Pinnacle Studio 21 Frequently Asked Questions (+ S20/S19/S18/S17/S16 / AVID)
  26-Pinnacle Studio Plus or Ultimate: which version to choose?
  25-Using Transitions on 16:9 Clips
  24- How could I have Pinnacle Studio fluid and rapid ?
  23- How to re-arrange your title ?
  22- How to unlock Pinnacle Studio blocked by a plugin ?
  21- How do I group proDAD effects/transitions into Pinnacle Studio library ?
  20- How to install an upgrade version of Studio (on a brand new computer)
  19- How to enable all activation keys at once when re-installing Studio
  18- NGStudio has stopped working
  17- Know more about HD...
  16- Optimizing your video uploads for YouTube, DailyMotion or Vimeo
  15- [OBSOLETE] List of AVID Studio hotfixes
  14- [OBSOLETE] iPad - Current bugs regarding AVID Studio for iPad
  13- Blocking exports of more than 4 GB to MPEG
  12- Is HFX Creator included into Pinnacle Studio ?
  11- Why my personal transitions are not transfered into Pinnacle Studio 18,17 or 16 ?
  10- Rename your element within Pinnacle Studio Library
  9- YouTube export is impossible
  8- XML Parsing Error - Error 13 [Bad termination tag]
  7- How do I upgrade Title Extreme to obtain Heroglyph working on Pinnacle Studio ?
  6- [OBSOLETE] Current problems with AVID Studio
  5- [OBSOLETE] Which librairies are installed by default in AVID Studio ?
  4- Initialize/Backup Pinnacle Studio parameters
  3- Pinnacle Studio takes very long to respond
  2- Win 400 Mb disk space after installing Pinnacle Studio
  1- Should I keep my old Studio version ?