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Tip-9 Use and Modify the "222-compteur2" Effect

Tip-9 Use and Modify the "222-compteur2" Effect By Le Papy - Last updated on Saturday, January 14, 2012
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Category: Tips & Tricks Hollywood FX special effects  -  Previous tutorials
Published on Friday, November 30, 2007
Created on Wednesday, March 5, 2008 12:53 AM

I know that some users might want to have the counter as seen in a well known television series.
We will try to fulfill your wish.

You already know how to change the position of an object in HFX, the "Tuto-9 Change the position of an object in a HFX" covers this topic.
You also know how to change the size of an object in HFX, "Tutorial-14 Change the Size of an Object" explains everything.
Finally, you can take a transition and turn it into a plugin, as we have already seen in the "Tip-5 Using transition #201" ( Méthode DV) or in the Studio Tutorial "Simulating rain (transition #245)". (Loosecannon Method).

We will now step up the pace a little bit...

The clock shown in the "222-compteur2" transition, in the version shipped, makes a complete rotation in 12 hours, "PM"
It is fully customizable by the user.

Step 1 : Background

To begin, you start as we saw earlier and choose between the two methods. Today we will focus on the use of the double insertion of the video clip in the Timeline (method DV)
You get this result:

The counter "24 h chrono"

Step 2 : Moving the clock (Optional)
  1. After you have edited the transition, you go to the control panel and in the FX tree you select the  "Objet Maître" object.

Tree HFX

  1. Click on the "Move" button to select it and use your mouse to drag the clock to the desired location while holding down the left mouse button.

"Move" button of interface HFX

  1. You get a result like this:

Moving the counter of the series 24h chrono

Step 3 : Changing the size of the clock (Optional)

  1. In the FX Tree panel, select the "Objet Maître" object.

Selection of the master object

  1. Click on "Resize" to select the corresponding mode.

Resize the clock by holding down the left mouse button to get the desired size. Note, the setting is quite subtle, mouse movements must be in small increments. And be patient, wait while your computer recalculates everything before making another change.
If you move the mouse towards you, the size of the clock is reduced.
If you move the mouse away from you, the size of the clock increases.

"Resize" button of the interface HFX


  1. You get a result like this:
Resizing an object

Step 4 : Changing PM to AM (Optional)

  1. In the FX Tree panel, select the  "Sélecteur AM-PM" object.

The selector AM-PM

  1. In the Properties panel, under the heading "Position". You click in the "Y" percentage box and change the value to .167 and then you click in the "X" percentage box to make the change.
The properties of AM-PM switch
  1. You get a result like this:

Change position of selector AM-PM

Step 5 : Freeze time for the end of this effect

  1. In the FX Tree panel, select the "Arrière plan Heure" object.

Object "Arrière plan Heure"

  1. In the Properties panel, you move the cursor to the  "Rotation" panel. Click in the box in the "Z" percentage window.
The panel properties of the object "Arrière-plan Heure"
  1. Hide the album to display the envelope editor.

Select Show / Hide album

  1. You should see this.

By clicking the "Next" button repeatedly, you will move the cursor to the time when the clock must freeze.

The envelope of the background Time
  1. You then make a copy of that key frame.

Copying a keyframe

  1. Continue down the envelope deleting all the keys except the last one.

Deleting a keyframe

  1. When you get to the last keyframe, paste the copy you made in paragraph 5.

Paste Keyframe

Step 6 : Saving Your File

Save Your file.
Insert the finished file into your project. Maybe, you can remove 2 or 3 images which do not include the clock at the beginning and the end of your file.

To give you an example, I changed the position and size of the clock and I stopped it running at 7 PM.

Now, you are ready for the television series and Hollywood...


{Thanks to Loosecannon for the fine tuning}

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