Minimize Before downloading special HFX effects, please read these notes...

Free (1) HFX created by caring individuals for your immediate use.

These effects have been tested, are virus free and work correctly in Pinnacle Studio 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 12, 11, 10 as well as Adobe Première V1.5 & 2.x (2), under Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Win7, Win8 or Win10 to the transition #300. From the transition #301, the compatibility with Studio 9 can not be guaranteed and Pinnacle logo may appear in Studio 9. Anyone using the advice given in this website does so at their own risk. I cannot be held responsible in case of data loss or any damage to your computer (always backup your data regularly!!...).

© Thank you for not hosting these files anywhere else (or ask our agreement). All files are DV FX website property (each author gave DV FX Team the full property for hosting it exclusively).

Effects are in order by category. One effect can belong to more than one category.

To correctly use these hfz files:

  • Please take a look at the Studio HFX tutorial: Tuto-1 Files with .HFZ extension
    (for Adobe Premiere, please have a look on the FAQ Adobe Premiere and HFX)
  • You can also learn how to install our transitions from A to Z
  • People having difficulty seeing the HFX transitions inside Pinnacle Studio should follow the advice given in the HFX tutorial - "My HFX create problems for me".
  • InstallHFZ.exe, a small utility developed by Pinnacle will unlock a few HFX transitions listed above (working only for Studio 10 / HFX V6 or higher) !
    --> InstallHFZ.exe <--
    Copy InstallHFZ.exe to folder ..\Pinnacle\HollywoodFX\6.0 (and replace the existing file. Do not double-click on this file or you will receive an error message). Then, re-install those HFZ files which are watermarked !

For downloading some HFX effects :

  • Warning : some download utilities (like "Free Download Manager" or similar ...) prevent the downloading of our HFZ files. We strongly recommend to avoid using it.

If an effect is listed here and you are the owner or you want to remove it from this site, or if you wish to share your own creation, please contact us.

Many thanks to Kiwi for having studied my HFX tutorial and tested my website. Kiwi, you helped me greatly in enhancing this website!

Another special mention goes to Etienne Kinnaer & Loosecannon, they supported and helped me a lot, without them I would not have continued to publish these effects. Thank you to Loosecannon & Ekinnaer for agreeing to participate in HFX tests, enhancement, improvements, ...
And finally, Le Papy arrived and re-designed and added many many effects !! Without him, we would not be able to provide these HFX today...

Some of our transitions are allocated  by a reference 1-5. See below the text of these references.

(1) Some effects require HFX Plus, Pro, Mega or a 'Volume Pack' to remove the watermark (the semi transparent Pinnacle logo which may appear). In general, if you see [HFX Basic] that indicates that the effect is fully compliant with the base version. If you see [HFX Plus] or [HFX Pro/Mega], it means that it is compliant with HFX Plus or Pro/Mega. If you see [HFX ????] it means that I do not have enough information. In case you have this information, please inform us and we will update this page.

(2) These effects have been tested with success in Pinnacle Studio 9, Pinnacle Studio 10, Pinnacle Studio 11, Pinnacle Studio 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and Adobe Première 1.5 & 2.x (for Adobe, see the FAQ Adobe Premiere). From the transition #301, the compatibility with Studio 9 can not be guaranteed and Pinnacle logo may appear in Studio 9.

(3) Do not take into account error message "* ERROR : Unable to install file" during decompression (known bug, related to the use of the "Text3D" object )

(4) To unlock this HFX, please use the following files : Unlock-MFX-Bundle, Unlock-Family-FX, Unlock-Holiday-FX

(5) to be used as a plugin, not as a transition

HFX: Download problem ? Decompression problem ? Usage problem ? Want to create an HFX effect ?

Do you have a problem while downloading, decompressing or using our transitions within AVID Studio or Pinnacle Studio ?

>> EVERYTHING IS EXPLAINED IN OUR TUTORIAL “My HFX transitions create problems for me...

>> You can also create your own transitions, learning how to use HFX Creator and much more: "Learn Hollywood FX (HFX)"