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Picon news sos adorage

A forewarned is forearmed !

If like me you ever made mistakes in your Adorage effects catalog, if like me you have contacted the ProDAD support which replied that there was no alternative but to reinstall everything, if like me you do not have any desire to relive this bad experience...

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Image news Gimp et transparence

What about using a freeware ?

On numerous occasions we have handled in our tutorials still images to create within these areas transparency layers. Whenever the author of the tutorial showed you how to create transparency with some software, all paying, today I will show you how to....

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StarAc effect news picture

Doing as a TV director does, who is interested ?

TV shows sometimes offer the opportunity to discover some special effects that one may be tempted to reproduce in some of our movies. I noticed while watching Star Academy (*) that the director sometimes applies a very nice video effect which consists of moving images in monochrome...

(*) For US readers : Star Academy is a very famous TV show in France and in many other countries. It's an American Idol-like show.

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Vignette news handwriting

A small writing lesson, sound interesting ?

I can assure you that you do not need to look in the attic for your inkwell and pen-holders. On the other hand your PC and Heroglyph will be useful. I offer you a tutorial that will teach you how to insert a title in your video that accurately simulates handwriting.

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Picture news Delogo

A little cleaning does not hurt.

You will learn how to hide an embarrassing part of a video such as a logo, a watermark, dirt or dead pixels. Do not run to ....

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Icon for news typewriter Heroglyph When word processors and computers did not exist...

For some, it is back in the Stone Age, but in fact it has only been roughly thirty-five years. In the same way that Le Papy showed you in his tutorial : Boris Graffiti, Typewriter Effect, I'll show you that it is possible to simulate the appearance of text as if done with a typewriter with Heroglyph. It is much easier than with Boris Graffiti, but huuuuuuuush, don't tell that to Le Papy, he might get jealous!

[Discover the tutorial : Heroglyph, the typewriter effect]

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News first tuto Adorage

Here it is...

We are launching today our Adorage tutorials. If you have not yet used this software, this tutorial is made for you. And even if you already know Adorage, Saby will present the new Adorage V10, its interface and how you can use it.

In addition, discover this small video, which show Adorage V10, its use, tip & tricks....



[Discover the tutorial : Adorage, first visit] 

You can also obtain a special discount for Adorage V10

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Icon for news dual display Double viewing with Studio, do you feel like it ?

Don't worry, the goal of this tutorial is not to teach you how to squint when using Studio. I'm going to show you how to....

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Video transcoding You wish to know how to do ?

Web sites like Youtube, Dailymotion, Yahoo! Video, Google Video and many others are for video makers a real treasure chest. Tons of video samples can be....

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Vignette News Clonage

Are you ever Tempted to Clone Someone?

You'll discover that there is no need to spend a lot of money for expensive special FX software to make your neighbor jealous when he sees your new techniques. With just a few mouse clicks, become a Master in the subtle Art of Video Cloning. You'll only need Windows Paint and Studio to do the job.

[Learn the tutorial : Video Cloning special effect]

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A new partner for Declic Video FX

Contrary to what it sounds like, UV is not a site dedicated to tanning booths.

UV (Unité-Vidéo) is a french web site created about six years ago in order to gather together the best parts of the french-speaking video world. Webmasters of several old sites, like Media-Video, DVD Creation, DVD Home, EclipseDVD, and others, have decided to combine their efforts to create what is still one of the most popular sites for french-speaking video users. Since then, Unité-Vidéo has grown up and now welcomes several french-speaking software developers.

Beyond the homepage, you will find a well-rounded forum where you can learn about video encoding, new HD video formats, video editing and filtering with Avisynth, ... and many other subjects.

So, if you're just trying to find a solution to split an AVi file, or if you're wondering if CABAC(Context-Adaptive Binary Arithmetic Coding) in Mpeg4-AVC (H.264) allows a compression gain bigger than 15 % or not, UV is your man.

Editor's note: this forum and web site has nothing in common with existing web sites like Video Friends Forum. It deals with different fields and you'll certainly agree with that by visiting it or just reading this news.

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