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Free Hollywood FX effects for Studio 16 or Pinnacle Studio 17



Free HFX collection : VIVA PARIS !




Le Papy recently offered you a trip to Greece. But perhaps you prefer a tour of Paris? If that is the case, here are 6 new transitions for you to edit to suit your future needs...

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Hollywood FX Effects for free with Pinnacle Studio 18 You just installed Pinnacle Studio 18 ? And you search for your previous Hollwyood FX transitions ?
Don't worry, they are not lost, follow ...





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Tutorials for HFX batch programs

Installation of Studio 18 changed two important points in the Hollywood FX transitions management.

It was therefore necessary to identify the changes to share with you, to test, update the corresponding tutorials and update the main installation batch for our transitions Déclic-Video....




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Management, Installation and Use of HFX effects I had the great honor to modify the tutorial that has had the greatest number of readers on this site. With nearly 60,000 visits, you have made this the champion of all our tutorials. Over the years, my esteemed predecessors enthusiastically updated this tutorial as each Studio version came out or was updated. Since the introduction of Avid and Studio versions, up to and including version 16, this tutorial requested a review. I took this opportunity to...


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Announcing a new batch program

More and more new users started in video editing with Avid Studio or Pinnacle Studio 16 without ever having experienced Pinnacle Studio 1-15. They could not take advantage of our 481 free transitions since their installation required the presence of Pinnacle Studio 1-15 version installed on the same computer. We promised them to look closely at the problem ....




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Vignette de la news

You just installed Studio 16 and I am sure that your Declic Video's transitions are not present, nor your old functional free plugins or provided with a previous version of Studio. So do not panic and before you ask the question, I will explain the procedure.

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Vignette Outil HFX Creator dans AVID Studio

HFX Creator tool is the tool to edit, modify and create transitions in Hollywood FX. Our tutorial "Learn Hollywood FX (HFX)" detailed this tool and put emphasis on the conditions to get it.

But AVID Studio manual does not give any information regarding this tool... We will tell you how to do.

It's Christmas...

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Announcing a new batch program

More and more new users started in video editing with Avid Studio without ever having experienced Pinnacle Studio. They could not take advantage of our 455 free transitions since their installation required the presence of Pinnacle Studio version installed on the same computer. We promised them to look closely at the problem ....




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AVID Studio - Pinnacle Studio / Support

Edit 17.01.2012: update according to information received from AVID regarding questions we asked...

Oh yes, like everything in this world, things change...


And the time has come for AVID and Pinnacle support, to take a new direction. Indeed, you will now need an "ASC" in order to contact support ....




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Vignette batch

It was time to take advantage of a temporary respite to reconfigure our entire family of Transplug batch files. In order to simplify procedures as much as possible for our users, we now offer a new universal batch program to replace the eight older batch files that are no longer available online.

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Vignette Repare-HFXWe have to admit that the release of Avid Studio and new studio versions has slightly disrupted the friendly relationship that existed between Hollywood FX and Pinnacle Studio who knew very well how to maintain a good relationship. Indeed, Studio provided to HFX everything it needed to rebuild its album transitions when new transitions were imported or created in Hollywood FX.
That is no longer true with Avid Studio and new studio versions, ...

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Nos fichiers ZIP de téléchargements globaux

Cleaning HFX...

Studio 12 was a good opportunity for us to update some of our free Hollywood FX effects, in order to improve their functionality. Recently, we discovered that our file  201-300_HFX-DVFX.zip present some ....



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We already published this news in July 2007 and May 2010. But this time, we added an important information !! Jeff Naylor (aka jjn) just joined our team, to start writing articles with us. That's a good news. Please encourage him, so he will be willing to do plenty of other articles !!! His first news deals with ....


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Are you interested ?

Bryan Childer (from Aggressive Media Production) has submitted his method to install Pinnacle Hollywood FX Pro Version 5.1 into Adobe Premiere Pro (it has been tested with CS3 but should also work with other versions). After following this tutorial, Hollywood FX Pro 5.1 will be installed in Adobe Premiere Pro as a plug-in. It will be accessible from the table effects, both as a "transition video" as well as a "video effect". Then, you will be able to download and use our free HFX presented on this website... Enjoy !

[Access Bryan Chilcher tip & trick: Installing HFX V5.1 with Adobe Premiere Pro]

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The new batch file for Studio 12 was put online

New batch files are available ...

Our batch files have been downloaded more than 12'000 times and used probably much more without any negative feedback. Recently, one user has launched our file in an unusual condition, and had some troubles. Thanks to his feedback, we have taken into account this new configuration and condition of use. Consequently ....

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