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VitaScene : The Magic Trunk

VitaScene : The Magic Trunk By gg - Last updated on Saturday, January 14, 2012
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Published on Thursday, May 14, 2009
Created on Sunday, April 5, 2009 1:25 AM

A classic special effect that is often used in advertisements or in Indiana Jones movies: a chest opens (back to the audience). Upon opening the chest scattered light escapes, which suggests the discovery of a treasure. This simple little effect will be made available to the lucky owners of VitaScene. We will illustrate it step by step. It is based on the application of two successive plugins: an HFX plugin, then a VitaScene plugin.

Step 1 - Addition of the HFX Effect in Studio

You can download the file Coffre.hfz available in the « Associated Files » section below. In order not to confuse this with single-use effects from Declic HFX-Video, unzip it in a special folder called "Custom" (called Perso in the screen shots).

  1. Place your video on the timeline
Inserting a video on the timeline
  1. Double-click the video.
  2. Ensure that the scene lasts for at least 8 seconds to get a good effect.
  3. Click on the "plugin" icon circled to the right to open up the plugin page.
Accessing the HFX Plugin
  1. Select the HFX filter and add it to the clip by clicking OK.
Adding the HFX Plugin
  1. Edit the plugiin with the button "Edit Filter". You can now access the "EasyFx Editor"
  2. Choose the "Custom" folder you made earlier. Note that by default "EasyFx" opens on one of the transitions in group 00 – Hollywood FX for studio
  3. Pick the "Coffre" transition by double-clicking it and then close "EasyFX" to go back to Studio
Choosing the HFX- treasure chest
Step 2 - Adding the Vitascene Effect in Studio

  1. Select the "Add New Effect" button.
  2. This time, choose the proDAD plugin, VitaScene and click OK.
Accessing the Vitascene Plugin
  1. Edit the plugin by clicking the button "Edit Vitascene Filter" and you will now be loading Vitascene. – See screen shot.
  2. Click the "Overview" button, and then press the "filter presets" button.
Choices in Vitascene
  1. Choose the text/logo + rays effect".
Choosing the Text Logo Radiance
  1. Choose the standard filter "Fix 461" by double clicking the thumbnail.
Choosing filter fix 461

Step 3 - Adding Keyframes in Vitascene to Modifiy the Ray Parameters

  1. The action button shown under filter allows access to the screen settings of the filter you just chose in the previous step. We need to change these settings with a new keyframe.

    One keyframe will be made automatically if the cursor is not already on a keyframe.If the cursor is on a keyframe, it will modify it.
    To delete a keyframe, position the cursor over the keyframe and use the delete key.
    The visible keyframes are in the area within the red box and are marked by small diamonds. There are always two keyframes - one at the beginning and one at the end of the effect.
Zoom on the Effect Parameters
  1. Modification of keyframe 1: We must ensure that the effect is not used when the trunk is closed.
    - Alpha edge threshold at 5% (not very pronounced)
    - Scene Intensity is weak (15%)
    - Highlight Intensity is weak (8%)
Modification of the Starting Keyframe
  1. Add a keyframe at the midpoint of the video: Increasing the 3 parameters from the previous step, especially the intensity of the scene and intensity of the highlight.
    - Alpha edge at 20%
    - Scene Intensity (43%)
    - Highlight Intensity is strong (174.9%)
Modification of Parameters for the Second Keyframe
  1. Modification of the Final Keyframe:Again, we need to increase the 3 parameters from the previous steps.
    - Alpha Edge is at 55%
    - Scene Intensity is strong (85%)
    - Highlight Intensity is strong (215%)
Modification of the parameters at the final keyframe
  1. Return to Studio by pressing the plug button at the top.
Return to Studio

The resulting video:

{Thanks to Markk655 for the translation and Loosecannon for the fine-tuning}

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