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Mirroring effect with Vitascene

Mirroring effect with Vitascene By gg - Last updated on Saturday, January 14, 2012
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Category: Tips & Tricks: proDAD VitaScene Tutorials  -  Previous tutorials
Published on Sunday, August 9, 2009
Created on Saturday, May 23, 2009 5:54 AM

This tutorial will show you how to customize settings in VitaScene, while creating a nice personal effect. We are going to work with masks to reproduce a reflection effect which then becomes blurred. This tutorial is based on using "Title Deko" texts, but can also be adapted to videos or images. Here is the demonstration which will show you both possibilities in images :

STEP 1 - Track Preparation
  • The main track contains a background for text. In the illustration below, I used a white background.
  • The second track contains the "Title Deko" text which will become the reflection.
  • The third track (the title track) contains the main "Title Deko" text which will be shown on the screen.

    The second and the third track contain exactly the same thing.

Note: In case you are using the reflection effect with two videos or two images, the background will not be needed and you can work strictly with the main and overlay tracks. The "Title" track won't be needed.

Assembly line, 3 lines

To the right is a picture of the "Title Deko" title to better understand how to position the text on the screen:

  • The text has to be a fairly large font size.
  • It must be placed at the bottom of the screen.
  • It should be fluorescent if possible for better rendering.
Display text title deko
STEP 2 - Adding effects to the text on the third track (Main Text)

This track contains the main text (or the video). This text should be moved up around two-thirds to leave a little space below it for the reflection effect. I suggest using the "Transform2" plugin from JPSeffects (located in the Jpseffect-Form category). Select the "whole clip" option (variable is applied to the entire clip), the text will undergo a change in the height (move y) -30.34.

Plugin JpsEffect

Parameters Jps effect

Note: JPSeffect plugins are available for Studio versions 9 - 12. They are downloadable on the JPSeffect site free of charge. This site is available on our links page. Of course, there are other ways to change the position of the video (panning and zooming effect, 2D Edition, etc...), but I invite you to download this plugin which really facilitates the task and which has many other resources. You will be pleasantly surprised. Saby also shows you this plugin in "Star Academy video effect" tutorial.

STEP 3 - Adding effects to the text on the second track (Reflection text)

This track contains the text (or the video) which will be our reflection. This text will have two successive plugins: the first will be a VitaScene plugin that will blur the text. The second is a JPSeffect plugin that will serve for positioning the text in the bottom third of the screen and for creating the mirror effect (rotation by 180 ° and horizontal inversion).

  • Access the VitaScene plugin on the second video track by pressing the small plug icon.
  • Select "Edit VitaScene Filter" to access the Vitascene settings.

Addition of  Plugin Vitascene

  • In the "Filter-Presets" window, scroll down the options to select the "Mask" folder.
VitaScene: Choice of the mask effect
  • In the "Mask" folder, select the "PillarBox#311" mask by double clicking on the icon for this mask. We don't intend to use this particular mask, but this trick allows us to set Vitascene parameters on a mask effect and it will help us finish the task...
Choice of mask PillarBox 311
  • Then, choose Customize mask with the button shown below:Acces mask parameters
  • In the "Source" window, navigate to the folder of available masks for VitaScene, and select alpha-mask\hrz.TIF.
  • In the "Geometry" window, change the rotation parameter to a value of 270°
Paramètres adjustment
  • STOP! NOTICE! By modifying a parameter, you may have mistakenly created a keyframe in the middle of the timeline (represented by the yellow diamond in 1).
  • Do not panic, take this keyframe and slide it to the beginning of clip in 2 (Merge the keyframes).
  • You again take this keyframe and slide it on the keyframe of the end in 3. Your window of keyframes must contain a single keyframe.
Note: Having a single key image lets you apply the parameters to the total duration of the clip.
Vérification des Cles
  • Click on the Customize Effect button as shown below.
    Acces adjustment parameters
  • In the "Iris Control" window, change the setting for the opening of the iris to 67.6 %.
  • In the "Crossing" window, modify the following three parameters
    - (A/B Sharpness!) to 113.7 %
    - (A/B Tint) to 94 %
    - (Fade Point) to 128.5 %

Note: This is the window that you tinker with on these 4 parameters to increase or decrease the blur effect. Feel free to adjust them to suit your text!

parameters adjustment
  • You then go to the mask settings by clicking this button
    Acces border parameters
  • In the "Image" window, modify the background of the border which is black by default by navigating to the folder of available backgrounds, and select the white.TIF background
border Parameters
  • Return to Studio by pressing the plug icon.

Return to studio

  • Adding the second Plugin, right after VitaScene: select "Transform2" from JPSeffects. Set to "whole clip" type (changes are applied to the entire clip), make the following 3 modifications:
    - Height (move y): -67.42
    - Symmetry (mirror x); 47.19
    - Rotation (Rotate): 100

Plugin Transform2
STEP 4 - Variations on the Same Theme

You can vary the combinations:

  • The 1st image is the result of our tutorial, all the background is white.
  • The 2nd image has a black background in Studio and it gives the effect seen in the middle picture .
  • Finally, the 3rd image has a black background in Studio and we also keep the default screen edge mask from VitaScene which is black.tif.
End effects


{Thanks to Malobar for the translation French-English and Loosecannon for the fine-tuning and Screenshots}

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Gert Reitner By # Gert Reitner @ Sunday, August 9, 2009 1:38 PM
Wow what a good way of 3rd track useage ! Many thanks again for youd OUTSTANDING and precise tutorial . Can hardly wait to try !!

Déclic Vidéo FX By # Déclic Vidéo FX @ Wednesday, August 19, 2009 12:17 AM
Yep, "gg" is a recent member of our team, and she provide wonderful tutorial, high quality and she has plenty of good ideas (always thinking to new effect with old stuff !!).


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