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Tutorial, Tips and tricks for Pinnacle Studio

Here is the follow up of the extendable tutorial that we promise to update in order to deliver in bulk tips and tricks in a single tutorial. The chapters are short enough even for some very short and you will discover or rediscover some ideas that may help you use the software.

These tips and tricks are few or not documented and I could feel here or elsewhere that few people knew them. So I decided to share them.

The first chapter of the tutorial was called : Export between two markers.
The second chapter was: A replacement for copy/paste.
The third chapter was: Solo, the badly known feature...
The fourth chapter was: Change the duration of several photos at the same time.
The fifth chapter was: Perpetual rendering.
The sixth chapter was: Export in AVI with any CODEC.
The seventh chapter was: Another tip based on a keyboard shortcut
The eighth chapter was: Something about fonts
The ninth chapter was: Use copy/paste in Montage Themes
The tenth chapter was: "Live & Let die NGStudio"
The eleventh chapter was: The trim editor
The twelfth chapter was: Precisely adjust the speed effect
The thirteenth chapter was: An ultra fast import
The fourteenth chapter was: A project in a project
The fifteenth chapter was: Let's hunt disorder
The sixteenth chapter was: Delete the text of a Montage Theme
The seventeenth chapter was: Enter a numeric value in a parameter
The eighteenth chapter was: Markers attached to clips
The nineteenth chapter was: Change the number of a return to a menu
The twentieth chapter was: Looking for my titles or my menus
The twentieth first chapter is: Automatic FADE-IN and FADE-OUT discreetly documented

Read the tutorial : [ Tips and tricks for Pinnacle Studio ]

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