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proDAD Mercalli V4 SAL+

proDAD Mercalli V4 SAL+ is available




proDAD Mercalli V4 SAL+ is there. We have not yet had time to test, but in summary, this software is for those who:

  • want to achieve "batch processing" (instead of stabilizing videos one at a time, load an unlimited number videos into Mercalli V4 for automated batch processing and export multiple videos into ont output file)

  • have a CMOS camcorder like GoPro or SONY action cam and who want to correct the vibration/jitter and Wobble/jello issues

  • do not want to bother with settings and let Mercalli handle everything

  • prefer to have the choice between CMOS distorsion correction, or stabilization or both

  • want a full resolution real time preview

  • full Automatic profile selection (Mercalli V3 analyze a video clip and automatically select the most appropriate stabilization profile)

  • Now supports MP4 export

  • want to make import MXF, MKV

  • prefer to keep the fisheye effect and only correct stabilization (it was very difficult to achieve before)

WARNING, Mercalli is only available in SAL (Stand ALone)! You can still use Mercalli V4 and import your result in any NLE.

Here you will find the page on proDAD Mercalli V4  . Version 4 for Windows is currently in promotion with 20% discount! Buy Link for Mercalli V4 with 20% discount . Please note that you can opt for the upgrade from  V1 here  or  V2 here  or  V3 there .

Be careful, if you want to have the plugin in Pinnacle Studio 18, you need to read this news: Mercalli V2: unlocked Studio plugin available (and as you know, proDAD plugins for Pinnacle Studio 18 are available, read: Quadruple update at proDAD)

Therefore, this version does * NOT * includes the plugin for Studio 14 and above, as well as all other plugins Adobe Premiere Elements, Adobe Premiere Pro and CS, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express, MagixVideo Deluxe, MagixVideo Pro, Sony Vegas Pro, Thomson Grass Valley Canopus Edius NEO 

Here are the differences between the version 4 and previous versions:


   Mercalli V4 SAL+ Mercalli V3 SAL Mercalli PRO V2 Plugins
Skew  ok  Limited  Limited
Vibration  ok  -  -
Wobble/Jello  ok  -  -
Advanced CMOS tools  ok  -  -
3D Stabilization  Enhanced  ok  ok
Dynamic Zoom in  ok  -  -
SmartBorder  Enhanced  ok  ok
Stabilize warped fisheye images  Optimized  Limited  Limited
 Profile  Universal, glide camera, rock-steady, action, forensic view, camera optics  Universal, glide camera, rock-steady  Universal, glide camera, rock-steady
Editing tools  trimming, rotation, storyboard clip merging, full resolution preview, de-noising, GPU Support, batch analysis, easy storyboard   trimming, full resolution preview, batch analysis  -
Export formats H264/AVC - MP4, MOV, H25/HEVC, MJPEG MOV, Apple MOV, Apple ALAC, AAC, AC3, PCM H264/AVC - MP4, AAC  AAC
Import formats  MP4, QuickTime, MXF, MKV, AVC/264, HEVC/265  MP4, QuickTime, AVC/264  -
System Requirements Windows 64 Bit: Vista, Win7, Win8, Win8.1
4GB-memory, GPU, recommended for max. performance: i7-CPU, 12 GB memory, graphics board with GPU and 1GB RAM

Windows 64 Bit/ 32 Bit: Vista, Win7,  Win8, Win8.1 – 2GB-memory,  
recommended: i7-CPU, 6 GB memory


Here is a screen capture for the interface:

proDAD Mercalli V4 - Interface

More information in our Mercalli V4 FAQ here .

Official information here.

Note that there are multiple opportunities for upgrading from Mercalli V1, V2 or V3 with a discount of 20%, always exclusively available on our website: see here

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Friday, December 12, 2014 3:32 AM
What about Mercalli V2 pro compatibility with Studio 18 64 bit?
Le Papy
#Le Papy
Friday, December 12, 2014 5:03 AM
Please read the news "Quadruple update at proDAD".
Eusebio Luna
Saturday, January 31, 2015 7:28 AM
very good. thanks for info.

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