HFX FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
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  29- Is HFX Creator included into Pinnacle Studio ?
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  20-HFX Vol. 1 and HFX Vol. 3 do not show up in drop-down list (S 12)
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  18-HFX image format ?
  17-My pictures does not show (or upside down)
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  14-HFX Versions and Pinnacle Studio
  13-Adobe Premiere and HFX
  12-Wrong language in Hollywood FX editor
  11-Why do I have watermark on my HFX transition ?
  10-What are the differences between Hollywood FX Basic / Plus / Mega ?
  9-Hollywood FX and Windows XP/Vista
  8-What is the difference between RTFx (plugin / filter) and HFX (transition / plugin) ?
  7-How can all the Hollywood FX transitions be unlocked ?
  6-What is the difference between Hollywood FX PRO/Mega and Hollywood FX Volume 1 ?
  5-What is the difference between Hollywood FX PRO and Hollywood FX Mega ?
  4-What free Hollywood FX transitions come with Studio ?
  3-Error message: "This application has failed to start because HfxClasses60.dll was not found..."
  2-Why my HFX transitions do not appear in Studio (tab transition) or appear in black ?
  1-Will my previously purchased HFX work on Studio 11 ?