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AVID Studio pour iPad (Apple)

The Pinnacle Studio for iPad 4.0 version was released ( iTunes link ). See the end of the news for a complete list of new features and improvements. But that's not all. Indeed, Corel/Pinnacle has now decided to license the development and support of this application, market leader, to Luma Touch team .

But who is Luma Touch, will you tell me? Luma Touch was founded a few months ago by Terri Morgan and Chris Demiris, two of the leading developpers at Avid and later Corel/ Pinnacle of the Pinnacle Studio for iPad app. Terri has spent her entire career in the world of video editing softwares (co-designer and product manager for Avid Studio). Chris is one of the fathers of our beloved Hollywood FX and has worked on the development of multiple versions of Pinnacle Studio and Avid Studio.
The Luma Touch's team welcomes you in his forum . You will found free support with Tips and Tricks, FAQ, Bugs reports, ... sections.

Update October 4th 2013 : version 4.0.1 is released.

Luma Touch is releasing version 4.0.1 on the App Store today. This is an emergency release just after 4.0 :

Fixes of 4.0.1 :

  • Fixed: Prices and Descriptions of in-app-purchases would not appear on first run (and purchases could not be made)
  • Fixed: Imported projects may show missing media in some cases
  • Fixed: Crash when drawing too many waveform samples
  • Fixed: Crash in iOS6 presenting popup controllers
  • Fixed: Unpurchased Themes in iOS6 not showing green background in Theme category table

New features and fixes of V 4.0 :

  • Audio preview issue resolved for iOS7
  • Speed control provides fast/slo-mo audio playback in iOS7
  • Includes over 30 new FREE montages and titles designed for existing themes
  • Includes 48 new montages and titles, in 6 new themes (available for in-app purchase)
  • 'Open In' support for video and audio files from email and other apps on your iPad
  • iTunes File Sharing import of media files
  • Automatically detects media changes on your iPad without rebuilding library
  • Improved project export to Pinnacle Studio for PC
  • Numerous user interface and editing workflow improvements
  • Cloud Connection Pack (available for in-app purchase)
  • Adds support for Vimeo, Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft SkyDrive
  • Import and export of Pinnacle Studio for iPad projects (with all media)
  • Import video, photos and audio from cloud storage
  • Select multiple media files to import, even across multiple folders
  • Delete downloaded items by tapping on them to preview, then tapping on the Trashcan button
  • Further stability improvements for an improved editing experience
  • Plus a big list of various improvements and fixes too long to post here

Fixes of V 3.0.7 :

  • Photos with no effects applied would not export to 1080p

Fixes list and improvements of V 3.0.6 :

  • Removed video buffer optimization that was causing issues with memory allocation (crashes and mis-rendered IMG content including black output after export)
  • Fix for bad dropzone positioning after rotating device
  • Require iOS 6.0 minimum to eliminate certain crashes in Speed Controller

Fixes list and improvements of V 3.0.5 :

  • Fixed top crashes
  • Improved performance and memory use for inserts and deletes in large projects
  • Reduced memory use for GPU rendering
  • Reduced memory use in editor

Fixes list and improvements of V 3.0.4 :

  • Fixed issue with black frames that sometimes appeared at end of Pan-and-Zoom effects

  • Fixed crash on opening project with missing Media records
  • Added Crashlytics for 3.0 branch so we can better track crashes in releases
  • Fixed Crash when quickly tapping home button after adding photo
  • No longer allows speed control use with 'Blank Video' clip (eliminates crash)

Fixes list of V 3.0.3 :

  • Fixed incorrect trim when transition added between slowed clips at end of timeline.
  • Fix for video timing issues with Title and Montages and Transitions which caused incorrect playback in some cases.

