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VIDEOMAKING - The grammar revealed:

In december 2012, we posted a news concerning the book "Pinnacle Studio 16 Revealed", (author jjn from Pinnacle Studio forum) . We are happy to announce a new book, called " Videomaking - the grammar revealed " !....

Jeff book

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Fly over the planet from the starting point to destination arrival to introduce a travel video is a possibility often used in television documentaries or reportages. But how and with what software could we do this to make it appear professional ?...

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A new movie has been uploaded. This time, you can include a JET into your footage... (preview with Declic Video FX watermark - full download without the watermark)


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Following a discussion in forum "Repaire", Catoune offers a footage of the earth (Flash - International television news). This video is in 4...
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A new 3D video movie... Always airplanes topic ! Preview of the video Download of the video
For those of you who enjoyed last week video (airplane take off), you will find a new one to enhance your holidays movies.
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If you are coming back from holidays, what do you have with you ??? Tons of rushes... For thoses of you who take the airplane,  you will probably....

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