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When DV has created this site one of the principles was very clear: do not replace existing forums on Pinnacle Studio. Nevertheless, in order to make room for usability and exchange within the site, a comments section was added after each news or tutorial. At the end of each section a warning message was inserted to remind the rules of the game :

WARNING: this comment section only relates to the current article. All technical and/or general questions regarding software detailled in our article must be asked through various forums; we won't even answer to comments which do not comply to this basic rule, and we might even moderate it. Thanks in advance for your comprehension.

We see for some time that many comments do not respect this rule. This is not really new, but now it takes proportions starting to annoy us strongly, to remain polite. DV is a little guilty because although he was warned by his two classmates, he wanted to be "cool" and wanted to let it go, but the arrival of 2014 requires, as always, to make good resolutions.

Therefore, take note that we will now use directly our super-power to remove comments in a news or in a tutorial that we consider off-topic.
Thanks for your comprehension.
The CEO on duty.


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