What is Boris Graffiti ?

Boris Graffiti 5.2

What is Boris Graffiti ?

Boris Graffiti can achieve any form of 2D and 3D text, especially with extruded fonts. Graffiti has a full range of animated possibilities: 3D text on a path (whose shape and position can also be animated), lighting, multiple 3D camera, and more.

These advanced features make it possible to modify the surface of a form in three dimensions. Graffiti lets you switch between 2D to 3D text, so you can literally give your title another dimension.

You can try without any trepidation because it is really very easy. All Graffiti tracks have a pop-up menu that lets you easily choose options.

For example, keyframes can create a movement in a title, you have multiple abilites in animation, effects of gradual emergence (the famous typewriter machine) or progressive dissolve, titles can wrap around an object, the ability to write several columns (generic Role, Actor with justification characters reversed - the first column on the right, left 2nd column).

The principle is very simple, you take one of the many effects ready for use in the library effects and :

  • You use it as is, or
  • You change it at your convenience.

Boris Graffiti can also add film filters that burn, the StarWars type title, ripples, spirals ...
In short, Boris Graffiti is a sophisticated titling solution.
The integration of Boris Graffiti V5 in Studio Ultimate is something new that will save you time. Moreover, Boris Graffiti is compatible with Studio 12, 14 and 16.

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What users do with Boris FX ?

This movie to the right is a demonstration created by Le Papy in less than 10 minutes and using effects included in Boris Graffiti 5 which is bundled with Studio 12 Ultimate.

No need to switch to "advanced mode" for such effects.