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Thoughts in Your Videos

Thoughts in Your Videos By Le Papy - Last updated on Tuesday, November 19, 2013
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Published on Friday, November 22, 2013
Created on Saturday, October 5, 2013 4:24 AM

To enhance your video we have already shown you how to insert an animated gif in your video with "Using an Animated GIF in Studio", add shapes with " How to add shapes (arrows, squares ...) in Studio", and insert different talk bubble shapes in your videos or slideshows with fully customizable text that is easily movable with "Talk Bubbles in Videos". This time, we offer three HFX plugins that allow you to insert different shaped videos in your thought bubbles.

Step 1 : Using Plugins in Studio

Because it's a plugin, you should use the HFX Filter in Studio. If you want to know the difference between a transition and a plugin, please refer to our FAQ  #8 on the Hollywood FX page .

Step 2 : Presentation of the Plugins

Each plugin, 381-bubble-think01, 381-bubble-think02 and 381-bubble-think03, which are free to download, allows you to insert a differently shaped video inside the thought bubble. Before downloading, you can preview this effect in the corresponding page or watch the video inserted at the end of this tutorial.

The tutorial "Learn Hollywood FX (HFX)" contains everything you need to know to use Hollywood FX. In particular, it contains all the links that may be useful to complete, in detail, the various operations described briefly below. For details on the operations to be performed, you can always refer to it.

Step 3: Example of Using Plugins

To prepare the work, you must:

  • Download, unzip and install the new plugins so they show in Studio. If necessary refer to our tutorial "Installation of Declic Video transitions: A to Z";
  • Create a video file, in the AVI format, with a length at least equal to the clip on which you will apply the thought. The video file will contain video to represent your thoughts;
  • A clip on which you will apply the video thought.

For the purposes of this tutorial I extracted a short clip from OurFunVacation using the AVI format to meet the Hollywood FX requirements. If you don't have the demo video included with older Studio versions, you can download it , (courtesy of the publisher) in the "Associated Links" section of this page below (right click / Save Target As).

Then I had to find a clip on which I would apply my video thoughts. Not having anything readily available myself, I created this video so that it meets my needs, but you can use your own clip. Here is how I did it ...

I placed the video demo, "OurNatureAdventure", on the timeline and extracted a sequence about 3 seconds long (from 00:53:24 * to 00:57:04 * ). If you don't have the demo video distributed with older Studio versions, you can download it , (courtesy of the publisher) in the "Associated Links" section of this page below (right click / Save Target As). *PAL video, NTSC will be slightly different.

By doing so, the first and last frame of the clip are almost identical, which will make it appear almost seamless when putting multiple clips end to end. Then you need to remove the portions before and after the saved piece and, optionally, put the saved sequence at the beginning of the time line.

Extract a clip under certain conditions


  1. Duplicate the saved sequence as many times as you need to obtain the total desired time;
  2. Finish with a fade to black on the last sequence copied.
Duplication of test clip on the timeline

Then apply the HFX Filter effect to the first sequence:

  1. After double-clicking on this sequence, you will be in the Effects Editor;
  2. Select the "1 2D-3D" tab;
  3. You will see the "HFX Filter" in the drop down menu.
Applying the HFX filter on the first sequence

After selecting HFX Filter, open the plugin to access Hollywood FX.

In the album tree of HFX, you will find the 00-Declic Video folder.

Select the "00-Declic-Video" group in the album tree;

Double click on any of the 381-bubble-think effects loaded into the interface.

The thought bubble position is easily changed:

  1. Select the "Master" object which includes two subordinate objects, "Bubble" and "Flat Think".
  2. Click the "Move" button.
  3. Using the mouse, drag the group of objects that is selected in blue.

To make things easier, these 2 objects were placed under the control of a master object (Master) to more easily move them as a single object.

See the tutorial "Talk Bubbles in Videos" for more details.

Loading effect in HFX

You still have to replace the default media, Host Video 2, with your clip that shows what you're thinking. For the purposes of this tutorial I used an extract from OurFunVacation in AVI format.

  1. Select Host Video 2;
  2. Locate and select your alternate media;
  3. Verify that HFX has correctly interpreted your clip;
  4. Adjust the entry point which defaults to 0 (i.e., at the beginning of the clip) by adjusting the slider. Depending on the entry point, the thought clip will start on a number sequence.
  5. There is no need to change the exit point. The clip will stop itself at the end of the application of the plugin.
Tree view effect
After replacing Host Video 2 with your video thoughts media, you should have something like this ... The final media was substituted default media

When you click OK to exit Hollywood FX you should go to the Effects Editor where you click OK again to confirm your choices. An intermittent bug sometimes incorrectly returns you to the Studio interface. This can prevent you from applying your effect. Click this general interface to regain access to the Effects Editor and verify the effect has been applied by clicking OK.

  1. The magenta strip verifies that the plugin was applied correctly.
  2. You have to decide on the continuation of your thought...

You can choose between:

  1. Applying the same plugin by making multiple copies of the effect applied to the first clip (see "Apply the parameters of a clip to several other clips"). You will then only change the entry point of the thought video for each copied effect.
  2. Apply other forms of thought using other plugins on other clips.
The plugin has been applied

If you have a clip in one piece on the timeline, you can also cut it into several clips ...

For example, here are two videos obtained by using the above criteria:

So maybe you do thought-transfer, right Graham ? laugh

{Thanks to Loosecannon for the fine tuning}

{Screen Captures were made with the help of Snagit 10 by TechSmith}


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