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Pinnacle Studio 21 slash screen The developers at Corel may not have had a lot of vacation time this summer. Pinnacle Studio 21 has just been released and there are plenty of new stuff.

The first thing that is obvious is that the splashscreen is less sexy than the one of Pinnacle Studio 20!  laugh
Is this a bad sign? Let see it.







As usual now, the software is proposed in three versions : PS21 $59.95 ($49.95 if upgrade), PS21 Plus $99.95 ($69.95 if upgrade) and PS21 Ultimate $129.95 ($89.95 if upgrade).

3 versions



What strikes right at the first opening of Studio 21 is a restyling of the user interface.

Library categories are displayed as icons even when the library is collapsed:

Library icons

The preview window can now be placed to the right or left with this button:

Right-left swap

Astonishing, the different parts that make up the user interface are now dockable. You can detach them and place them where you want. It is a treat if you have several monitors. To detach a window click on this button:

Dockable button

Dockable windows

There is no longer an Organize tab. This gave access to the complete library. Instead a Library button at the top left. Next is a button Editor on which I will return a little later:

Editor button

Do not look for the Authoring tab, it is no longer displayed by default. To make it visible and access all the legacy authoring functions of Studio it is necessary to turn it on / off in the Control Panel:

Activate/desactivate Authoring button

The Export and Import tabs were also given a kick:




Do not double-click a video to open the effects editor. A new effects editor has been added. This editor has a completely new interface to manage keyframes much more easily:

Effects editor

Pan & zoom was also reviewed. The preview window is more user-friendly:

Pan and zoom

I already told you that the developers had not time to ease off ?

New time remapping feature. In a keyframe-based interface, dynamically accelerate or slow down your videos :

Mappage temporel

In the add-ons section we now find Paint effects which will allow you to give a striped aspect to your videos :

Paint effect

But also NewBlue Video Essentials 5 with the effects Alpha processor, Background generator, Color fixer pro, Old TV, Contour, Progressive strecth, Selective color, Selective focus and Selective tint.

Appearance on the timeline of a new color matching icon :

Colr matching

Select up to 6 clips on the timeline and launch this tool. A window will open with the possibility of choosing a reference clip and a target clip. The general colorimetry of the target clip will be based on that of the reference clip :

Color matching editor

Take not that in Export, mp4 and mts allow a bitrate up to 100 Mbps. Cela va ravir les pocesseurs de caméscopes 4K modernes :

bitrate 100 Mbps

A wide-angle lens correction tool is now available :

Correction grand angle

Create a morphing between two videos with the Morphing transition that is in 2D Transitions. Insert it on the timeline, edit it and a node-based editor lets you play with morphing:

Morphing transition

Last but not least, click this new button :

Titres 3D

You access a 3D titler with management of lights, camera, textures, ...

Editeur titres 3D

Note that the installation of a first patch will be offered. This patch is only for boxed versions. If you downloaded the software, you got a version "already patched". Your version should be for 64bits and for 32bits.

One last information: The End User License Agreement that you must accept to install Studio 21 specifies that you have the right to do so only on one PC. It's been like that for a very long time, but nothing has ever stopped anyone from contravening this restriction.
This year, Corel decided to tighten the tone. If you install the software on several PCs you will have this type of warning message:

Warning message

You can no longer say that you was unaware of it!

A promo video from Corel :


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Bill Carey
#Bill Carey
Monday, September 4, 2017 1:30 AM
Well what do you think? Is it worth the price of the upgrade? Any unstable issues? Install issues? Bugs?
I'd like a recommendation before I buy.
Super Saby
#Super Saby
Monday, September 4, 2017 8:52 PM
Answer here : https://forums.pinnaclesys.com/forums/post/745802.aspx

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