Studio 1-15 Frequently Asked Questions
  39 - How to install an upgrade version of Studio (on a brand new computer)
  38-What are the additional plugins available for each version of Studio
  37-Preview of some transitions in Studio goes directly from image A to image B
  36-Stuttering audio in Edit and after export with footage from certain Sony cameras
  35-About Unlock and registration
  34-YouTube export is impossible
  33-Obtain additionnal free content for Studio 15 ULTIMATE after upgrading from Studio 15 Trial
  32-Differences between Pinnacle Studio 15 box and Avid Studio Box
  31-Open Studio 14/15 Project with Studio 12
  30-Workaround for menu's bugs in Studio 14 / Studio 15
  29-Knowledge Base Pinnacle - Studio 14/15 Index
  28-I get blue exclamation marks...
  27-Should you uninstall Studio 9 if you installed a later version on your PC ?
  26-Rtfx 1 and Rtfx 2 help files
  25-Optimizing your video uploads for YouTube, DailyMotion or Vimeo
  24-The different types of HD files export with Studio 12 and 14/15
  23-How to enable all activation keys at once when re-installing Studio
  22-How to re-install Pinnacle Studio
  21-Differences between Pinnacle Studio 14/15 HD, Ultimate and Ultimate Collection version
  20-Using keyboard shortcuts within Studio
  19-The export has been stopped because "is almost full (<1 mb free disk space )"
  18-How do you import AVCHD clips into Studio 12
  17-HD: rendering error
  16-Know more about HD...
  15-Can we reduce the excessive time taken by Studio to startup ?
  14-After upgrading to Studio 12.1, my packs are locked or missing.
  13-Add an Intro before the Menu
  12-Still picture ratio
  11-Progressive encoding - Re-encoding
  10-Background Rendering ... What is it?
  9-Pinnacle Studio and files
  8-Pinnacle Studio and high definition
  7-Studio and VitaScene. Full version ?
  6-Studio and PAL / NTSC format
  5-My Studio 11 Serial number is reported as wrong !
  4-Pinnacle Studio 11 Installation - Index
  3-What are the differences between Studio 11 Standard, Studio 11 PLUS, Studio 11 ULTIMATE ?
  2-Pinnacle Studio 11 "Make Movie" - Index
  1-What is the difference between AVI and MPEG ?