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Set your NewBlue II "Vignette" Effect Without Restriction

Set your NewBlue II "Vignette" Effect Without Restriction By Le Papy - Last updated on Saturday, January 9, 2016
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Published on Saturday, January 9, 2016
Created on Monday, November 23, 2015 10:35 AM

I wouldn't be surprised to hear you say that the NewBlue Video Essentials plugins are not well documented. However, you can find links to the help files in our new "Documentation of NewBlue FX " for each NewBlue Video Essentials effect.

I chose a simple effect to help you discover all the possibilities for settings of these effects. We will focus on the NewBlue Video Essentials II "Vignette" Effect so you can make the best use of these effects.

Step 1: Application of Vignette Effect with its Default Setting Followed by Some Brief Changes

For example, you can drop the first 20 seconds of the "The-sky-is-the-limit" sample movie on the timeline and apply the NewBlue effect to this clip.

Double-click (or right click) on this clip to open the Effects Editor.

  1. From the main window of the Effects Editor ...
  2. Click on "7 Add-ons"
  3. And click on NewBlue Video Essentials II allowing you to select the vignette effect .
NewBlue Video Essential II Vignette effect Location
  1. If you're not daring enough to start with a custom setting, you can use one of the roughly twenty other presets.
  2. The default Vignette style is set to Ellipse.
  3. Or you can try the Heart style shown here on the far right.
Examples of NewBlue Video Essential II Vignette effect settings
Here's what you see if your cursor is positioned at the very beginning of the "The-sky-is-the-limit" sample movie. Example output with vignette set in the heart
Step 2: More Complex Changes in the Vignette Effect Settings

Let's dare to delve a little further:

  1. Drag the timeline slider to the 5 second mark of the clip.
  2. Change the width and height of the heart shape.
  3. Change the frame color by clicking the color parameter and use the color picker at the bottom of the window.
  4. Possibly modify the edge parameters.
Changing the frame color of the NewBlue Video Essential II Vignette effect

Let's use some keyframes:

  1. Drag the slider to the very beginning of the "The-sky-is-the-limit" sample video.
  2. Select keyframes. A keyframe is automatically created at the beginning of the time line using the parameters in effect when you selected keyframes. You will create 4 more keyframes at 5, 10, 15 and 20 seconds (end of the clip).
Use keyframes to set the NewBlue Video Essential II Vignette effect
  1. Keyframe you just created.
  2. Keyframe created five seconds from the beginning.
  3. Enter the time (10 seconds) + "Enter" key.
  4. The cursor will move to 10 seconds from the beginning.
  5. Click the "Add keyframe" diamond.
Keyframes on the timeline
Step 3: Examples of Keyframe Parameters for the Vignette Effect

Here are some settings for #2 and #3 keyframes used in the sample video. You can change everything:

  • Shape (position, style, size, rotation)
  • Framework (Color, Opacity)
  • Edge (Width, Grain Size, Blur)

But does your inspiration have limits?

Examples of keyframe parameters #2 and #3
Here's some settings for #4 and #5 keyframes used in the sample video. Examples of keyframe parameters #4 and #5
Step 4: Bonus - Combine the Vignette Effect with the Studio Color Overlay Effect
  1. Set the Vignette effect to the "Star" style. Adjust the width and height settings to give the desired shape to your star. You can also give it some degree of rotation in order to have a less conventional position.
  2. Set the Color values to plain green (R = 0, G = 255, B = 0).
  3. Set all the Edge values to 0.
Using the pure green color for future overlay

On this clip, already updated with the Vignette effect, add another effect.

  1. From the "4 Keyers" tab ...
  2. Select the StudioChromaKeyer Effect.
  3. Use the default setting.
Applying the overlay effect with the green color
Thus, the green color will become transparent and you will see the clip located on the track below. Overview of Studio timeline and the clip viewer window

This little video demonstration is a technical exercise in the purest sense. Don't look for any desired artistic effect or not, it is only the result of investigative work. Now it's your turn to adapt the technique to your own level of artistic creation.enlightened

{Thanks to Loosecannon for the fine tuning}

{Screen Captures were made with the help of Snagit 12 by TechSmith}

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TonyP By # TonyP @ Saturday, January 9, 2016 11:46 AM

Le Papy By # Le Papy @ Saturday, January 9, 2016 2:16 PM
Thank you TonyP but the main work is your responsibility now... :-)

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