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discount and rebate on prodad: -25% Merry Christmas on declic-video-fx.com

We are pround to inform you that we manage to negociate the best prices for you; 25% discount on all proDAD products, on DV FX website and nowhere else. You will find here:


Take this opportunity and upgrade your light version to full version and enjoy the new functionalities of proDAD software. You will find there additionnal Adorage Volume as well as Creative pack for Heroglyph with 25% discount, upgrade to VitaScene full version for Studio which will bring hundreds of new effects/transitions compared to VitaScene for Studio. So, take this opportunity to stay up-to-date and you will be able to enjoy our new tutorials that will be published in 2009 concerning proDAD tools.

Few examples:

  • Upgrade Heroglyph to full version for less than 35$
  • Upgrade Heroglyph to full version + Creative Pack for less than 140$
  • Upgrade Mercalli to expert version for less than 100$
  • Creative Pack Volume 1 for less than 130$
  • Adorage Volume 10 HD for less than 130$
  • Adorage Volume for less than 60$
  • Upgarde VitaScene to full version for less than 170$
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