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byMAc Inventions I tried Time Lapse this summer

The time lapse, for those who do not know the principle, is to realize accelerated video of a scene from photos taken at a regular interval. To make time lapse, it's pretty simple. You need a digital camera, a tripod and an intervalometer
The idea of making Time Lapse with my camcorder was not new but I had not yet taken the plunge because I thought that I needed to invest in an expensive equipment. I have a Sony Nex VG 20 camcorder that makes beautiful photos, I have a good tripod, it remained only find an intervalometer.

I chose the Tempus Nex2 from byMac Inventions 69 $ which is about 50 €. My order went well and despite the site is in Portugal I've regularly been updated of my order tracking by email and I've received my package 4 or 5 days later.
This device is actually an infrared remote control that sends at a certain frequency a signal to the camear to shoot a photo. It is a small box a few centimeters which is battery operated (supplied and already fitted). Here's how it looks like :


Tempus Nex 2

Running it can not be simpler: an ON / OFF button on the back of the device, a diode, a mode button and a potentiometer to select the time between pictures. It is adjustable from 1 second to 30 minutes.

I positioned it around the lens of the camcorder using a simple elastic so that it is aiming the remote control receiver without interfering autofocus :


Tempus on camcorder

Then this is how I did it : I put the camcorder on a tripod, inserted of a large memory card (each photo weighs 5 MB and it takes 25 or 30 to form a second of final video whether you are in PAL or NTSC) , connected the camcorder to my house power plug (the scenes I filmed could last more than 3 hours), set up Tempus (see below how to calculate the interval) and turned on the camcorder.

In Studio I inserted on the timeline all the shot pictures, duration was changed to 1 frame and I exported. If the result seems too long, a little bit of proDAD introducing ReSpeedr and voila.

The formula I used to calculate my interval : I = Dr / (Df x 25) or I = Dr /( Df x 30) with Dr = real duration of the recorded scene and Df = desired duration of the final video.
Exemple : I shot a 1 hour (3600 s) long scene and I want my final video to be 30 s. I = 3600 / (30 x 25=) = 4.8 s. It results in accelerating vido by 120..

Here is a medley of time lapses I made this week at home :



As always we thought to our readers and managed to got a 20% discount for any purchase of a Tempus Nex2 ( for Sony's camcorders ) on the site byMac Inventions. For this reach this dedicated page.
If you want to buy any other item, after your order, send an email to webmaster(arobase)bymac.org citing the link to our news and receive a refund equal to 20% of your order.

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