therefore slightly accelerate the pace ...

The timer presented in transition 217-compteur starts at 24 and ends at 14. It focuses and occupies about one ninth of the screen. It is fully customizable by the user. Let's see how ...

STEP 1 : Background

To begin, you start as we saw earlier, and choose between the two methods. Today we will focus on the use of the HFX Filter (Loosecannon method).
You get this result:

The counter of the series "24h chrono"

STEP 2 : Moving the Timer (Optional)

  1. After you have edited the transition, you go to the control panel and in the FX tree you select the object "Master Object" (Objet Maître).

Selection of the master object

  1. Click the "Move" button to select and move with the mouse, drag the counter to the desired location holding the left mouse button pressed.

Easy FX Editor - Toolbar: Move

  1. You get a result like this.

Resulting movie and counter

STEP 3 : Changing the size of the timer (Optional)

  1. In the panel of the tree FX, you select the object "Master Object" (Objet Maître).
Selection of the master object
  1. Click on "Resize" to select the corresponding mode.

You resize the timer with the mouse (left button supported) to the desired size. Note, the setting is quite delicate, movements of your mouse must be small. And be patient, wait for the processor to recalculate everything before changing another dimension.
If you move the mouse towards you, the size of the timer is reduced. If you move the mouse away from you, the timer size grows.

The "Resize" button of the HFX - Easy FX interface

  1. You get a result like this.

Resulting counter - resized

STEP 4 : Changing the shape of the black background of the counter (Optional)

The counter comes with a rectangular background, but if you prefer a circular bottom, it is possible by doing the following:

  1. In the panel of the HFX tree, you select the object "Fond rect."

Selection of the object "Fond rect." in the HFX tree

  1. In the Properties panel, move the cursor to the right of the panel to see the "Morphing" .You see that the value of the morph "Fond rect." is 0. We will go to the 100 mark (meaning that the rectangle becomes transparent to 100% and then lets you see the round black object that was below).
The panel object properties "Fond rect"
  The result is immediately visible ...

STEP 5 : Changing the timer terminals (Optional)

This part is a little more difficult to implement but I will save you the guesswork with the steps below.

The counter consists of two numbers (the tens digit and the units digits).
The tens digit is made of "Dizaine 0" and "Dizaine 1"
The units digit consists of objects "Unity 0" to "Unity 10"
Each object contains one media (in this case a number) which is shown (dissolve value to 0%) or hidden (dissolve value to 100%).
At one point in the transition, a ten digit (and only one) or no number at all (because it does not show the tens zero), and a number of units (and only one) must be displayed. Thus, at a given moment, if I want to see 20, you should:

  • ensure that the "2" is displayed (and the "1" hidden)
  • ensure that the units "0" is displayed (and the numbers 1 to 9 units hidden).

    To modify an object (or ten unit) do the following :

Changing Time and Minute objects

  1. In the panel of the HFX tree, select the object to change.
  2. In the Properties panel, move the cursor to the right to the panel to see the "Morphing / Dissolve". Click in the box where you see the percentage of change.
  3. Hide the album to display the envelope editor.
  4. You see the keyframes (4, 5, 6 and 7), which were created to define the envelope with changing values for the selected object.
  5. For modifying the values from 0 to 100 (instantly) and vice versa, the "jump" button (8) is used for each modification.

In the example above, the object "Unit 4" contains the media "chiffre 0" which is:
Not visible from 0 to 36% of the duration of the transition (dissolve value = 100%)
Visible from 36% to 45% of the duration of the transition (value of change = 0%)
Not visible from 45% to 100% of the duration of the transition (dissolve value = 100%)

If you want to change the timer units, for example to display 10 to 0 instead of 24 to 14, the period of visibility of each object "Dizaine" and "Unity" will be amended accordingly.

Finally, if you want the same value for the length of a clip, just display the correct number of tens and units and hide all the others throughout the duration of the effect.

STEP 6 : Creating a New file

Make a copy of your creation. You can insert the resulting movie into your project, as a plugin.

As a demonstration, I took a 15-second clip and I made a counter that is 16 to 0, suitable for this clip.

Now, you are ready for the television series and Hollywood...

 {Thanks to fjones52 who translated this tutorial from french to english, Loosecannon who cross-checked it}

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Secrethellper By # Secrethellper @ Tuesday, October 28, 2008 2:04 PM
oky very good but can the black screen be removed ? the tutorial is verry good maxxim rating thx

Déclic Vidéo FX By # Déclic Vidéo FX @ Thursday, October 30, 2008 10:12 AM
Hello Secrethellper,
For sure this is possible ! Just delete the objects "Fond rect" as well as "Fond rond" which are under "Objet Maitre"
Le Papy

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