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Another title style "Typewriter"

Another title style "Typewriter" By Le Papy - Last updated on Saturday, January 14, 2012
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Category: Studio 1-15 Tutorials / Edition  -  Previous tutorials
Published on Friday, September 4, 2009
Created on Monday, June 29, 2009 11:07 AM

We showed you how to do a typewriter effect in "Boris Graffiti, Typewriter Effect" and "Heroglyph, the typewriter effect", but let's not forget your loyal companion, Studio, and good old "TITLE DEKO" that has been by your side since you started with Studio. It is certainly not as accomplished as those title specialists, but it may still serve you well and allow you to quickly and easily imitate a typewriter effect.

Step 1 : Positioning and Setting the Title

From the video toolbox, select "Create or edit a title" and choose to create a "Title Overlay".

Positionnement du titre dans TITLE DEKO

  1. Set the duration to 15 frames per the example (0:00:00:15);
  2. Select a font;
  3. Click in the area indicated by the No. 3.
Step 2 : Creating Title Text

Le titre est frappé en entier dès le départ puis il est centré

To make sure your title is properly positioned, you will work in reverse. Let me explain: instead of adding letter after letter in your title, you will write it in full each time you remove a character (letter or space).

So you enter the entire text of your title, then make the adjustments to the frame using the handles to move and resize it. Make sure the TITLE DEKO text does not go outside of the title safe area (this assures that the title stays inside the viewable area of a TV or CRT monitor).

La position du texte doit se trouver à l'intérieur des marges d'overscan définies par TITLE DEKO

Step 3 : Creating the Animation

The animation will consist of a series of titles that gradually display the characters (letters and spaces). Your timeline should look like this after copying and pasting the title:

La ligne de temps de l'effet titre

By creating the title shown at the end of step 2, you created the far right title on your timeline, i.e. the complete title text.

Then you will perform the following operations for each of the titles according to this methodology:

  1. Select the far left clip on the timeline
  2. CTRL + C to copy
  3. CTRL + V to paste, it will position itself next to the title just copied
  4. Double click on the title on the far left of your timeline for editing
  5. Remove the last character like this:

Suppression du dernier caractère du titre

  1. Press OK to return to Studio
  2. Repeat steps 1 - 6 above until you have removed all the characters. You will notice that at that time, the title situated farthest to the left on your timeline contains no character
  3. Then you can readjust your title over the video. To do this, you generally select all the titles on the overlay track and drag them where you want.

If you have followed this tutorial, your render will be like this:

Admit that even if it is a bit repetitive, that it atleast has the benefit of being simple.

But if you want to use a more advanced titler that gives you more settings opportunities, see our other tutorials "Boris Graffiti, Typewriter Effect" and "Heroglyph, the typewriter effect".

{Thanks to Malobar for the translation and Loosecannon for the fine tuning}

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Gert Reitner By # Gert Reitner @ Monday, September 7, 2009 8:16 AM
Simple and very nice ! Good tutorial !!

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