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Thumbnail of the tutoriel "Nvidia just not trying to clean up your hard disk"You may not necessarily be interested in this new tutorial since it's not directly related to your favorite editing software. But if you do video editing, you are certainly involved in updating the driver for your graphics card, with its advantages and disadvantages. So if you answer "yes" to all three questions below, this tutorial might be of great interest to you:

  1. Is your computer equipped with an Nvidia graphics card?
  2. Do you regularly update your driver even if you're not having display problems?
  3. Do you have an SSD (Solid State Drive) for your system disk?

Even if you answered "no" to the first question, it's possible you may still be interested. In case you want to know more, I recorded the result of my experience in the tutorial:

[Nvidia Can Steal GB's from Your Hard Drive]


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Tuesday, February 23, 2016 9:37 PM
Regarding P Studio 19 ult, When using an SSD as the boot C: drive, is it possible to install S 19 ult on a secondary drive (D: or E:) so that any large video files or temp files created by the program (specially as background task writes) are not written to the SSD?
Writing all this data will limit the lifespan of the SSD.
Tuesday, February 23, 2016 10:50 PM
Even if it was possible it is highly not recommanded. You still can set secondary drive as location for rendering files later.

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