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Substituting Media in HFX

Substituting Media in HFX By Le Papy - Last updated on Wednesday, January 21, 2015
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Category: Hollywood FX Tutorials / Examples  -  Previous tutorials
Published on Sunday, November 30, 2014
Created on Sunday, September 21, 2014 8:29 AM

The purpose of this tutorial is to help you substitute media objects in transitions. It applies to 393-puzzle-01 , 393-puzzle-02 and 393-puzzle-06 that are free to download on our free HFX page but you can get ideas for other transitions containing media objects.

Step 1 : Presentation of Transitions

The 393-puzzle-01 , 393-puzzle-02 and 393-puzzle-06 transitions, are provided with an intermediate image. Before downloading, you can preview this effect in the corresponding page or watch the video inserted at the end of this tutorial. Note that these three transitions are, in fact, double transitions. There is a transition between Image A and the intermediate image and a second transition between the intermediate image and Image B.

The tutorial "Learn Hollywood FX (HFX)" contains everything you need to know to use Hollywood FX. In particular, it contains all the links that may be useful to complete, in detail, the various operations described briefly below. For details on the operations to be performed, you can always refer to it.

After applying one of these transitions between 2 clips or 2 frames on the Studio timeline, edit the transition by a right click. This will open Hollywood FX from the Studio interface. You need to show the transition in the Hollywood FX interface. I used the example of 393-puzzle-01 but the principle of substitution is the same for the other transitions.

  1. Click the Show/Hide Album button to reveal the album effects.
  2. Select the "00-Declic-Video" folder in the tree album.
  3. Double click the 393-puzzle-01 transition to load it into the HFX interface.
  4. The media to replace in the tree ( P_J001 ) is marked in red on the screenshot.
Loading transition in the HFX interface

There are 9 media files to substitute (one for each piece of the puzzle).

(Refer possibly to tutorial "Tip 10 - Changing the map for effect HFX 191")

Step 2 : Media Substitution

As explained in the previous step, you will have to substitute your own media for the included default media.

For each object to substitute you will follow this procedure:

  1. Select the media to replace in the tree effect ( P_J001 ).
  2. Click the folder icon to open the file dialog box that allows you to select your media.
  3. Select the folder that contains your media : your image in BMP, TGA or PNG format (or your video in AVI, MOV, MPG, MP2). In the case of video, check that the interpretation has been detected - High Interlace first, lowest first Interlaced or non-interlaced.

You will repeat this 8 more times for each piece of the puzzle.

Substitution of default media

A few tips:

  • If you switch to the default media image, try to avoid the BMP format which is often very large, Also avoid the TGA format, which sometimes produces unexpected results. Try using a PNG image and be sure that your media does not exceed 2000/2500 KB, otherwise you will get a blank image in Studio.
  • If you switch to the default media clip, select the AVI format to avoid a crash. Maybe prepare a clip of a few seconds (at least the duration of your transition) in AVI format. For the purposes of this tutorial I created an extract from The-Sky-is-the-limit in avi format with a duration of 19 seconds and 18 frames.

If you use a clip as alternative media, some additional settings need to be made.

The first operation to be performed will be the replacement of the default media with your own.

  1. Locate and select the clip you want to use as a substitute.
  2. Verify that HFX correctly interpreted your clip.
  3. Adjust the entry point which defaults to 0 (ie at the beginning of the clip) by moving the slider or by entering the correct value in the corresponding field. The exit point is by default set to the end of the clip. If you do not touch anything, and your transition has a duration of four seconds, it is the first 4 seconds of the clip that will be visible in the transition. But if you decide otherwise, it will use the "entry point" and "exit point" defaults.

Note : Ignore the preview provided by HFX from Studio, the A and B images are reversed but will be correct in Studio.



Adjustment of the entry point and exit point

The values ​​of the entry and exit points correspond to what?

One second is equivalent to 100,000 points.

A video that is 19 seconds long will end in point: 19 * 100,000 = 1,900,000.

A video that is 19 seconds and 18 frames ending point 1,900,000 + (100,000 / 25 * 18) = 1,972,000.

For example, to view the last 10 seconds of this clip, you will set the entry point to 1,972,000 - 1,000,000 = 972,000

Windows calculator at your service! cool

Step 3 : Some Examples For You

Here is an example of a clip that uses, in order:

  • 3 transitions, 393-puzzle-01, 02, and 06 with a custom intermediate clip.
  • 06 transition using the default media.
  • 06 transition between two images with a custom intermediate image.

Be careful if you use the 06 transition, the intermediate media is displayed on the back of the puzzle pieces. So when the pieces are turned, the media is rotated 180° (Y). If you want your media to not be reversed, it will be necessary to create a reversed extract by applying a 180° Y rotation with a 3D editor before inserting it in Hollywood FX.

Feel free to tell us if this style of double transition is OK for you or if it is too long to implement. The comments section is made for this. wink

{Thanks to Loosecannon for the fine tuning}

{Screen Captures were made with the help of Snagit 10 by TechSmith}

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TonyP By # TonyP @ Monday, December 1, 2014 6:54 AM
Exploring HFX is something that is almost a lost art. It was common many years ago, but now, new people can see how they can further customize their transitions.
Great job!

Déclic Vidéo FX By # Déclic Vidéo FX @ Monday, January 12, 2015 1:35 PM
History is cyclic, and some day, people will re-invest in HFX...


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