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Flaming Text

Flaming Text By gg - Last updated on Saturday, January 14, 2012
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Category: Boris Graffiti Tutorials  -  Previous tutorials
Published on Sunday, June 7, 2009
Created on Tuesday, May 5, 2009 8:14 AM

There's a phrase "fueling the fire" that describes an atmosphere of madness. Would you also like to "inflame" your presentation? Whether it is a drawing or text, this tutorial will show you how to do this with Boris Graffiti. With more than 4 tutorials already, you have acquired a solid foundation on which to build. Let's continue with another tutorial to add to that foundation.

STEP 1 – COMMON STEPS- Preparation of the BBC Fire Effect

This tutorial is divided into two parts with similar effects: a heart and text. The beginning for each of the effects is identical. The basic effect is easier to implement, so we will start there.

  1. Fill in your Studio timeline with a video and a black image (you can insert a title on a black background and then delete the text of the title).
  2. For each video,select the "Boris Graffitti" plugin which you can find with the rest of the video plugins.
Boris graffiti plugin
  1. On each "Boris Graffiti" effect and for both videos, you must click on "Edit Boris Graffiti" to access the settings and parameters for Boris Effects.
Selecting Edit Boris Graffiti
  1. The Boris graffiti screen appears, with two default options. Select "Advanced Mode", at the bottom of your screen.
Advanced Mode
  1. You have two lines in the main window: Text and Background. Select "Text" then right-click and choose the "Cut Track" option.

    Important Note:
    In addition to the main window, two windows should appear. If this is not the case, change your display settings in the "Window" menu to get the following windows:
    - Composite Window (display rendering)
    - Control Window (window settings)
Cut Track
  1. In the main window, select "Filter", then "Generators", then "BCC Fire".

    This selection will add the fire effect to your video. We will then work on the parameters of this effect to manipulate it to our satisfaction. You now have two lines in the main window and BBC Fire in the background
BBC Fire Filter
  1. Select BBC Fire. The window displays the settings for the filter. There are several tabs.

    Select the BBC Fire tab and modify the parameters like this to get a faster and more detailed fire.

- Fire Type : Stringy
- Fire Speed : 600
- Fire Detail : 80

Fire filter parameters
  1. While still in the "control window",select the "Shape" tab and modify the parameters as listed below to get your fire larger and higher to cover the entire video.
    - Fire Width: 100
    - Fire height : 87
Shape tab parameters
  1. Again, while still in the control window, select the "Map Layer" tab and modify the parameters as listed (note that the composite button is also checked by default).
    - Select "Use 'Map Layer Track'"
    - Select "Fire on Edge Only"
Paramètres de la Layer map

The Map Layer tab deserves special attention because the purpose of this tutorial is to acquire the know-how to create your own. The term "map" is equivalent in french to the word "consistency". In the main window the Fire BCC effect has a subdirectory called "map layer". This subdirectory contains by default a "Mask" and "Media". We can replace this with media of our choice and we are going to do that below. In our control window, having checked the "Use Map Layer Track" allows the software to use our FIRE to take the form that we choose.. Our FIRE is then consistent with this form instead of going anywhere in the video. In our control window, having checked the "Fire on Edge allows the software to use our FIRE and apply it to the contours of the form.

  1. We now return to the main window.The BCC Fire effect has three sub-directories. In the "Map Layer" subdirectory on the media line, we'll click the little pen to change the default media with one of our own choosing.
Replace Media icon

This is the end of the steps common to both tracks. These steps that have just been described need to be repeated on each video in the timeline.

STEP 2 – Flaming Heart

This chapter is only our first video, which contains a Title Deko to be positioned inside the flaming heart.

  1. In the main window, on the media line, choose, "Spline Primitive"
Choose media "Spline primitive"
  1. On the media, select the shape tab and choose the heart form.
Choosing a heart shape
  1. As in in Step 10 in Chapter 1,in the sub menu of "Map Layer" on the media line Layer, click on the little square with round corners to modify the default media for a second time.
Choosing "Spline object"
  1. Choose "Spline Object".
    This operation preserves the form previously chosen. This will transform it into an object that can be independently manipulated easily. The blue line "Media", turns into blue line "Path". The line "Path" contains the image transformed into "Spline Object" (in this case it's the heart).
Transformation of the heart spline object
  1. On the "Path" line, choose the icon that looks like a little television.This will launch a new window.

    This window represents the design of our black shape.It is here that you can transform or modify the shape as needed.
Accessing the Map Layer
  1. In the new window, the shape fills the entire screen. If you selected the "Spline object" (select only this line - do not select the "Path" at the same time) you can move this form around the screen and place it where you want. You can also crop the form with the handles.
Mofying the form in the Path line
  1. Click the green icon to return to Studio.
Return to Studio
STEP 3 – Flaming Text

This chapter addresses the second video in Studio, the one with the black image.

  1. In the main window, choose "Text". The Text Window launches to the right of your screen.
Icon for modifying the media
  1. Enter your text. A simple, short, white, capitalized font is preferred (eg Arial). The text must have a minimum font size of 200.
    To set your text, check the tutorial Boris Graffiti, The Beginning
Entering text
  1. As in Step 10 in Chapter 1,in the submenu for "Map Layer" on the Text line, click on the letter "T" to modify the default media for a second time.
Accessing the Visualization of the Map layer
  1. We will select "Spline Object". This will keep the text entered previously and will transform it into objects to be easily independently manipulated.
    The line in blue "Text", turns into blue line "Path". The line "Path" contains the text converted into as many "Spline Object" of letters. For example the letter "D" is the "Spline Object 1" etc ...
Description of spline objects
  1. On the line "Path", click the icon that represents a small television to display a new window. This window is the black text. We will have to tighten up the text so that it appears correctly in Studio.
Icon to visualize "spline objects"
  1. You can move all the letters at the same time by selecting all of the "spline object (and only those lines, do not select the "Path" at the same time). The size of the displayed text can also be regulated by this system. If the upper part of your text is not in flames, try to increase the height of your fire (see Point 8 in Chapter 1)
Modification of text
  1. In the Composite window, click on the green icon to return to Studio.

And now, an image that burns bright with all of your efforts ...

{Thanks to markk655 who translated this tutorial from french to english, Loosecannon who fine-tuned it.}

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Gert Reitner By # Gert Reitner @ Sunday, June 7, 2009 1:13 PM
Absolutely love your Tutorials ! Your layout is very Professional and the instructions with the arrows is very easy to follow ! Please keep up the good work !!

Déclic Vidéo FX By # Déclic Vidéo FX @ Sunday, June 14, 2009 7:40 AM
Yes Gert, thanks for her (she does not speak english, but I translated your message). She is doing a professionnal work, as you said. She is just fantastic at doing new tutorial and finding ideas !! But we still have problems to find english speaker to do the translation of our tutorial... Might happen one day that we only continue the french part. If you know anybody interested, please please let us known....


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