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Using the HFX effect 312-finale.

Using the HFX effect 312-finale. By Le Papy - Last updated on Sunday, January 15, 2012
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Published on Saturday, May 29, 2010
Created on Sunday, November 29, 2009 12:22 PM

Lately, some of you have enjoyed the ready for use transition 304-moving. But as I already had the opportunity to tell you, we do not move every day... By cons, if you make regular editing, it can happen you are temporarily short of inspiration to complete your clip. This effect could possibly be your wild card to complete your work, failing to have found much better.

Step 1 : Material needed
  1. Take in one of your footages, a final sequence of thirty seconds;
  2. You render in an AVI format at least 3 times the length of your final rush and name it, eg "Extract from my movie.avi". Why 3 times ? Because the effect displays 3 images that you wil have to feed during the final sequence with the medium of your choice. Roughly the first third of your render feeds thumbnail 3, the second third feeds thumbnail 4 and finally the last third feeds thumbnail 5. We see this in more detail later;
    Nota : Although Easy FX Editor accepts the MPG format, I would not highly recommend it...
  3. Download and intall the transition 312-finale available in our free HFX page.
Step 2 : Studio's timeline preparation
  1. Insert your final sequence consisting in a single clip on video track of Studio;
  2. Apply the "HFX Filter" video effect (Refer possibly to tutorial "Add a logo, a title and an overlay image using a single video track");
  3. Edit HFX Filter (Refer possibly to tutoriel "Add a Time Code To Your Video") ;
Step 3 : Effect modification in Easy FX Editor

You are in Easy FX Editor. Look for the effect 312-finale in the directory 00-Declic-Video of the album. Double-click the thumbnail to load it in Easy FX Editor.

Until now we have mainly discussed how to work with pictures in Easy FX Editor. Today, we will work with videos. We must therefore change a little the working environment editor settings.

Here, the parameters that you need to change :

For that we speak the same language, you'll set your "Timecode" to Percent.

  1. Click the menu Setup/Timecode";
  2. Select "Percent";
  3. Move the slider to about 12 %.

In the same way, click the menu "Preview/Video sources" and select "Actual (slowest)";

Still in the same way, click the menu "Preview/Render engine" and select "Hardware Hi-Res (slowest)"

Easy FX Editor work environment

In the effect tree you see three objects : Video 3, Video 4 and Video 5 which support the medias P_Host video 3 to 5. Each object corresponds to thumbnails 3 to 5 that you see in the monitor panel

For each object :

  1. Select the default media;
  2. You click on the folder icon and you load your "Extract from my movie.avi".

    In principle, HFX automatically detect settings "Interpret" which is by default on "Single Image" for still pictures. After loading your video, this parameter should go to "Interlaced - Lower first"or "Interlaced - Upper First". Verify that this is true, otherwise set it manually to lower first
The tree of effect 312-finale

After conducting the same operations for Video 4 and Video 5, if you followed all the above, you should see in the monitor panel, the first image of your render "Extract from my movie.avi" in each three thumbnails.

The monitor panel after loading 3 medias

You will now proceed to adjust the videos. When you select in the tree effect the media "Extract from my movie.avi" the properties panel, located above the tree, displays the properties of selected media (see screenshot below after). Near the bottom of this panel, if you use the scrollbar, you'll see the section "Trim". This paragraph has two properties:

  • The mark in which represents the first image of your "Extract from my movie.avi";
  • The mark out which represents the mast image of your "Extract from my movie.avi";

One might think that the counter shows the number of images but this is not the case. Specialists might give an explanation ... All I can say is that these numbers are proportional to the length of your sample.

By default, the mark in point is 0 and the mark out point is ... (Maximum value of the last image).

Using these parameters, you can tell Easy FX Creator, the part you want to use for each thumbnail.

For the first thumbnail (Video 3), it is unnecessary to touch the settings. The video used in the first thumbnail begins at the first frame and as the thumbnail disappears from the screen before the end of the extract, there is no need to change mark out value.

For the second thumbnail (Video 4), select in the effect tree the media "Extract from my movie.avi" corresponding to Video 4 then modify only the mark in point. If you do not want to block Easy FX Creator, do not moove the cursor with the mouse. Just click around 1/3 of the beginning of the window settings. Trimming selection video 4
After a few seconds, the modification of the "mark in point" is visible in the "monitor panel." Trimming of video 4 is visible in panel monitor
You do the same with the third thumbnail (Video 5) by clicking this time to 2/3 of the beginning of the window settings. You can adjust by clicking just before or just after, or by changing upward or downward the number of images. Trimming selection video 5
You see now in the "panel monitor" the consequences of your changes. Trimming of video 5 is visible in panel monitor

Of course, the final title is fully configurable (text, font, characters, colors ...) See our previous tutorials that have discussed the topic.

Step 4 : An example of final result

You can certainly do much better and faster with a montage theme or editing software more sophisticated, but what a pleasure to do yourself ...

Step 5 : Bonus, few secrets ...

Since I did have not impersonal sequence of continuous 30 seconds, I was obliged to render 30 seconds with sequences extracted from "OurNatureAdventure.mpg". If you do not possess the demo video distributed with older Studio version, you can download it (courtesy of AVID) in the "Associated Links" section of this page below (right click / Save Target As).

Extract of my movie I called ExtraitFunVacation.avi was created from footage taken from "OurFunVacation.mpg".

The effect has been applied "as it" on the clip placed on the video track. The light effect on the title is included in the effect. I must say that this light effect is perfect with the dip in the water. A fade to finish and everything is accompanied by a small music "Scorefitter"...

I have added only one thing, in fact directly from Studio, is the effect of peeling on the title at the end of the clip when it is burned by the fire (that was too tempting ...).

{Thanks to saby who translated this tutorial from french to english and cross-checked it}

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