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Picture news bundle proDAD PS20 proDAD and Corel have joined forces to offer you a very attractive commercial offer...

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Thumbnel Mercalli V4 SAL tutorial Have you ever heard about Mercalli ?

Today, Mercalli SAL V4 + (64-bit) is being published. This SAL version (for stand-alone or independent) is a full version, but it is not integrated as a plugin into your favorite linear editing software.

Currently this is the V4.0.443 version that is being published. If you want to have a more precise idea on doing the software installation ....


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proDAD Mercalli V4 SAL+

proDAD Mercalli V4 SAL+ is available




proDAD Mercalli V4 SAL+ is there. We have not yet had time to test, but in summary, this software is for those who ....



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Logo proDAD proDAD has released a specific update for Pinnacle Studio 18 of the four plugins Vitascene 2, Adorage3, Mercalli 2 and Heroglyph 4. This update ensures compatibility ....









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Working with: Adobe Premiere Elements, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere CS, Corel VideoStudio Pro, Sony Vegas Pro, Sony Platinum, AVID Studio, Pinnacle Studio, Avid Media Composer, Canopus Edius NEO, Canopus Edius, Magix Video Deluxe, Magix Video Pro, Magix Edit. A new patch for proDAD Heroglyph (patch # 4.0.226) is available for your software....

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proDAD plugin 32 or 64 bits

Should I install proDAD plugins as 32 or 64 bits? 



Frequent question, that Le Papy clarified for us by creating a proDAD FAQ that should help you to understand what to do. Indeed, if the question  ....






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ATI vs NVIDIA for Pinnacle Studio, BluffTitler or proDAD ATI vs NVIDIA for Pinnacle Studio, BluffTitler or proDAD ?




With the last Pinnacle Studio 17.3 patch, I have a severe problem, let's called it a bug or showstopper, since I am no longer able to use Pinnacle Studio 17.3 which is constantly crashing (I returned back to version 17.2).


So I wanted to test if there exist any difference between NVIDIA and ATI for video processing...

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proDAD Heroglyph V4

proDAD just launched Heroglyph 4 LE (Light Edition)


In July 2012, proDAD heroglyph V4 PRO was launched. Today, it's time to launch Heroglyph V4 LE.
It's the same version than Heroglyph V4 PRO, but less expensive because .... ( this newsarticle contains 30% discount, but hurry up, it's valid few weeks only )



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Transfers in All Studio Versions from Studio 11 to Studio 17

With each new Studio version, users want to transfer the maximum number of plugins and transitions from their older Studio version to their new version.

So, from Studio 11 to Studio 17, what can you recover without breaching the "End User License Agreement" that you have accepted and without crashing the new Studio version by importing plugins that are no longer compatible? To clarify, I would classify potential recoveries into four categories....



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proDAD Respeedr patch

ReSpeedr - patch 1.0.33

You were recently offered proDAD ReSpeedr with 25% discount. Since them, the software ....



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proDAD lance Respeedr pour réussir tous vos ralentis et tous vos accélérés de manière extra fluide

Very fluid slow- motion and time-lapse, easy to achieve and at affordable cost.

In video editing, super-slowmo videos are currently fashionable, but they require relatively expensive cameras or camcorders. With ReSpeedr, you will perform these effects in post-production with impressive details that the human eye could never capture in standard frame rate. All natural events, sports, entertainment, technical processes will be easier to follow, understand and analyze. You can highlight particularly important moments.

But accelerated movements also provide fascinating results. Enjoy the special discount for our readers !!!....



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proDAD and Windows 8 and Pinnacle Studio 17


If you use software or add-ons proDAD, here those Windows 8 compatibility after updating to the latest version....




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proDAD - Adorage V13 You have the Demo logo on your video which contain a proDAD Adorage plugin with Pinnacle Studio ? Learn how to remove it !

We have been asked multiple times how to remove the demo logo in Pinnacle Studio when you install the plugin. Today, I just had the problem while I was re-installing everything from scratch ! Therefore, I give you the most simple method to remove this annoying logo...



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Working with Adobe Premiere Elements, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Premiere CSx, Avid Liquid, Avid Studio, Corel Videostudio, Corel VideoStudio Pro, Magix Video Deluxe, Magix Movie Edit Pro, Magix Video Pro, Pinnacle Studio, Sony Vegas, Sony Vegas Pro, Sony Movie Studio, Grass Valley, Canopus Edius NEO, Canopus Edius, Ulead Mediastudio, Ulead Videostudio, t he latest proDAD Adorage Patch 3.0.99 is ....


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A new proDAD Mercalli Patch is available ....



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