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JPsEffects Integration in Studio 16 and 17

Many of you manually installed JPsEffects effects in Studio 16 or Studio 17. Unfortunately for those who do not have a Studio 11/15 installed on the same partition, these effects do not appear in Studio 16/17. What a pity! If you have used these effects in the past, you know how excellent they are.


Therefore, the DV-FX team decided to contact Jan Peter (video@jpseffects.de) to see if we could do something together. We received a very enthusiastic greeting and saby was the kingpin of this collaboration by actively participating to tests and ensuring a french translation of the installer and help file. Thanks to this fruitful collaboration, you can now enjoy for free:

  • an installer that installs the effects, in each version of Studio installed on your computer (Pinnacle Studio 17 as well as previous Pinnacle Studio version).
  • an help file (Documentation, Installation, Donations, How to use each effect) available in english, german and french.

Courtesy of Jan Peter, you can download the installation program file Setup-JPsEffects_1.1.8.exe and help file JPsEffects_src_1.1.8_xx.zip in our download page (or with this direct link). You can view the history of JPsEffects creation on the JPsEffect site (english version of the website or german version of the website or french version of the website).

Four effects do not appear in Studio and one effect is not functional, but all the others work fine. In the help file, Jan Peter say:

"A big thank you for your e-mails and help - especially to the people behind the Declic Video-FX Team. With your help, I was able to create a version of JPsEffects for Studio 17 (and 16?). It's great to see that people still like the effects after so many years! A special thank you goes to Saby for the french translation and lots of bugfixes."

Do not hesitate to express Jan Peter your satisfaction by leaving a comment below, he will certainly read you... yes


{Special thanks to Le Papy for the preparation of this article, and generally for all the work he is performing underground for the website...}



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Sunday, February 23, 2014 2:08 PM
Hey, that's nice, congratulations and thanks for sharing.

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