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Install Heroglyph 4.0 into Pinnacle Studio 16

Install Heroglyph 4.0 into Pinnacle Studio 16 By Le Papy - Last updated on Tuesday, February 26, 2013
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Published on Friday, March 1, 2013
Created on Monday, October 8, 2012 7:41 AM

Most of you are familiar with the proDAD Heroglyph plugin. It is a professional titler that allows you to make credits, trailers, handwriting animations, etc ... But this new version of Heroglyph Pro V4 is nothing like what you have experienced before. You can achieve endless creative possibilities with professional video titles, lower thirds, credits, travel routes, video walls, slideshows and handwriting animations with just this one plugin. Its new user interface, see "Heroglyph V4 PRO: the projects wizard", greatly simplifies the user's workflow and any changes to your projects are done on the fly, in real time, with live full resolution preview. Heroglyph 4.0 can be used as a "stand-alone" program or a plugin. During the installation you are asked to install the plugin in all compatible versions of Studio installed on your PC.

If you don't own proDAD Heroglyph yet, visit our dedicated webpage on proDAD Heroglyph to enjoy a 25% discount.

Step 1 : Installing the Software

Your purchase confirmation email will include 3 download links and the product key.

  1. A link to the plugin for your 32-bit NLE video software;
  2. A link to the plugin for your 64-bit NLE video software.

Do not confuse your editing software with your operating system (OS). Your OS may be 64 bits while your non-linear video editing software can be 32-bit, which is the case with Studio (in this case, use the 32 bit plugin). For Adobe Premiere CS5/6, Sony Vegas 64-bit 9 / 10 Pro ... which are 64-bit applications, use the 64 bit plugin.

By clicking on the Heroglyph 4.0 link, it downloads an executable file that in turn will download the software. This first download is less than 400 KB so it is very fast. I'll skip the screenshot that offers to save the file Download-(1)(support+heroglyph)-heroglyph-40-full32bit.exe.

Once this file is saved on your hard drive, just run it. The usual warnings are shown to you before you run this file type. But the publisher is clearly identified and known, so you can safely run it ... Run the file to launch the download
The download will start. The file is over 900MB and the time to receive it will depend on your download speed.

At the end of the download, the file heroglyph-40-full32bit.exe is displayed.
Download begins

You have two options :

  1. Save the installation file on your hard drive. It can be useful to keep it together in a single backup file with your order confirmation, the product key and the setup file ......to be used again later if needed;
  2. Or simply install the software and hope that everything goes smoothly on your computer a few months or years from now.
Installing the software
Before installation, the program automatically extracts the installation files contained in heroglyph-40-full32bit.exe. Extracting files
Installation starts with the usual welcome window and copyright information. The Welcome and Information window
Then comes that famous window for acceptance of the terms of the license agreement. Read the license agreement, if you wish, but you can not continue the installation if you do not accept the terms... The acceptance of the license window
Hopefully you kept your purchase confirmation email close at hand. The best option is to copy & paste your serial number from the email into the input field of the serial number window.

You can then click on the "Use Full Version" button which becomes active.
Entering the serial number
Selecting the target directory for installation:
  1. The installation program then offers a default installation directory:
    • C:\Program Files\proDAD 64 bits
    • C:\Program Files (X86)\proDAD 32 bits

It is recommended that you accept the default chosen by the installer.

Selecting the installation directory
The installer detects the video editing software installed on your computer that is compatible and offers, by default, to install the plugins on all editing software.

You can uncheck any boxes if you want, then click "Next".

You will notice in passing that Studio 16 will not be called Studio 16 initially ...

Proposed installation of plugins
The installation program automatically selects a number of default options and displays them for you. Click "Start the installation process". Summary of installation options
Allow the installer to copy the necessary files for Heroglyph V 4.0 Pro. Copying the installation files

Installation is complete. You can:

  1. Try Heroglyph V 4.0 Pro right now in stand-alone mode;
  2. Postpone it by simply exiting the installer...
End of the installation
Display the Project Wizard

When you first open Heroglyph V4.0 Pro, the project wizard will appear. See "Heroglyph V4 PRO: the projects wizard."

