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proDAD launches ReSpeedr to achieve all your slowmotions and timelapses

Very fluid slow-motion and time-lapse, easy to achieve and at affordable cost.

In video editing, super-slowmo videos are currently fashionable, but they require relatively expensive cameras or camcorders. With ReSpeedr, you will perform these effects in post-production with impressive details that the human eye could never capture in standard frame rate. All natural events, sports, entertainment, technical processes will be easier to follow, understand and analyze. You can highlight particularly important moments.

But accelerated movements also provide fascinating results. You can use a slowmo followed by a sudden acceleration at the most exciting moment to highlight it.You can now easily create these movements with ReSpeedr. But ReSpeedr can also be used on long videos: sunrises, tidal movements, creative process to compress in a suitable time.

Respeedr is an excellent complement for all users of Defishr and Mercalli. It is only available in standalone and yet the interface is in English and German. But the translations are in progress...

Take advantage now of the introductory price benefiting of the 25% discount for all Déclic Vidéo readers. You will not find this price anywhere else, so enjoy for limited duration time, christmas sales: buy proDAD ReSpeedr with 25% discount . Before we publish soon a complete test of the software, if you needed a few examples to get an idea about the possibilities of ReSpeedr, here they are - please visit proDAD website ) :




Please find Déclic Vidéo FX personnal trial with a 120 fps shot with an iPhone, while skiing. I love the quality, I am happy with it !

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013 5:52 AM
I've watched the footage very carefully. In it, you will see blending problems in many of the videos. Look at the feet and other objects that move relatively fast. I would like to see 120fps footage and how that performs. Although the product is priced under $100, I suggest downloading the trial and give it hard workout. Look at the footage on a big screen.
I was excited when this was introduced, but am now on the fence about getting it.
Déclic Vidéo FX
#Déclic Vidéo FX
Friday, January 10, 2014 7:33 AM
Dear Tony,
I have finished some tests with my footage, I disagree with your observation. It is based on YouTube movie which are sometimes not the best place where to check video quality.

I have tried with 120 fps footage that I made from my children while skiing, that's great to my opinion. Have a look to the article, I have just added the video I done. ;-)

Tuesday, August 25, 2015 12:29 AM
I have the program, and have tested it.
It works by detecting movement (moving objects etc.), making a continous graph of that movement and animating the in-between frames as a morph.

That means, as long as the frames are not not moving too fast it works smoothly.

I have tried to animate bees at work in a rose bush, though and they were too fast to track. In the resulting video, the bees appear slowly in one place, then disappear slowly to appear another place again. Which looks rather odd, of course.

If you do super slow animation, you will also see the edge between pixels moving in different directions aren't very sharp. It may produce some artifacts. Compression artifacts from your raw video can also show up as more visible than you are used to.

But within those limits, it's a good tool.
It also has viedo stabilisation built in. Not ProDad's top-of-the line solution, but as a simple tool without much settings.

My biggest disappointment is, it would be a super tool to do frame rate conversion. To change how many frames per second the video does, as well as convert from interlaced to progressive. But it saves to exactly the same framerate as the imput video, with no options.
I also miss a better choice of export video formats. As such, it is not a pro tool.
Tuesday, August 25, 2015 11:33 PM
I just found out, you can use it for frame rate conversion. There's a well hidden option in the output media bin. Which is good, because especially NTSC 29.97 fps (which is common locked setting on cell phone cameras) to PAL 25 or 50 fps is can be troublesome. Especially if it's interlaced.

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