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Organizing your Studio 12 Interface

Organizing your Studio 12 Interface By Le Papy - Last updated on Sunday, October 25, 2009
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Category: Studio 1-15 Tutorials / General  -  Previous tutorials
Published on Wednesday, February 18, 2009
Created on Saturday, January 10, 2009 9:36 AM

With Studio 12, a significant improvement has been often overlooked. Specifically, I am referring to the opportunity that the user has to set up their own work space.

It was Francis57 who discovered these new features on his 22-inch screen with a resolution of 1680x1050. It uses the Studio tab called "Show frameworks and photos" and "the slider". We will focus a little bit more on this tab in this tip.

First, a new slider (marked 1) was introduced.

Note : this slider only appears if your screen size (or resolution) allows it.

It lets you change the size of the preview window automatically by adjusting the sizes of the other parts of the UI in Studio 12.

In addition, just like Studio 11 did and depending on your screen size, Studio 12 can also set the preview size. This feature is especially important with Studio 12, which lets you set the preview size (2) via small, medium or large thumbnails.

In the screen shot below, please note:

  • the slider (1) is pushed all the way to the right (ie with a largest preview window);
  • that the outline is used with medium sized thumbnails

Also, in the view shown below, you can have 4 rows of thumbnails with 6 columns.

The slider in Studio 12 with medium sized thumbnails

Please note that if you change the settings of the thumbnails, a dialog box informs you that "Changes in the thumbnail size and screen layout will take effect next time Studio is started." However changes made with the slider (1) always take effect immediately. Let's select "small thumbnails".

After Studio 12 is restarted, the display changed the view to small thumbnails (2). With the slider (1) all the way to the right, you get 6 rows of thumbnails with 6 columns.

The slider in Studio 12 with small thumbnails

And if you reduce the preview window size using the cursor (1), you can have 5 rows of thumbnails and 8 columns! Depending on your choice, the space devoted to different studio tracks will be more or less as shown by the red arrow in the screenshot below.

The slider in Studio 12 with 5 rows and 8 columns of thumbnails

Finally, another recent innovation that deserves mention is direct access to the desired album page with a simple right click.

Direct access to the desired page

I feel that a good number of you will, like me, appreciate this new feature. We were so accustomed to click, click, click, click, click to go to page 5 that many people might not realize this new function is available with a simple right click. And then, the icing on the cake... this feature exists for ALL tabs in the interface: Videos, transitions, montage themes and titles...

I rushed back to Studio 11 to see if I had missed something ... but alas, no I hadn't. Studio 11 had not yet learned the right click on this tab...

{Thanks to Francis57 who originated the tutorial and kindly furtnished the screen shots}

{Thanks to markk655 who translated this tutorial from french to english, Loosecannon who fine-tuned it}

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Gert Reitner By # Gert Reitner @ Thursday, February 19, 2009 11:29 AM
This is another one of your excellent Tutorials to take full advantage of Studio !!

Kero By # Kero @ Thursday, February 19, 2009 11:46 AM
Another excellent tutorial

Le Papy By # Le Papy @ Thursday, February 19, 2009 11:55 AM
Hello Gert,
Thank a lot for your encouragement

Gert Reitner By # Gert Reitner @ Thursday, February 19, 2009 12:37 PM
I have a problem ? There is no Slider ?? What I have is the software name " Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 12 " in the space where you show the Slider ???

Le Papy By # Le Papy @ Thursday, February 19, 2009 12:55 PM
Hello Gert,
I do not have the English version of Studio 12. Search "Preview" in the help of Studio.
Best regards

Gert Reitner By # Gert Reitner @ Thursday, February 19, 2009 12:56 PM
I am going to answer my own problem ! The Slider will only appear on LARGE Monitors and mine is not large enough ! Too bad this would have been an asset !!

gjslaw By # gjslaw @ Thursday, February 19, 2009 12:59 PM
Gert, the slider only appears if your screen size allows it.

saby By # saby @ Thursday, February 19, 2009 10:02 PM
It doesn't depend on screen size but rather on screen resolution. Increase it and the slider will appear.

Dewas By # Dewas @ Saturday, February 21, 2009 1:31 AM
When you get the software upgrade you try out all the new features,
but it take someone to string along all these simple but pratrical features and remind us that they are there.

Peter Roeland By # Peter Roeland @ Sunday, February 22, 2009 3:45 AM
Avatar is correct, It is dependant on screen resolution not monitor size
I use 1024 x 768 and it is not there, but change to 1280 x 960 and there it is.
Mind you, I do not care because I am using duel head video. Duel head gives me better features.
Feature 1: I can stretch the whole screen over the two monitors and hey presto the slider is there too. I now have my time line spread over two monitors and can use the slider to increase the preview screen.
Feature 2 - the one I use all the time. In "Video and audio set up preferences > "video preview" I select "View full screen preview on" and select - Second VGA monitor.
I can now double click on the preview screen or the "arrow up" on the top right hand side of the preview screen and the full size video is displayed on the 2nd monitor while the workspace is viewed on the first monitor. The small Studio 12 Ultimate preview monitor is void of video display
It is a personal choice on what you work with. Try it.

balatv By # balatv @ Thursday, January 28, 2010 5:13 AM
Thank you very much. This new feature i never noticed or known though i am using Pinnacle for number of years. We request you to educate me further.
bala tv

balatv By # balatv @ Sunday, April 25, 2010 8:58 AM
It is really an excellent tutorial. Keep it up.

Guenter By # Guenter @ Saturday, November 6, 2010 4:07 PM
I just started with Pinacle Studio 12 Ultimate and still try to gert to grips with it.
One problem I have is switching to timeline the thumbnails of the video clips and pictures are pressed together and I can hardly figure out where to put the curser. Is there any way to stretch the timeline so I can see the induvidual thumbnails.
Please help

Peter Roeland By # Peter Roeland @ Monday, November 22, 2010 4:08 AM
Hi Guenter,
Welcome to the exciting world of Studio 12.
Place your mouse cursor on the time scale line. Its the line directly above your video and photos. Left click and hold your mouse and then drag the cursor to the right.
Your time line will expand and make it easier to see your video and photos.
You will notice the time marks will change. If you stretch it all the way out you will see the seconds with marks between them. eg 1llllllllllllll2llllllllllll3lllll
IThese marks are called frames and depending where you are in the world will vary in number. In Australia we have 25 frames per second. Frames are useful for making precise music timing with your video/slides.
Hope this helps

Peter Roeland - Australia

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