  1. You can go directly to the main interface by selecting "New project";
  2. You can use predefined title templates : fixed, animated, full, transparent and classified by type;
  3. You can also draw route maps and select your means of transportation from many choices that will animate automatically;
  4. If you like video walls, you will be presented with customizable templates using any combo of photos and videos;
  5. You can, very easily, make slide shows with different styles and effects for your slides, various animations, and the ability to add subtitles to your images.
  6. Finally, if you like to use automated handwriting, you will be amazed by the realism of the effects offered and the wide variety of styles and fonts available.
  7. Click on the "Life-handscript-Demo" button to see examples of 16 different effects available from among many others ...
Step 2 : Preparation and Usage

By creating "Heroglyph V4 PRO: the projects wizard" for you, saby has already given you an overview of what could be done with just a few mouse clicks, like a puzzle featuring automated handwriting which can easily improve your video. But I don't want to complete this tutorial without showing you how easily you can create a personalized slideshow with a few mouse clicks.

To start you need to open a new film project in Studio 16 :

  1. Drop your clip on the default track;
  2. Open the effects editor either by double clicking on the clip or by selecting "Open effects editor" in the context menu.
Preparation time line

In the effects editor:

  1. Open the "Add-ons" tab;
  2. Select "proDAD";
  3. Click "Heroglyph Effect".
The effects editor in the "Add-ons"

In the settings area:

  1. Click "Open" to open the plugin;
  2. In the Heroglyph wizard, select "Slideshow".
Opening the wizard projectt and choice of slideshow

The "Arrange pictures and videos" window opens so you can drop the pictures or videos you want to include in the slideshow.

  1. Click "Add pictures/Video"
  2. This action will open an Explorer window that allows you to make one or more single or multiple selections. Pictures or videos will then appear in the dropzone.

Note: Instead of using the "Add pictures/Video" button, you can also open one or more windows in Windows Explorer and drag pictures or videos directly in the dropzone.

A wide dropzone to select thepictures and videoss to include

Once your pictures and videos are in the dropzone, you can:

  • Add more clips from other folders;
  • Delete items added by mistake or ones you do not like ...

When you have completed your selection of pictures and video, you can:

  1. Re-arrange them by dragging with the mouse;
  2. Skip to the next step by clicking "Next". This action will allow you to access the following three windows settings where you have to make a few mouse clicks.


Organizing pictures in the dropzone
  1. The "Timing Options" window lets you set:
    - The duration to show the picture;
    - The transition length between pictures.
  2. The "Set Picture Style" window allows you to choose:
    - Picture border;
    - Picture effect;
    - Adjust the picture by size depending on the proportions of the image (Portrait / Landscape);
    - Picture size (%)
  3. The "Titling options" window lets you edit these parameters:
    - The slide show title;
    - Each clip title (file name serves as default but can be changed later if necessary). However, it is better to rename clips before including them in the slideshow.
  4. When you're done setting the 3 windows settings, click "Insert" to go to the main interface of Heroglyph V4.0 Pro.
The three pages of settings available


The main interface Heroglyph V4.0 Pro.

In this interface, all settings are easily changed with a little practice. But everything is so intuitive that if you have used other titling software, it should not be confusing: the layers, input effects, and output effects should be easy to figure out. And if you're not crazy about using keyframes you'll be happy to know there aren't any. Many animations already have default presets.

In short, if you decide not to change anything, you have two options to return to Studio 16 (Avid Studio 2):

  1. Select the "Avid Studio 2" tab and click the blue symbol that replaces the traditional small green plug;
  2. Or just do as you've always done: Press F12.

If I am not mistaken in my calculations, you should be able to create this slideshow in 19 mouse clicks and you only need to type 15 characters on the keyboard


Step 3 : Practical Information

So if you want to give it a try, as usual, we offer a 25% discount for the full version of Heroglyph PRO V4. For those who already have this software, download the update 4.0.198 (10/16/2012) for Avid / Pinnacle Studio.

The path to creativity has been shown to you and the tools you'll need are there and ready to help you finish your projects. Let your imagination do the rest.

{Thanks to Loosecannon for the fine tuning}

{Screen Captures were made with the help of Snagit 10 by TechSmith}

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