Fixes list and improvements of V 3.0.2 :

  • Changed audio building code to eliminate issues with pops and volume loss through transitions and cuts
  • Fixes for issues with audio volume dropping after certain transition combinations
  • Added localization for new Box upload UI
  • Adjusted position/size of some Box upload UI elements to fit localized strings
  • Minor adjustment to thread priorities for better performance on iPad 2 when waveforms are rendering
  • Now when switching 'Keep Length', speed is reverted to 100% to avoid issues and confusion
  • Fixed bug where selecting speed after switching 'Keep Length' would switch to wrong speed
  • Limit max speed to 200% on iPad 2 in all cases to avoid issues
  • Properly remove '1 remaining' text after rendering complete on export

As a reminder, please find below the improvements brought with V 3.0.1

  • Fixed problems with export and playback when using speed control and high bitrate clips Note: This fix required that audio volume is now removed for speed-controlled clips, but you can still drag a copy of the videos audio to the audio track and adjust it as needed), AND that the max allowed speed for high bitrate clips on iPad 2 was lowered
 (this was required to guarantee export performance)
  • Fix problem with some upgraded projects not playing back properly (if they had Montage or the old Title #8)
  • Fix crash when pressing mark-out button in pre-trim
  • Fix problem with Loop playback in Precision Trimmer (loop play didn't stop and playback blank in timeline after)
  • Fix problem with blank playback in timeline after using in-app capture
  • Refactored Box uploads for both movie and project to use Box API
  • Fixed portrait orientation for Box upload dialogs
  • Fixed volume loss on transition between split clip sections

Fixes list and improvements of V3.0.0 :

  • Added Speed control for video (easy fast and slo-mo effects + freeze)!
  • Speed control also allows easy roll trimming
  • Faster IMG rendering with video
  • Added Russian localization for UI
  • Added Portugese localization for UI
  • Combined Help and Settings now available everywhere in the app
  • Render button moved to player window only visible when playhead over something that needs to be rendered
  • Converted to ARC memory management (memory usage improved)
  • Fixed issues with Photo Access and Project Duplication
  • Fixed issues with Rebuild album header showing when Photo Access is off
  • Improved localizations
  • Better error messages for export (especially concerning iPad unsupported media)
  • Names added to Montage icons
  • Audio snapping
  • Fix video inputs
  • Added lighting for Montages
  • Fixed PIP crash
  • Font list is now sorted
  • Font list now shows current 'selected' font when displayed- New dropzone imagery
  • Added "Select Dropzone" label in Dropzone popup
  • Added count of items being rendered when rendering
  • Fixed issues when preview resized with IMG content visible
  • Voiceover now uses 16-bit samples for higher quality audio
  • New splash screen
  • Direct links to support forum on the help menu

Press announcement by Corel .

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Friday, May 3, 2013 12:12 PM
Interesting that Corel/Pinnacle has given over basically production of the iPad app to them. I can only imagine what sales of a Pinnacle Studio would be for Apple's desktop/laptop products would be. There is nothing at all available really. It's either iMovie or FCP. Maybe this will lead to a Pinnacle Studio for Apple.
My real concerns though are if there will be future development on Pinnacle Studio in the Windows world.
Friday, May 3, 2013 2:38 PM
Hi Tony,

And how about a version for Android devices ? Great market to explore, don't you think ?

I would easily bet a nickle or two on a PS 17.
Friday, May 3, 2013 5:21 PM
Yes! With all the Andriod tablets out there and PS16 already available on the PC, you would think that there would be one in the making.
But then, does anyone know the future of Pinnacle Studio?
Déclic Vidéo FX
#Déclic Vidéo FX
Saturday, May 4, 2013 1:26 PM
Hello TonyP,

I can imagine that it will take into account 4K and 2.7K ?...
Who knows...

Wednesday, July 10, 2013 6:05 AM
Shall Pinnacle Studio 17/Avid Studio 3 be able to import and play alpha effects? Also play as well GIF pictures. Even the WMM 2.3 is able to play GIF as well. And what about NewBlue video essentials 6, audio essentials 1-4? Red Giant Knoll Lights factory 2 and higher and Particular 2 and higher?
Déclic Vidéo FX
#Déclic Vidéo FX
Sunday, July 28, 2013 2:43 PM
No idea....


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