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Boris Graffiti

Is it possible to install Boris Graffiti on AVID Studio or Pinnacle Studio without Studio 12 ?

The answer is yes, definitely !

Update: For Studio 15 and Studio 16 and Studio 17, there is a small trick to know that we are explaining ....
Update: 10% discount for our readers, until 30th April 2013....



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ATI vs NVIDIA for Pinnacle Studio, BluffTitler or proDAD ATI vs NVIDIA for Pinnacle Studio, BluffTitler or proDAD ?




With the last Pinnacle Studio 17.3 patch, I have a severe problem, let's called it a bug or showstopper, since I am no longer able to use Pinnacle Studio 17.3 which is constantly crashing (I returned back to version 17.2).


So I wanted to test if there exist any difference between NVIDIA and ATI for video processing...

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Integration of Boris Graffiti effect in Studio 17

You have created your functional digital alarm clock with Boris Graffiti. You may have even already integrated it into Studio in which case, you can dispense with reading this tutorial. Although ... you may want to re-think doing this, because I have held back a little surprise for you...
Besides the promised tutorial, I am offering you the opportunity to integrate a second digital alarm clock, a little more sophisticated than the first, by giving you a ready made Boris Graffiti effect file....



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Mise à jour Boris Graffiti pour Studio The discount will end in few days... If you still want to benefit, hurry up.

With the release of Le Papy tutorial (Integrate in Studio 17 Digital Alarm Clock Created with Boris Graffiti​), we have negotiated a 10% discount for purchasing Boris Graffiti for Pinnacle Studio 17, and also valid for Pinnacle Studio 16, Pinnacle Studio 15, 14 or Avid Studio.

To enjoy the 10% discount, it's rather simple, use .....



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Transfers in All Studio Versions from Studio 11 to Studio 17

With each new Studio version, users want to transfer the maximum number of plugins and transitions from their older Studio version to their new version.

So, from Studio 11 to Studio 17, what can you recover without breaching the "End User License Agreement" that you have accepted and without crashing the new Studio version by importing plugins that are no longer compatible? To clarify, I would classify potential recoveries into four categories....



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Boris Graffiti

Exceptional and promotional offer to purchase Boris Graffiti plugin for Pinnacle Studio and Avid Studio


As you know, it is possible to acquire Boris Graffiti plugin for Pinnacle Studio and Avid Studio. Also, if you have not this amazing plugin, you can order it, and if you are among the first 50 buyers, you receive at the same time Eye Scream Factory Template theme set (a value of $ 100) ! Additionnal information in this article....



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Boris Graffiti for AVID Studio and Pinnacle StudioA Boris Graffiti update is available for Pinnacle Studio and AVID Studio. (V brings compatibility for AVID Studio and Pinnacle Studio 15).

Warning, if you only own a bundle version, do not upgrade ! We also provide a solution for those who upgrade and who are locked.

You can download this...



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We already published this news in July 2007 and May 2010. But this time, we added an important information !! Jeff Naylor (aka jjn) just joined our team, to start writing articles with us. That's a good news. Please encourage him, so he will be willing to do plenty of other articles !!! His first news deals with ....


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Survey Boris GraffitiMany of you have given your opinion and we thank you. Things are now clearer for everyone. With 70% of users who operate more or less our tutorials, we have no longer the impression of wasting our time.
You have been heard...

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A Boris Graffiti 5.2.3 update available for Pinnacle Studio...

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Un menu pop-up qui n'existe pas dans le plug-in Boris Graffitipour Studio

Do not try this pop-up menu in Boris Graffiti...

With the release of the Boris Graffiti plugin in Studio, Pinnacle announced that a user manual is available : very good idea. So I wanted to try it out...

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Boris Graffiti 5.2

Upgrading Boris Graffiti to 5.3 ?

If you have subscribed to Boris FX, you should have received a newsletter on 22 July 2008, with information regarding Boris Graffiti 5.3. This upgrade is ....

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