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This patch works with Adobe Premiere Elements, Adobe Premiere CS, Sony Movie Studio, AVID Studio, Pinnacle Studio, Canopus Edius NEO, Canopus Edius, Magix Video Deluxe, Magix Movie Pro.

A new proDAD Heroglyph Patch is available for your software.

  • Edius 6: video background available again  (
  • MAGIX: adjustments to the newer versions (

You should download this Heroglyph patch (also named Service Pack) and install it, if you are using Edius 6 or Magix Deluxe. Otherwise, no need to install it.

Learn how to update Heroglyph and how to install a proDAD Creative Pack

Take note that the previous Heroglyph Patch (15th January 2011) was intended to:

  • Edius 6 : Field-order and Duration issue fixed

Heroglyph can also accomodate Creative Pack Volume. Additionnal information: proDAD Creative Pack Volume 3, 4 et 5

You can take the opportunity to use the special 25% discount

As well as upgrading your Heroglyph version:

You can also check other discount for upgrading to Heroglyph V 2.6 or buying other Creative Pack.

What is Heroglyph ? Also check our various tutorials: Heroglyph installation, Heroglyph typewriter effect, Handwriting with Heroglyph, Create a video wall with Heroglyph, 3D titling with Heroglyph, advanced settings within Heroglyph, Tilt a title. Finally, please take note that we updated our Heroglyph FAQ with the following: differences between Heroglyph "RAPID" and Heroglyph Full version.


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